Monday, November 26, 2007

empty wallets. . .

the worst look is an empty wallet, but we all go thru it. . . we go thru the days of "i want that but i cant have it:".. it happens. and of course to me it has happened toward Christmas time. tho I am not too worried about it of top, i have too many other priorities to be worried about (school, work, new gig, etc). . ive been speaking to old friends lately, and wondering if that is something that is remotely acceptable or good to be around. its whatever i guess.. i havent written in the blog in forever.

Thanksgiving was just that, a time to be thankful to be around family. I swear i gained like 10 pounds, but prolly lost it all walkin in the mall the following saturday lol. isnt it the worst feeling to walk in the mall knowing your not gon by a single thing?. i kno im not the only one involved in that life quarrel. the family got together, took all kinda of pics, ate all kinda food, smiled, frowned. i swear i took out 15 bags of trash for my parents, and my name was called at least 852 times. My name seems to be the default around holiday time. once again, i didnt mind... the holidays bring the acceptance out of you and you dont get as frustrated as you would ona hot summer day visiting your parents house..

random thought: i wish my oldest sister would help clean.. nothing more frustrating then to have someone drop their dirty dish in the sink, look at you like you sposed to clean it, then walk away... i guess the saying is true, cant teach an old dog new tricks.. not calling her an old dog (29), but the tricks can not be taught. lord help the soul who inherits her laziness.. LOL.

weather is gloomy, its cupcake and inside by the fireplace season. definitley.. though i dont neccesarily follow suit in that instance. i dont know. whatever. maybe i do, maybe i dont..

I need seclusion from the world around me.. maybe just my city, so i think that calls for a vacation. outside of cali. how acceptable would that be around xmas time, and new years time. regardless how it will be accepted, im still gonna do it if its the last thing i do.

brief update, and thats it. more later, i promise to write everyday in my journal this upcoming month. . along with so many other changes. 07 hasnt been the strongest year at all... FIVE (yes 5) funerals, changes in occupation, a lost interest, and numerous other counts of issues has got me wanting to just get outta this month and look forward to a better 08. *crosses fingers*