Tuesday, December 30, 2008


"..I find it hard to say..."
-Lauryn Hill

2008 is over.

And in this year I have grown in strides and bounds..
In love and life,
in trust and turmoil,
in release therapy and rebellion,
feelings of self pity and self resolve..
repentance against your own self,
your normal being,
your wake up call coming every morning to know thy self,
and to prove that you, yourself
are the on that can handle it all..
my vision once blurred,
now fine tuned like a blues guitar,
wailing on rifts of evolution that only i can envision..
growth that only i can play the music of life to..

though i find it hard to say
that i one day will be better then today,
its still the intuition inside
that guides me and teaches me
that i still can fly..

I hope i can continue to groom my sight of completion.
along with the beautiful hand guiding me in the right direction,
feeling my feelings of feeling for you..
the thought of success never fails,
only grows,
like a welcoming tumor that cannot be phased,
only fed and urged that one day,
advancement will be the ultimate pay..

I've learned to pay myself,
look further then my heart,
envision a sight of WE,
and not only feel the heartbeat of me..
to lust for more then love,
for that's only the beginning,
and to push harder
work faster,
be stronger,
fight longer..
for in the end, its all up to me,
to keep it going...

here's to 2008,
ina nutshell,
my eyesight remains up towards the heavens...
while stomping and scathing the thoughts of hell..


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

From my family to yours, all my blog loved ones,
I say unto you happy holidays. Enjoy the time that
you will spend with family, friends, or even just
yourself and understand the reason for the

much, much love...

- E

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


.. am I the only person who gets really greedy
round christmas time? I see everything I desire and
put it all in a subliminal mind list that I have for
myself. I've had the urge to throw every single
piece of my wardrobe out and start from scratch,
at least my winter wardrobe that is.. I see all
these fresh argyles, slacks, scarves, button downs
and I get to imagining, throwin on the square toe
game and stylin... and lookin fly.. ha. u got to
co-or-di-nate craiiiig!
speakin of craig... "bye felicia.."
I bet if you say that around any group of us, one
out the group will automatically say.."but craig!?"
Back to the wardrobe..I hate that when you want
something, and don't have the capacity to get it
just yet, every store, every online seller, every
anything has the exact color you want, in your
size, perfect fitting and everything.. so today is
the day that you wanna have the 17 1/2 36-37
length.. the day I can't buy it.. and every other day,
when I'm able, they wanna have the shirts only a
5 foot 8 man can wear.. man when the cards are
stacked against you..even ya fashion sense suffers.
its hard finding an identity to your fashion at times
without either 1. killing your wallet 2. looking too
much like someone else 3. killing your wallet..maybe
well, no maybe.. I know I'm picky when it comes to
what I rock, simply because its hard to find things
that I like that fir right on me..

I need a fashion analyst..