Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Why the hell do men talk to other men in the
bathroom? Like it can't wait for 2 minutes until
you get out of the spot and send dude an email?..
Or like u can't go chop it up in the breakroom?
I heard dude today on the phone in the bathroom, in
the stall, wit his folks talkinbout, "yea man I damn
near hada kick dudes ass..." WHAT! if you on the
phone with me while you in the restroom and I hear
you grunt once, I'm off the phone. No questions.

Why does water at work taste so good?

blue M&M's go hard n the paint.

Why do people talk about work on lunch?.. "aww
man that damn code wasn't working so I had to tell
the guy to call back..".. Know what I say on lunch?
NOTHING. Shoot, as soon as this heat cools off,
I'm going right back to takin naps on lunch.

Why are there really only 6 days till the election?!
exciting times! I won't lie, the nerves are a little
unsettled about this one.

Why the hell is October already over?

Thursday, October 23, 2008


A month seems like forever when your not in blog land.. jeesh!!

Well, here goes..

1. I started working out officially October 2nd. And basically go 6 times a week, with inspiration from PT. We workin it out tuff!!! Hittin the weights, the bikes, the treadmill.. lets get it baby! Im up in there with the roid rage fellows, and all the moms that had babies tryna lose that fresh 25 they put on from the pregnancy.. yee! (sidenote: if theres one majority race that goes to the the gym, its asians. Nothing against the workout kind, but if another lil 5ft 2in asian man sneaks his way before me on the curl machine, ima pick him up and bench press him..through the window. ) My goal, to have some more muscle mass by January 09.

2. Works officially, official. I got my 730 shift back, which makes me more then happy. Its amazing how much 45 minutes does to your grumpiness in the morning..

3. Ive been on a music downloading craze lately.. all kinds. Im trying to stack up for the winter.

4. I have friends who arent voting this election.. and to them i clearly say (clears throat. bringin it from the diaphragm).. FUUUUUCKKKK.. YOUUUUUUUUUU.. you no good summama somethins.. no respect for those who died for your right, no respect for your family lineage no matter what race, and no respect for yourself.. it takes less time to vote then it does to use the bathroom, yet you would much rather have ya head up ya ass cause "you know whos gon win..", or "yo vote dont count anyways".. This is America, where anything can and will happen to NOT allow someone like my future president to get ahead.. simple simon muthafucka..

5. Chris Rock's comedy special is like all of his, to the point.. his joke about people with carers and people who just work, is clearly on point.. Im the one who is always lookin at the clock wondering why it took an hour to get from 1025 to 1044.. LOL

6. yall miss me? prolly not..

7. Whats the deal with my cowboys.. aw man, it hurts me soul to see this happening.. we will bounce back. im sincere about that one. If I have to fly down to TX myself and give a swift kick in the ass to all 55 of em wit a knife edged brogain on..

8. Today was probably the longest day ive had at work by far. You ever sit at work in the same position at your desk just cause your too lazy to move out of fright that you might use all your energy and fall right aslep? Im talkin answerin folks questions that sit right next to you in the form of an email... LAZY.

9. Just cause it goes so hard in the paint..(4:50-5:10.. I see you Nupe!)

10. And who said lil white boys have no gigs..