Thursday, September 18, 2008

..Wait. Wut?

"Hada feeling, that it would be a day like this.. tha orchestra in my mind, dont play like this..."

- Lupe Fiasco

Well, the word of the month is early.. cause everything seems to take place so early. I have yet to maintain the effect of getting up while the sun is still down, though I still manage to throw myself out of bed at 550am every morning, Monday thru Friday, and drive to work on numb state.. Ever drive to work numb, not really paying attention to whats going on around you?? I mean really not paying attention.. just.. driving.. not until my car sputtered and I realized that I hadn't put oil in my vehicle in quite some time, and I had to pull over into the gas station and get gas.. and oil.. and reach in the water with the window cleaner and dump it all ova my face to wake up.. (ok that didn't happen.. but you get it..), did I actually realize that it happens quite often with me. I feel like a robot at times in the morning.

I'm really feeling like the more and more I go through the week, that I sincerely have no clothes to wear. I mean I can look around my room, in the closet, and just think to myself "I could really just throw all these clothes away (cept my suits) and start from scratch.. man, if only I had money to burn LOL. Wouldn't it be nice to just throw all ya stuff away and then go pick out a whole new wardrobe. I need to start doing like I did back in grade school. Go to the store and get a new look for the next school year. Only thing, that was mom and dads money LOL

.. My damn cowboys lost yesterday. AND the gators lost on Saturday. It seems that's how it happens, if one loses, the next loses right in stride. I was pissed to say the least, and then, my momma says.. "you woulda thought you bet money on this game?!?! y'all act like you play for the cowboys..".. LIFE HOURS momma.. LIFE HOURS.. I put in a lotta hours watchin cowboy games a year (16 weeks x 3 1/2 hrs a game.. ).. not to mention the time spent reppin the cowboys (work ranting, bar ranting, fantasy players, shit talking excessively, etc..) I mean, if the cowboys had a stock, Id be in the damn Board of Directors... (feel me EB, PrettyBlack).

-Ever notice that "Slim" from 112 , ain't really that slim.. or is it just me? YOUR LEEHHHTAAAH

-I'm tired of seeing this... " hey I'm (insert new big booty model, or artist tryna make a comeback), if you wanna call me, hit me at....."

-Hi, Im SWAG, if you wanna call me hit me at 916-202-youmustbedesperate

-Im gonna make my own stupid song with a catchy tune, and I'ma call it "too many minutes on my cell phone plan".. anybody wanna do the Roger Troutman voiceover for me?? TOO OUUUh MUYAAUUUUCH MINAAYUUUTTES... say it out loud.. then you'll feel me.

-Lloyd's new album should have had a few songs from "Street Love" on it.

-Jazmine Sullivan's not scared of "Lions, Tigers, and Bears.." but she is of love.. I don't know, if I saw mufasa runnin up to me, Love would seem a lot easier..

-Funny how stuff comes full circle.. when I was younger, I woulda sold my soul to trade my sandwich in my lunch to someone for some fruit snacks, or a donut, or something from hostess. Today? Id give anything for a sandwich and soup combo, and cant stand eating donuts, unless its really time to eat donuts..

Its already Tuesday!!!! Lets think optimistic for the rest of 08. The end of the day means the coming (GOD willing) of the next day of your life.. and as always, remember..

..The safest place to be, is in the presence of GOD..

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


"And I'm back on my grind, my psychic read ma
lifeline,..." - Kanye West

1.So how the hell does the vending machine take my
2 dollars that I put into it tryna get me a lunchable
so I can munch in training!!!!! What the f! So please
believe that I called the people and they are sendin
my 2 dollars to my home address..

2. I'm tired of training, I need to get outta the area
of these folks who are slower than usual, yes I
realize that some of us are accelerated, but some
of these folks in the class have ZERO sense... You
know when you see someone in the class you know
won't make it? well I see about 3 people. Womp.

3. I swear my truck has the worst luck. I'm driving
home yesterday, and boom, the damn right side
speaker blows out. I wasn't even bumpin!!!

4. I'm seriously contemplating taking something like
a cooking appreciation class cause I'm learning to
love it more and more. Watching all these cooking
shows and such, and I must say I'm getting better.

5. anybody see my COWBOYS get in that ass? pop
and I damn near lost our voices last night over it,
great job by the offense, defense needs to step it
up, and Roy Williams needs to get off my program.
I'm glad he got benched. F'in up my program!!!!

6. What's with people and funkiness? I always
wonder, can they smell themselves? Do they
understand they don't smell well? how long does
it take until you realize "man I'm kinda tart.."

7. Remember those "sure" deodorant commercials?
"raise your hand if your sure!"... well my trainer is
clearly not sure. She needs to wear some "strong
enough for a man.. but ph balanced for a woman"
funk repellant.. she weats like MJ in the 4th
quarter of game 7 with 10 seconds left.. jeesh

8. I miss my blog family.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

..You'll neva have to beg, me to come to bed..

..."ill walk you there, each night.."

I like Jazmine Sullivans song. Matter of fact I like
all of her material I have heard thus far. She gives
me a Lauryn Hillish feel when I hear her. And I kno
that her song is a hit, cause even my boys sing it.
That's how ya know when a song is a hit, when the
men start singing a ladies song.. "bad as the air I
breaaaathe"... LOL

So its hot still, I can't keep coming outside from
work and training and almost passin out from heat
intake.. lawd.. my trucks windshield is cracked, its
one of those cracks that happened 3 days after I
picked up a new one, which pissed me off.
Am I the only one who can imagine the windshield
bursting while I'm drivin on the freeway one day?
that would be huck..

Radio stations are stupid. So our local radio station
is having a contest to see who the biggest MILF
is in my city..HOW DUMB IS THIS. So ya got all
these women calling in tryna pump themselves up,
shoutin out their myspace links to check em out,
at their milfish best.. see this is why I don't listen
to the radio.. "TURN YO RADIO DOWN, TURN YO
RADIO DOWWWN!" Plus our station doesn't play
anything but the current top 40, who's the say
that when I'm drivin to work in the morning I don't
wanna hear some Raphael Saadiq? NOT the same
ole Lil Wayne.. but I digress..

At least payday is tomorrow..drinks on me!