Thursday, September 18, 2008

..Wait. Wut?

"Hada feeling, that it would be a day like this.. tha orchestra in my mind, dont play like this..."

- Lupe Fiasco

Well, the word of the month is early.. cause everything seems to take place so early. I have yet to maintain the effect of getting up while the sun is still down, though I still manage to throw myself out of bed at 550am every morning, Monday thru Friday, and drive to work on numb state.. Ever drive to work numb, not really paying attention to whats going on around you?? I mean really not paying attention.. just.. driving.. not until my car sputtered and I realized that I hadn't put oil in my vehicle in quite some time, and I had to pull over into the gas station and get gas.. and oil.. and reach in the water with the window cleaner and dump it all ova my face to wake up.. (ok that didn't happen.. but you get it..), did I actually realize that it happens quite often with me. I feel like a robot at times in the morning.

I'm really feeling like the more and more I go through the week, that I sincerely have no clothes to wear. I mean I can look around my room, in the closet, and just think to myself "I could really just throw all these clothes away (cept my suits) and start from scratch.. man, if only I had money to burn LOL. Wouldn't it be nice to just throw all ya stuff away and then go pick out a whole new wardrobe. I need to start doing like I did back in grade school. Go to the store and get a new look for the next school year. Only thing, that was mom and dads money LOL

.. My damn cowboys lost yesterday. AND the gators lost on Saturday. It seems that's how it happens, if one loses, the next loses right in stride. I was pissed to say the least, and then, my momma says.. "you woulda thought you bet money on this game?!?! y'all act like you play for the cowboys..".. LIFE HOURS momma.. LIFE HOURS.. I put in a lotta hours watchin cowboy games a year (16 weeks x 3 1/2 hrs a game.. ).. not to mention the time spent reppin the cowboys (work ranting, bar ranting, fantasy players, shit talking excessively, etc..) I mean, if the cowboys had a stock, Id be in the damn Board of Directors... (feel me EB, PrettyBlack).

-Ever notice that "Slim" from 112 , ain't really that slim.. or is it just me? YOUR LEEHHHTAAAH

-I'm tired of seeing this... " hey I'm (insert new big booty model, or artist tryna make a comeback), if you wanna call me, hit me at....."

-Hi, Im SWAG, if you wanna call me hit me at 916-202-youmustbedesperate

-Im gonna make my own stupid song with a catchy tune, and I'ma call it "too many minutes on my cell phone plan".. anybody wanna do the Roger Troutman voiceover for me?? TOO OUUUh MUYAAUUUUCH MINAAYUUUTTES... say it out loud.. then you'll feel me.

-Lloyd's new album should have had a few songs from "Street Love" on it.

-Jazmine Sullivan's not scared of "Lions, Tigers, and Bears.." but she is of love.. I don't know, if I saw mufasa runnin up to me, Love would seem a lot easier..

-Funny how stuff comes full circle.. when I was younger, I woulda sold my soul to trade my sandwich in my lunch to someone for some fruit snacks, or a donut, or something from hostess. Today? Id give anything for a sandwich and soup combo, and cant stand eating donuts, unless its really time to eat donuts..

Its already Tuesday!!!! Lets think optimistic for the rest of 08. The end of the day means the coming (GOD willing) of the next day of your life.. and as always, remember..

..The safest place to be, is in the presence of GOD..


Big O said...

yea dawg....Slim aint slim no mo....but it fits...most folks be the opposite ( tiny lester, ect.) lol

this was a bye week for Detroit no more losses (at least for a week) and no wins, lol

08' damn year over...been a good year.

Sexxy Luv said...

I've seen folks like you in the morning! lol with the kiddies acting a damn fool by the time we leave out the door i'm wide awake!

I feel you on the school cloths thing, that use to be the best part of going back to school to me. :)

slim use to be slim until he started eating all that chinese food! lmao

Yes the cowboys lost, i thought about EB as i watched the game...laughed my azz off! hehe and now i'm laughting at you!! lol

Anonymous said...

I thought of you and EB when I saw that the cowboys lost. LOL. I see you changing things up too, huh? I likey.

The Flyyest said...

Slim is finally eatin good...and aint gettin all his money taken by puff!!! Take that take that!!!

Monie said...

Like the new layout. It's nice. I'm also a robot in the morning. Can't really get going until I have some coffee.

i.can't.complain. said...

i'll do the roger t'man for u, swag

im with jazzy. love is scarier than a lion, anyday.

real love at least

yep to the robot comment.

being an adult wasn't supposed to be like this, was it?

too many minutes on your phone plan, ey?

shiiiit, throw me some

i won't tell u i owe tmobile $80+ in overage charges....


Dope Fiend said...

"Ever notice that "Slim" from 112 , ain't really that slim.. or is it just me? YOUR LEEHHHTAAAH"

LOL, loved this post, especially the last line.


PhlyyGirl said...

God willing and the creek don't rise
*wow I sound like my mother. Shudder*

I swear I would be a robot in the morning, if I didn't have such a horrible case of road rage. Shits getting type ridiculous at this point. I might need to see someone.

I'd take a bear, mountain lion, or bengal tiger over love anyday. Physical pain is temporary. Emotional pain can last a lifetime

The funniest thing about the Slim thing, is that I was just talking but him the other day to my homeboy. They need to trade names cause his name is Fats and he went on the Whitney diet so now he's*trumpets please* Slim!!!

MsPuddin said... so paranoid about my car that im always making guys check it for me.cuz if i was low on oil i wouldnt even know.damsel in distress.

man, i feel you on the clothes deal. but i have a lot of clothes.a LOT. lol i dont even know where to put them...

Nicole said...

i agree with my girl dope fiend, LOVE this post, ESP last line =D
hahahahahaha numb that abit dangerous??

Bombchell said...

tsk tsk tsk u & ur crazy relationship, every time i drop by yall fighting about something lol [u know i mean ure car]

"life hours" ha ha ha I'm gonna start using that. but in regard to my tv shows & the characters

mafasa, lol no u didnt

@ my car. if its not blinking, it's good =)

Philly's Andrea said...

Damn I def know the feeling when you just "DO" in the morning. I have no recollection on what I did this morning because it’s like it's so routine I don't even have to think about it. I just "do"

dejanae said...

id start from scratch too
waitin on that lottery windfall

poor chile

good look on the last

Bombchell said...