Friday, December 28, 2007

la. dee. dah

Almost 08. almost 08. almost 08. almost 08. almost 08. almost 08. almost 08. almost 08. almost 08. almost 08. almost 08.Funny sidenotes for the evening:Last night, I had to flash on a lady cause she was disrespectful. and that's not a good look. As I walked my friends to their car (they had on some smaller dresses, so naturally u kno how dudes are..."hey ma! hey chocolate!" ..etc.) miss booboo comes up and stands directly in between me and said party and proclaims " my girl wants ya numba and she too shy to come ask, ion care bout this hoe in front of you cause she would disrespect me bla bla bla"... SO OFF TOP DISRESPECTFUL!I was appauled. . never happened to me before. crazy!the boldness!the gall!I didn't even know what to say. I brushed her off, later on saw her at lyons, and exposed her on her foul ways. She says " I was just trying to help my friend out, she woulda done it for me blip bap bang..." erroneous. man, whassup wit the disrespectfulness nowadays.. Jeesh. my forgetful nature allowed me to let it go, plus, its not that important. Almost have a new job, the search is comin closer and closer to a means. Keep prayin fa me!
I got gas cards for christmas. 4 of em. 25 a piece. 100.00 in gas cards. I was in heaven lol. gas is 7 million a gallon now, I'd much rather run to work.

. tadow. good evening.