Friday, February 29, 2008

Cold Game

Song of the day-"Slippin" by Lil Kim- "fuckem and leave em then they afta ya paper, put a hole in the condom and say that you raped her..." Real talk.

I call it the baby boy complex. The situation where at any point in time a man/woman will become so smitten by their old work/ex/in between counterpart that it draws them to insane acts of violence towards the car, other party, cell phone thru text messages, so on and so forth. After "baby boy" came out, so did more and more cases of these situations. And as I go thru the experiences vicariously through others, it makes me laugh more and more.

One thing I am learning and learning as I grow and mature is the nasty nature of the relationship beast. He's a mean one, mr grinch.. I experienced it first hand last night at our party (pictures comin soon).. How in the world can someone become so head over heels for a "girlfriend", "lover", etc that it leads to physical encounters?!? choking?! for real though?.. I mean i can understand the deepness of say a marriage, the ultimate form of monogamy, but I mean cmon now, these small time relationships, lasting less than a year or something, with these "I love them after a month" loves.. And then all of a sudden when you see ole girl with the next cat, you lash out on her by attackin her throat witcha hands? at the club? *shaking my head*..

Oh but its not all his fault, cause ole girl definitely was with him only 2 weeks ago, and all of a sudden after a 2 week breakup you already have a new dude? and yall are hugged up in the club? This is definitely the part of the game I must have been sleeping on when I was in class.. And in the end, the new dude wants a piece of the old dude cause the in-between chick has caused conflict for being that girl at the club. Knowingly going to a spot she knows her old dude will be at, knowing he has an issue seeing her with other men, and knowing hes asked her to at least respect him and not throw anything in his face. I'm not condoning the Ike Turner tactics that my friend used, not at all.. at the same rate, i blame the "baby boy" complex, and these peoples lack of appreciation and maturity for building relationships these days, which of course like I have said so many times before, is a lost art.

I was frustrated by what went down last night for 2 reasons. First, its opened up a can of worms I dint care to deal with. Friends on 2 different sides of my track now have an acclimated beef towards each other, which may cause an implosion anytime these so called parties are around each other(which out here isn't hard to do..) Second, it just further makes my quarrels with the relationship game be realized, and also makes me happy I don't have to deal with that. Just imagine a frustrated me walkin around the club with no enthusiasm while most everyone else is tryna find their work for the night, get that much more tipsy, or scrunch around on our little ass dancefloor.. LOL.

My thought of the day: Yea I know women say men are dogs, but ill be damned if the female dogs of society aint catching up with us at a rapid pace. We all greyhounds in the race for the relationship trophy, and these females nowadays are catching up to the men in the dog race...cold game. You can say all you want to about women turning that way because of men, this and that, I believe that its plain and simple disrespect for monogamy..

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Quinton Spivey 101

"Toilet paper - and no baby wipes - in the bathroom. If they're using dry paper, they aren't washing all of themselves. It's just unclean. So if I go in a woman's house and see the toilet paper there, I'll explain this. And if she doesn't make the adjustment to baby wipes, I'll know she's not completely clean."

A quote by Terrence Howard in Elle magazine.. SO great..I am going to the store to buy some baby wipes on lunch. LOL. I mean for real though, we all used to get wiped with baby wipes, then slapped with powder. I think Im just gonna put some baby wipes in the bathroom along with the tissue as an option.

Heres T. pimpin at his coolest.. one of my fav scenes from "the best man" LOL. I think Terrence Howard's the only man that can call anotha man "honey" without getting in trouble LOL.

"we dont stop till tha pannies come tublin dowwn..."


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stoopid poeim deigh!

So its stupid poem day LOL.. and well, here's mine. Shout out to all the poets of the world that write poetry to get booty.. or maybe just to get a reaction out the crowd like, "that's a deep pro-black brotha".. and then see him walk outside with a white lady LOL(See 1:00-1:20).

So here it is..

Women, woman, womans.. they all the same.. cause we all in the same game. Run dmc, ruby dee, denzel, what the hell..
I'm the original American gangsta, I snitched on my momma.. went to school and told the teacher ain't no such thing as a comma..i make my own rules.. fools!
Hey, come scratch mah back, im talking bout that ray charles scratch!
I wanna swim 20 laps in ya! Yea,.. in ya! 20 of em.
I'm the one in the club doin the runnin man, backwards, on my knees.. you know how hard it is to do the runnin man on yo knees!! I'm the cats pajees…

That’s pajamas for you squares.
I hate pears! You know that green fruit..
Gimme the loot gimme the loot!
Im my own babies momma.. lemme say that again.. im my own babies mama..
Don’t make me slap you..
Go make me a sammich! Like a Sammie from quiznos!

Thank you.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Song of the day- "Next lifetime" by Erykah Badu- "Well I know Im a lot of woman, but not enough to divide the pie".. Since her album New Amerykah came out today, I felt like showing her the praise.

So its tuesday. And thats pretty much it. LOL. Nothing exciting has happened today, nothing blazing. I had a good sammich from quiznos for lunch, thats really about it. Had a long meeting this morning about nothing that I am involved in at the job, so naturally I was sleepy. I keep myself up in meetings by writing music lyrics. So todays song was "bed" by J. Holiday. The best part about it, it looks like your writing extensive notes on something!.. *pats myself on the back*

SO I decided to include myself in this face contest ma girl PUDDIN is having for the tounge to come out! LOL. heres my inclusion

notice the straight, brushed and flossed teeth.. LOL.. big shout out to my momma, cause if they werent clean, she woulda called me the moment she saw this yelling about " u kno damn well I taught you betta then to have yellow teeth!!!"..

razzle dazzle.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Case of the Mondays

CD of the day- "Somebody to love" by Darien Brockington. Key songs: "I miss you", "come on over" "don't say goodbye"... I would advise any who don't have this cd to go cop it. D.Brock is one of those artists who (maybe not all coasts but I know for a fact on the west coast) doesn't get much love. Enhance ya music knowledge!

Ah, monday.. How I hate you. Theres nothing worse then to know that as soon as 6:00pm on Sunday hits, you wanna try and make time go by as slow as possible dreading the monday that's coming. And it almost never works. The hours go by all quick, and next thing you know, the alarms goin off at 6:45 and now starts the work week. I looked in the mirror on my headboard this morning as I woke up, rubbed ma eyes, and said.. *insert mumble jumble deep voice expletives..*.. funny, I sometimes sound like luciphers lil brother when I wake up. Its like my voice has to wake up to, and until it does, me, Barry White, and James Earl Jones have a lot in common.

My weekend was halfway non eventful,with all the sleeping in I did, but the things I did do had relevance. I went to the "bodies revealed" thing on Saturday. It was an interesting experience, as we actually read each and every portion of the showing. Some people just looked at the specimens and kept it pushing, but we found it interesting to actually KNOW what ya body got going on. The whole exhibit basically shows how the human muscles work, the flow of blood, the artery trail, etc. etc. etc. But its a really eye opening experience. There was even a little portion of the exhibit where it showed the evolution of a fetus.. I enjoyed it, and its one of those things where you can look back and think, "I'm glad I went". I talked to my boy Terell about it, lol, and he thought the same thing I did.. its funny to see the testes without a sac LOL. Cause without one, they are hella far apart and nowhere close to your penis LOL. How important the sac is..ladies be happy theres a sac down there.. Well, dudes too. Cause shoot, none of us would get any lovin with the specimens I saw on saturday exposed.

Sunday I went out to the black history month celebration some of my extended family was a part of, as well as showing support for my best friend trying to sell some of his paintings. As much time as Q spends in the back room at my house painting, that brothas gonna start selling these paintings left and right before too long. I see your vision mayne! I enjoyed the whole show though, the JODAMA dancers went to work (didn't know Omi had stick like that!), and the informational on slavery, jook joints, and gospel were well put together. The food was great, the atmosphere was cool, and I had a good little time.

The suns finally out again, which is setting up for a good week hopefully. Got the black and white party on Thursday, which should be a hit. Im swamped with work today, again, and now I'm on a new assignment. You ever have those days where when your supe comes up to you and basically "ask-tells" you to do something, you just wanna say "naw actually, I dont wanna do it.." The thought came to me this morning, but instead, I just let out a James Earl Jones "yea, sure".. and kept it pushin.

Damn monday.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Song of the day-"sunshine" by Lupe Fiasco- "outta the trillions of numbers thats in the world, just leave me a few, that lead to you"

Though sunshine is the song of the day, its definitley not the weather at hand. More rain in the capitol city. Im not doing anything this evening. After the busy 4 days I had last weekend, Im just gonna sit down this weekend. I am supposed to go to the "bodies revealed" thing though, where they show you the human anatomy without skin and the muscle functions, etc. etc. It sounds really interesting so Im definitley planning on taking something away from that.

My late starting class starts really soon and I am not looking forward to it at all. But alas, I have to get outta school. Its like a handcuff to me, and the kid has been choppin away at it with a hammer for a long time! And of all classes...MATH. I need a tutor. Who got me?

So I just got out of a meeting and assignments have changed again lol. Im not mad at it cause I have only been here since Feb 1 so I dont fully know how to do what it is Im doin right now anyways, but Im sure some folks are annoyed.. adn as the clouds roll away I can see a lil sunshine peekin through! Looks like the sun might pop out this weekend after all..

Thursday, February 21, 2008

.Busy day..

Song of the day- "Dont believe that shit!" by Young Dro- "supermodels dream o' me, the lovin ma teeth and chicken wings, maybachs and promethazine" (dro is the most colorful rapper ever.. lol)

Todays a busy day on the row (the row, is of course.. the job..). The county got me working on 2 seperate assignments at once, and me being the type that likes to finish one assignment fully and then keep it moving, has become a little annoyed at times. Im fine with it now, and its not an issue. especially since the days gone by so fast. Almost 5, which is almost 8, which is almost 10.. And 10 is the time to go out and make some more money @ the club. The usual thursday. But the assignment almost turned sour when I couldnt find any of the work that was done the day before on the hard drive. Much to my thanks, I was just looking in the wrong file. (wipes sweat off the brow).. But other than that, todays been okay. As tommorrow is again payday, I am all smiles! 1st rounds on me blog family! LOL.

I want my own special drink like Dre and Sid had on "brown sugar". I wanna go to the bar and say "tender, lemme get a (insert cool sounding drink) real quick" I actually have a drink at our spot, but only one tender knows how to make it. Affectionatley called, the "swag". A mixture of hypnotiq, a couple flavored vodkas, and a few otha things i never pay attention to. It comes out good though. But its not universal! My New York folks cant ask for a swag, neither can my down south folks lol. Lets make this a universal drink! Ima find the mixture and put it up.. Whos with me!?

Question of the day: Whats your favorite drink? if you drink..

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Dream Suite

So I was given a quick topic to write on as quick as possible by a friend. The words were "dream suite".. And well, this is what came out of it..

The dream suite..

the 4 walls where all your sequential efforts are put into one,
as u and I push the limits
and strive to become
we involve so much emotion,
so much intrigue,
the passion and illusion bottled up and retrieved.
Come inside where your hopes and wishes swell..
upon many entrants can apply,
but only the sincere can dwell..

The dream suite...

Intently grasping at the thought patterns
to create a euphoric world
where only your counterpart matters..
It’s simple, yet complex..
studious and perplexed..
close your eyes and fly the friendly skies..

In the dream suite...

Run emotions bath water,
lie on sheets of ecstasy,
grip and pull at natures climax,
take a slumber next to me..
for anything’s possible in..

The dream suite

*shrugs*.. I have these days where things just flow well.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a weekend...

Song of the day: "happy home"- 2pac.."promise that I commit to ya soon, tounge kiss me everytime you see me step inside the room"

So this was quite the weekend to reflect on. Busy from beginning to end. Not to mention it was a 3 day weekend as well:

Friday: Got off work and jogged to the truck LOL. Like fareal, jogged. That old,"I feel great to be offa work for the next 3 days" jog. Went home, took a nap. woke up and got prepped to go to the katt williams show! Hit up P.F. Changs first, snatched up a good ole bar seat and had a good meal. By the time we got finished with the meal, the line outside was already down J st. I knew it would happen but at this point I wasnt really trippin, I was just preparing to enjoy my night with no issues and good laughs. Ima first start off by saying that I didnt expect Katt to really do the same routine like usual, I hoped he would change it up a little, and he did. He definitley has 2 comics that were funny as all hell though who did their job getting the crowd hyped (simply cookie and leslie). They were both equally funny, especially Leslie (, google: leslie jones) when she came out talkin about females lol. I always knew she was funny, but seeing her live was even better.
Katt came out to a stronnnnnng ovation and much love from the people. Most of the stuff he spoke on related pretty much to havin good people around you. But I did notice when he spit on politics, some folks laughed but didnt really know why they were laughin lol. Went right over their heads, but what can you expect. Not everyone will know their politics. I think he was testing out new material also, as he seemed to stretch some of his jokes longer than he shouldve. But I wasnt mad at all, and the whole night went well. T was uncomfy though HAHAH.

Saturday - pops birthday! Q and I went to the mall and I snatched up a button up/tie combo for the old man, headed to the house and had a basic day with dad. Watched a lil pre daytona 500 hooplah, had a drink or 2, then watched the dunk contest and Dwight Howard's non dunk LOL. I dig the hops, but not the NON-dunk. After watchin the contests, we threw a couple mignons on the grill and commenced to grubbin on some good eats. By the time we finished it was time to go on and get ready for the evening. I headed home and got ready, then fell asleep on the couch.. LOL. the original plan was to only sleep for 30 mins, but by the time I awoke it was alrady 1030. So I smashed to the club event. As I stepped foot in the venue, I had already began to feel a bad vibe about the night, which ultimatley turned into me just being sour about the evening, especially when our venue was shut down cause the resturant didnt have an entertainment permit?!?!? I mean isnt that supposed to be takin care of beforehand? All in all, after that happened I was pretty much through with the night, even after we were able to move the spot to a venue across the street. Thanks Ron. But needless to say, the night ended on a sour note for me, and for the first time in a while, my annoyed state of mind was fully funcitonal..

Sunday- Woke up, and made some breakfast. Little bit of hash browns, biscuits, eggs, adn sausage.. Yes, your boy can throw down in the kitchen. Hey EB, dont think I havent forgotten about our steak bet!!! After that, the Daytona 500 came on, and yea i watch nascar. Its motorsports, and thats always something my pop and I have watched. I made it to my parents house with 10 laps to go so pop and I could watch the ending. After we were dissapointed to see who won, the boys started showing up for the next half of the day. We agreed to watch the all-star game, as well as the WWE PPV that was coming on. Yea I still watch wrestling, shout out to Terrel.. It brings me back to my younger days and makes me feel like a kid still, so I still watch it :). We had nachos and watched both events, and ended the night on a good note. A nice sunday to say the least.

Monday- Woke up early and headed out to San Francisco for the day. All in all it was a very relaxing day, and it was great to get out of the city. I did a lil shoppin, bought a few things, and got disgusted by the bumlife.. Hey T, memba old boy wit the hot dog legs!? LOL, I was weak.. The highlight of the day, besides the actual time spent was ole girl in panda express asking if she could have my fortune cookie..She was a bum of course, and came in looking for the hookup from someone, anyone. Saw me getting down on some orange chicken, and sits right next to me and says "can you help me buy some food!!!"... Now, I dont really care for bums, I may give a dollar here or there, but when you all in my face asking for my food or for the hookup, interrupting my quality time, NAW, I aint havin it. So I gave her the "if you dont get outta ma face" look, and she keeps it pushin. Security ends up coming in and escprting her(him?) out.. and as he/she walks out they scream "aye blood dont touch me, I'll lay you out!!!" LOL. gangbangin bums on the next maury. Still, the day was great.
So the day wound down and we headed back home, I was tired but had a whole buncha clothes to hang up and organize. I thought I would get a good rest for the night, until the phone calls came thru lol. So q, rell, unique and kelz came thru. I was sleepy still, but it was coo. Watched raw, and everybody shook.. then I passed out. What a weekend to say the least, I dont PLAN on doing shit this weekend. But we all know how that works..

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy birthday pop!

So the show was a success in my eyes last night. I
laughed a good amount and had anenjoyable time
overall. the comedians before katt (simple cookie,
leslie, d militant) were just as funny as katt!
Leslie was havin me weak as SWV's knees when she
jumped in the crowd askin women if they gave head
or not LOL. Actin like they don't.. psh. she musta
hit this cat in the audience with the toughest
"bitch" I've ever heard LOL.. "SIT THE FUCK
fell outta ma seat...

So out comes katt. To a strong ovation and lots of
Sacramento love. If I had to judge his whole
performance, I would give him a B+. He had a
complete set, but sometimes stretched out his
jokes which led me to believe that he was tryin out
new material. I did notice though how many people
didn't understand some of the things he said, it just
flew right over their heads: When he spoke on
politics.. folks would laugh of course cause of his
delivery but I got the impulse that when he
mentioned Huckabee(presidential candidate) or John McCain, people were
like "who?".. I expect it from
a whole group of folks, some people won't know,
but it was surprising that Katt went that route. I
still enjoyed it. That brotha rolls around on the
ground more than anyone I know, wit his lil ass.
Some dude started boo'in towards the end cause
Katt was tellin a story on how mad he was when
he had to call flava flav a "cooney coon coon" @
Flav's roast. People kill me when they expect a
comic to only tell jokes and not get intimate with
the crowd, like the person can't show their
appreciation for the people coming out. The heckler
was met with an abrupt "shut the fuck up!!!" from
bout 5 people in the crowd LOL.

Its a lovely day outside today by the way.. jeesh.

I Wanna take this time out to wish my father, a very happy 52nd
birthday. I respect you to the
utmost, strive to be everything you are and more.
I can only hope that my successes equal those of
yours, and gain the respect of my family, peers,
and community. You are basically THEE role model.
father to 3, husband to a beautiful soul, uncle, bro,
etc etc to all.. and u are appreciated. Thanks pop!

Friday, February 15, 2008


Song of the day: "Honey" by the beautiful Erykah Badu - "fly free baby fine wit me,
I need to know if you're feelin' me"

Image Hosted by

So she was my 2nd crush. And has been my longest to date. I have yet to meet her, and enjoy her being.. Oh how I would love to though. I watched the "honey" video and was reminded again why she makes me drop my jaw.

Tonight: Kat Williams comedy show. I hear he hasnt performed up to par on some recent shows, which has me a lil skeptical about tonight. I kno he betta bring it!

Finally friday, finally payday.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

February the 14th!

Song of the day- naturally, its "happy valentines day"- Andre 3000- "when arrows dont penetrate, cupid cracks the pistol!!!!"

So its valentines day and I can recall when I posted a blog last valentines day. Its been a good minute since this blog of mine has been going on, and last valentines day was a funny joke. This valentines should be content to say the least, Ill be sliding my behind to our club to of course, throw the annual v-day party.. bring a date or dont, we dont care lol.

I really dont have much else to say but happy v-day to everyone I guess, I mean this is not a real holiday. In the words of those who eitha dont have a "valentine", or want an excuse to hate the opposite sex "valentines day should be everyday not just one day waaa waaa waaa".. I know one thing. If I dont drop this card off to momma, I still wont hear the last of it. Ima be sure to get there, drop it off and be out before pop gets home wit his bouquet, candy, and card for his lovely wife. I dont feel like watchin middle aged cupcaking haha.. Even though its an attribute to his ongoing love for her. But still! EW.. LOL

..gimme the lucious!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Soundtrack to ma life right now.

im jackin this from ma blog folks EB the Celeb:

Opening Credits:: Dec 4th- jay-z

Average Day:: golden time of day- frankie beverly and maze/ keep ya
head up- tupac

Spending time with friends:: where you at- lil wayne

Driving:: my rims-federation/ lets get away- T.I./
lil wayne- the carter 2 album

Bad day:: slippin-lil kim/ Ye-yo (live) erykah badu
song cry- jay z

Fight scene:: new oakland- mistah F.A.B.

Mental breakdown:: miseducation of lauryn hill-lauryn hill/ eye on the
Sparrow/ he will take the pain away- Kirk Franklin

Life is okay:: there is a way- mos def/ teedra moses-whassup/ Happy home- tupac

Graduation:: Good Life- kanye west

Longing for love:: weekend love-dwele

First glance/new crush:: Excuse me miss- jay z/ slow down- bobby
valentino/ slow dancing- omarion/

Secret love:: she don't have to know- john legend/ distant lover- lil

First date:: you don't know my name- alicia keys

Falling in love:: I hope its you- donnel jones/ in a sentimental mood-
duke ellington

Love scene:: (mixtape, too many songs to count) see " Lights down low vol 1"

Breaking up:: cheat on you-trey songz/ another again-john legend

Long night alone:: street love-lloyd

Wishing for love to return:: take me- teedra moses ft raphael saadiq

Fighting to get him/her back:: Do you-neyo

Proposal:: living for the love of you- the isley brothers

Wedding:: beautiful- darien brockington

Reflecting on life:: my life- mary j. blige

Reflecting on love:: I miss you - Harold Melvin and the blue notes/ I miss you- darien brockington

Death scene:: my life is in your hands- Kirk franklin

Closing credits:: Big brother (instrumental)- kanye west


Thursday, February 7, 2008

incomplete and fraudulent

song of the day... "fatty girl" Ludacris, LL cool J,
Keith Murray- "cats cringe and point like (PHEW!)
mmm! you could see that thing from the front!"

Remember that song? the song went to work, the
video went to work, and then when everybody
bought the Fubu album thinking it was gon be just
as great, we were all highly dissapointed lol. Why
do people make such dumb albums? your albums
gotta be complete from front to back. Which is a
reason Usher will never make anything better than
"confessions", L Boogie won't surpass
"the miseducation of lauryn hill", and Hollister
flopped and fumbled after "Chicago 85".. well his
was also horrible production and change of label.

But you get my point.

Where's the complete album gone? I'm so tired of
skippin track 5 thru 12 cause they all are about a
whole bunch of nothing, and all sound the same. If
you listen to a jahiem album, one reason he's never
gotten the big big success he may deserve at the
time is cause all his songs are about the same thing.
Shoot, maybe even the same woman! LOL . Change
pace jah-jah.. sing about somethn else besides the
"shorty that I saw sittin offa hunid fifty fifth st.
lookin so petite, I had to speak...."
Where's the intensity involved in makins the album?
where's the story behind the album?... why can't I
get an album like 'illmatic" again?.. I could write on
this for hours, but my fingers aint strong enough
today, and my lunch is only an hour..

My question to you.. What are some complete and
memorable albums to you?

Razzle dazzle.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


song of the day: Omarion, "slow dancing" ... "make
the dj slow it down/ so I can put my arms around
you/ got to get u next to me/ girl we about to be..."

Another nice day outside, I spent my lunch sitting
in my truck and relaxing, windows half down and
enjoying the nice breeze. The nights are startin to
come later which is a sign that maybe springs gonna
come early this year. I hope so cause I don't care
for the janky weather. Anyways, not much going on
just waiting for the weekend. hump day, ready to
finish the last half of the week.

payday friday. I'm tired!!! jeesh. I gotta get used to this 6:45

Monday, February 4, 2008


So I usually don't post twice ina day, but I saw
something that made me smirk today lol. I'm drivin
home and I see a white man pulled over to the side
of the road waving around an "Obama 08" with all
his might lol. Woulda never seen that 30 years ago, shit, 10 yrs ago.

Get yo asses out there and vote!! I kno I will be in
full effect for this election, as I have been since I
was able to vote.

VOTE UP! lol

.. mondays

Song of the day: Bobby Valentino, "gimme a chance
"... "don't procrastinate/ girl don't make me wait/
cause this eye to eye thing aint enough/ I need you over here..."

I'm in a good mood today, even though the giants
won the super bowl. It still really hasn't sunk in
yet, but I still feel like they took my cowboys
spot in the game.. grrrr. After a weekend of rain,
the sun has come back out here in northern cali,
still cold as ice but at the same time feels good.
Who came up with the term "cold as hell" .. That
makes no sense whatsoever.. Last I checked hell
is sposed to be..well.. Hellacious.. just a thought lol

I realized as I woke up this morning at 6:45, yes,
SIX FORTY FIVE (those who know me personally
know this is a monumental thing for me) that I
have a newfound ambition and get up about myself.
I woke up smiling today, I usually wake up and
grumble with some expletives lol. But yea, I have
some inspiration now that I didn't have most all of
2007, and it feels good to identify with it.

welp, back to training.. I caught myself doing the
head doze this morning in training, I nodded off
hella tough. haha. noone noticed though!

swagga up!