Friday, February 22, 2008

Song of the day-"sunshine" by Lupe Fiasco- "outta the trillions of numbers thats in the world, just leave me a few, that lead to you"

Though sunshine is the song of the day, its definitley not the weather at hand. More rain in the capitol city. Im not doing anything this evening. After the busy 4 days I had last weekend, Im just gonna sit down this weekend. I am supposed to go to the "bodies revealed" thing though, where they show you the human anatomy without skin and the muscle functions, etc. etc. It sounds really interesting so Im definitley planning on taking something away from that.

My late starting class starts really soon and I am not looking forward to it at all. But alas, I have to get outta school. Its like a handcuff to me, and the kid has been choppin away at it with a hammer for a long time! And of all classes...MATH. I need a tutor. Who got me?

So I just got out of a meeting and assignments have changed again lol. Im not mad at it cause I have only been here since Feb 1 so I dont fully know how to do what it is Im doin right now anyways, but Im sure some folks are annoyed.. adn as the clouds roll away I can see a lil sunshine peekin through! Looks like the sun might pop out this weekend after all..


Desy said...

I looooooove that line from lupe- why can't men throw out lines like that :sigh:

MATH?... ummm, I'mma speech therapist for a reason... But I know a coupl'a statisticians...

What is it about rain that makes leaving the house so hard- and being that i live in the sunshine state where it always rains, i'm stay upset not wantin to go

like right now- friday night... at home... blogging... what a way to live at such a young age...but damn, I'm

Eb the Celeb said...

yup i got u !

SimplyComplex said...

I love that line! :-)

Marleaux said...

Shoot, I got one more math class to take. Not looking forward, probably take it during the summer, since most teachers assign less homework during short semesters. But that's the reason I'm an arts major instead of science, otherwise, I would have to take like 3 more math. Good luck. Btw, do you ever check for easy teachers. And yeah. I should have been finished school years ago; wish I hadn't stopped my first go round.

dejanae said...

cant help u with the math thing
did the sun come out?