Monday, July 30, 2007

(parental guidance suggested) LOL.

Its called that incredible love..
the love I give..
the kind that'll take u out of ya body,
and make ya head spin..
speakin tounges
as I speak wit my tounge,
inside of u..
the depths I reach inside of you,
makes dreamers dream,
of releasing a love so extreme,
hibernation tha only way out of this scene..
backshots makin u scream the star track theme (ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhh
ur eyes welled up with water,
at such a heavenly scene..
don't worry bout me,
if u feel like u need it,
I got it..
that remedy.
The pill that takes u to the matrix theme.
..A perfect entry..
continuous thrusts,
keep them eyes on the mirror,
its a must.
The tip first..
jus to hear your groan..
the full on effect,
to help u release that moan.
Jus like a soldier bee,
I'm searchin for that sweet nectar in your hive,
I'm tryna taste that honey..
hittin it slowly,
or at world record pace..
afta I'm done..
I won't leave a trace..
only a lifeless frame,
of smooth,
the richest kind...

gimme 10 minutes, and I'm tryna taste u again..

..would u mind?

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Indeed I have decided to search for a further endeavor once again in
this rollercoaster I call life..over the last month I have created mixed
emotions that have exploded into numerous epiphanies..all leading to one
ultimate revelation..its time for a change, a drastic of
major proportions, that will mold a new outlook for me..many a time can
I tell myself that a change can take place, but to do it is totally the
latter..I want to go to a foreign place in my mind, visions unexplored
and untapped..scary as it may be, I need it..
I spoke with my boy troy the other day, its been a minute since we
spoke...since that tragedy that took such a beautiful soul from this
earth...we spoke on occasions but then lost touch for almost a month, so
it was great to talk to him again..he's leavin, movin on to otha things,
tryna find a median from whas been taken from him almost 2 months ago to
what he has to look forward to in the next we finished the
convo, he left me wit this.."get outta sac e, aint nuthin here for us
man" me thinkin, besides the fam and friends, what else has been
introduced to me in the past year..nothin major enough to pack up and
leave today, but it struck the mind..
my brotha james is leaving for atl soon, possibly a good change of pace
for sad as it is to see my right hand man go, ma patna in this
6'4 game, I look at it as a blessing in disguise..he has the potential
to change scenery and change the way he does things, so for that I'm
happy..and for james, ill continue to pray for his success, as I pray
for all my close boys..change is good, especially when u have the chance
to enhance yourself..keep it pushin to da..I see u!..and as soon as I
get a chance, we hittin magic city
as far as my changes, I need it..I strive and stir for it, so I'm gonna
make it happen..I've gon back and forth with the aspect of possibly
relieving myself of the life I have built in my hometown of
sacramento..scary as it may be, its also intriguing to my mind...only
way I go anywhere tho is with the stability to improve and further
achieve my goals of success..funny thing about this epiphany, is that
this time...THIS TIME...a change is imminent..and that means

I still look to tha skies and ask ma unc for inspiration, as he was a
man always on the move, not afraid to jump off the edge to see what lay
below..and no matta what happened, he made the best out of a
situation...growth as a man..that piece he left within me..and I can't
let that go away.


..btw..I'm ready for it now..I looked in the mirror, and my conscience
spoke to me..told me I'm claire out. lol.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


usually folks bend down to wipe the kick.. jerome brings the foot up!!! ma nigga

.. give it to me now lol.. haa

i need a shorts set.. STOP THE PRESS!

im getting married.. right now

thanks teddy.. u jus made me wanna get wifed.

Thursday, July 5, 2007 take me away

As influential as the life I have chosen, the life I have
senses tell me to write when she plays...her wordplay so sincere,
approach to my eardrums and spoken word to my mind tears away at my
psyche..I'm so engulfed in her ups and downs, her upper tier attitude,
her flow of evanescence..simple and complex, loving and careful..careful
to not lead my heart astray but to steer my thoughts into her...

each scat, each pitch, each sincere word and flow she presents to me
leads me to believe she sings to me..leads me to believe she speaks to
me..leads me to believe she sees me..lettin me kno there's no beter,
that confidence takes me ona whirlwind..nicknames and head rubs, not
only physically but deep within the rooted stems of my intense
is my forseen future with her by my side I can repeat the many words
that pull me further and further in..I like this feeling, only time I've
felt I have fallen..

for a complete stranger, only seen within feet of dialouge, never
completley speaking but always talking, telepathically from miles and
miles apaprt..see has to see me when she writes these so called
confessions..desire to be endulged in me..I welcome it with open arms,
smiling faces, nurturing touches, and steady paces

shit..all I have to do is press rewind to be put in this whirlwind of
emotion to feel the existence of she next to me without even touching
her presence..a breath taken in music is a step taken in life, a
profession of love to the world and influence to my existence that I can
ultimatley one day take her on that joyous ride as she has taken me.