Monday, July 30, 2007

(parental guidance suggested) LOL.

Its called that incredible love..
the love I give..
the kind that'll take u out of ya body,
and make ya head spin..
speakin tounges
as I speak wit my tounge,
inside of u..
the depths I reach inside of you,
makes dreamers dream,
of releasing a love so extreme,
hibernation tha only way out of this scene..
backshots makin u scream the star track theme (ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhh
ur eyes welled up with water,
at such a heavenly scene..
don't worry bout me,
if u feel like u need it,
I got it..
that remedy.
The pill that takes u to the matrix theme.
..A perfect entry..
continuous thrusts,
keep them eyes on the mirror,
its a must.
The tip first..
jus to hear your groan..
the full on effect,
to help u release that moan.
Jus like a soldier bee,
I'm searchin for that sweet nectar in your hive,
I'm tryna taste that honey..
hittin it slowly,
or at world record pace..
afta I'm done..
I won't leave a trace..
only a lifeless frame,
of smooth,
the richest kind...

gimme 10 minutes, and I'm tryna taste u again..

..would u mind?


PrettyBlack said...

Damn Swag! Don't hurt 'em!

Trouble said...

Damn is right!

Anonymous said...

Searching your archives... like the spy I am... and this one here... is it. love this. damn.