Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Guess what. . .

I got that good ole J.OB.
I bounce back like 32.. jump back like 33

Sunday, May 25, 2008


So I got a rank 2 on the test that I took on Monday
like I pretty much figured I did. I'm satisfied with
what I got, seeing as there were things that I did
not fully comprehend. So a rank 2 is good for me. I
can get picked up with that, so I'm happy.
This weather is really something else, I swear. It
was 101 last weekend, by Wednesday it was
cloudy, and yesterday it rained lol. This should be
an interesting summer, off top.
The indy 500 is on today, for all the race fans..
pop and I are just chillin and watchin the loooong
race ahead...

Have a great sunday ..

Monday, May 19, 2008

Whip ass, let security carry em out...

So I have a test for a county position in the
morning, and I'm sitting here in my bed on the kick
posting this. I find that me not really doing much
prep for a test leaves my brain blank and makes it
easier for me to process things when I take the
test, instead of writing the stale answer you may
study from.. so hopefully I do well on the test.
The hardest part is just waking up and getting
there, once I'm in, the zone gets turned on, and I
float. Tonight would be a great time for a dark

I feel like something will come into fruition for me
soon. Shoot, relfecting on the last 6 months and
how many negative things have happened to me,
I can't really get any lower on the totem pole.. lol.
optimism is key though, to stopping this redundant
tune from being played on the piano of life.. So I
plan on puttin my foot up this tests ass one time!

Besides, not being in the office has killed ma blog
posts. haha.

Damn my birthdays in 3 weeks.. and I have no clue
what the theme of my birthday party is gonna be.

Monday, May 12, 2008


So mothers day was a nice day, we got together and had a bbq for all our ladies of our lives.. I enjoyed myself to the fullest, and made sure that mom and moms alike were taken care of. SO, here it is.. LOL.

1. Thats pop, gramps, and my grandmother
2. Grandmother lookin fly.
3. Pop and I. Thats where the swag comes from.
4. My beautiful mother.. She gave me my smile.
5. Q actin a fool .. LOL

So it was a nice day.. I finally got me a digital. So I'm in the game!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Take off your cool

Unleash it
let it out..
the layer which negatively
pulls at your doubt
doubt that this indeed
will never proceed,
that we as one,
will never achieve

take off your cool,
let your warmth be exposed..
as i examine your hearts beat,
which you have composed..

Just allow me to search,
through layer number two
the layer which never
allows you to do
never lets your eyes wander,
further than the heart will allow
but let me explore it,
to crumble the walls down

take off your cool,
let your brain be exposed
as I examine your mind game
which you have composed

If possible please
I'd like to see
the potential that lies
in layer number three
the layer of strength
and everlasting pride
now let me approach
push doubt and blindness aside
for this layer now
is stubborn and sweet
at the same time complex
and somewhat unique

So take off your cool,
let your strength be exposed
as I examine your power,
that which you have composed

May I please have a tour
of layer number four
the section of you
with the sexy allure
the body,
the sway,
the forever foreplay,
the deep eye contact
the fierce approach
the "Im A lady...and I know it"
and damn sure not a hoe..

Take off your cool,
let your swagger approach
as I examine your complexity
which you have exposed..

And finally,
let me feel your sincerity
layer 5's emotional pull
that exposes dexterity
gives me hope for the future
gives me smiles of the past
makes me want to succeed
down loves unknown path...
tugs at my brain patterns
forces me to indulge
in a scene so serene..
and a life full of love..

So take off your cool,
let sincerity approach
as I examine your tenderness
which you have composed...

..Take off, your cool..

Copyright, Mistaswag2008

Monday, May 5, 2008


Song of the night- "Step yo game up" by Snoop

Let me tell you a story of inconsistency. And let
me fill you in on my thoughts of those people that
surround me with that negative vibe. First, my
resoultion for the new year was to dissolve my
ties with inconsistent people in my life, and I can
say that I've been doing well on it. But it still
shows its stanky nature from time to time.

If someone were to ask u to help them move, and
gave you a specific time that they wanted to
start, the logical thing would be to think that they
too are on that same schedule right? The logical
assumption would be if you say 7am on Saturday,
that's when I should be geared to work. Well I was
placed in a situation where I was up and ready, and
the helpee( I know) was nowhere to be found. I
know that if I want someone to help me I'd be
blowing their phone up with directions of what I
want them to do, however, on the day of the
assignment, I received NO phone call.
Here comes the rub: I can almost guarantee that
when I speak to Mr. inconsistent, "man I tried to
call you.." or, " I had told u directions beforehand.."
WHYY.. are you so inconsistent?.. don't waste my
time with selfish nature, assuming that everyone
is free to cater to you when you need. I don't live
in a dictatorship. So Swag the jester is not at your
leisure..ah man. Makes my head hurt. If you ask for
my help, and want my help, then follow thru.

2. Let me tell you about a lazy waiter at dennys.
Who, as he approached us to help, pulled out a chair
and sat down with us, talkin bout "phew... aight yall
whassup.." Let me tell you how it took the man 10
minutes to get a water order( the tip was killed by
then).. this fool was really on his cell phone at
work, waiter let me also tell you how
as he brought out our janky orders, which took 15
minutes to get done, he spilled syrup all over my
nike dunks, which I cherish so much...

Waiter: *syrup spills, all ova ma shoe..he looks
down at the mess* "aww shit... ma bad man..uhh,
what you want a rag or somethin dude?"...

Me: *stares at waiter*...

The waiter said shit at wow. I have never
received more shotty service then Saturday night.
Not only was the food stale, the service was
all bad, dumbass spilled syrup on my shoes, didn't
even bother to offer anything but a damp paper
towel, and then has the nerve to get mad when we
all walked out of the dennys not paying for the
meal. I won't lie, I was annoyed at the days
precedings, and the fact that I was made to wait
on peoples slowpoke asses all day, and inconsistent
asses all day.. so this was the straw that broke
the back. I didn't even bother running to the car. I
just walked. And his lazy ass strolled out to the
parking lot, almost like he knew he messed up,
and watched me drive off..I don't feel remotely bad
for not paying for a meal with that stanky service.
I should go back just to do it again..

I'm sleepy now. bottom line. stop being inconsistent
and realize its much easier to follow thru. You
might make more shots then you miss.