Monday, May 5, 2008


Song of the night- "Step yo game up" by Snoop

Let me tell you a story of inconsistency. And let
me fill you in on my thoughts of those people that
surround me with that negative vibe. First, my
resoultion for the new year was to dissolve my
ties with inconsistent people in my life, and I can
say that I've been doing well on it. But it still
shows its stanky nature from time to time.

If someone were to ask u to help them move, and
gave you a specific time that they wanted to
start, the logical thing would be to think that they
too are on that same schedule right? The logical
assumption would be if you say 7am on Saturday,
that's when I should be geared to work. Well I was
placed in a situation where I was up and ready, and
the helpee( I know) was nowhere to be found. I
know that if I want someone to help me I'd be
blowing their phone up with directions of what I
want them to do, however, on the day of the
assignment, I received NO phone call.
Here comes the rub: I can almost guarantee that
when I speak to Mr. inconsistent, "man I tried to
call you.." or, " I had told u directions beforehand.."
WHYY.. are you so inconsistent?.. don't waste my
time with selfish nature, assuming that everyone
is free to cater to you when you need. I don't live
in a dictatorship. So Swag the jester is not at your
leisure..ah man. Makes my head hurt. If you ask for
my help, and want my help, then follow thru.

2. Let me tell you about a lazy waiter at dennys.
Who, as he approached us to help, pulled out a chair
and sat down with us, talkin bout "phew... aight yall
whassup.." Let me tell you how it took the man 10
minutes to get a water order( the tip was killed by
then).. this fool was really on his cell phone at
work, waiter let me also tell you how
as he brought out our janky orders, which took 15
minutes to get done, he spilled syrup all over my
nike dunks, which I cherish so much...

Waiter: *syrup spills, all ova ma shoe..he looks
down at the mess* "aww shit... ma bad man..uhh,
what you want a rag or somethin dude?"...

Me: *stares at waiter*...

The waiter said shit at wow. I have never
received more shotty service then Saturday night.
Not only was the food stale, the service was
all bad, dumbass spilled syrup on my shoes, didn't
even bother to offer anything but a damp paper
towel, and then has the nerve to get mad when we
all walked out of the dennys not paying for the
meal. I won't lie, I was annoyed at the days
precedings, and the fact that I was made to wait
on peoples slowpoke asses all day, and inconsistent
asses all day.. so this was the straw that broke
the back. I didn't even bother running to the car. I
just walked. And his lazy ass strolled out to the
parking lot, almost like he knew he messed up,
and watched me drive off..I don't feel remotely bad
for not paying for a meal with that stanky service.
I should go back just to do it again..

I'm sleepy now. bottom line. stop being inconsistent
and realize its much easier to follow thru. You
might make more shots then you miss.


Charles said...

Thats ill about your friend who asked you for help. A call in advance would've been much appreciated I assume...well..I know it would've been. And you walked out of Dennys?? hahahaha...thats too funny. What I'm gonna do next time, is leave a negative tip, like owe me money for this ridiculousness.

Sass said...

he spilled syrup on your kicks?? i love to ask for a person's manager or supervisor. I'm all about making a scene or clearing off a table or counter with one good swipe of the forearm. and no he didn't sit down to take your order, and say "shit"...i woulda had his ass fired on the spot. smh, i'm still not over hims spilling syrup on your shoes.

PrettyBlack said...

Honestly I haven't fucked with a denny's since they wouldn't seat Black folk more than a decade ago. I go to pancake circus on broadway that's the shit! Big steak breakfast (any kind of steak) eggs, and your choice of hash browns or pancakes for 12.95.

As for friend, he gotta go, when I was pregnant I decided to call all of the people I didn't want in my life around my daughter and let them was quite easy and now I'm surrounded with people I truly care about and people that truly have my best interest at heart.

Cause guess what? While you were up waiting to do him a tight, his ass was somehere hung over sleep, smelling like club poo-see....Bet.

PrettyBlack said...

...As for the waiter you didn't even have to go the nigga route you should've complained on his ass and they would have comped your meal, and he would have tightened his shit up.

Anonymous said...

Bad service is my number 1 pet peeve. I would have made such a scene at Denny's that they would have been paying for my next twelve meals... love me some denny's though. LOL. And inconsistent people are the worse kind of people. I dont fuck with them.

Stew said...

i try not to get too upset with waiters/waitresses, because who knows what kind of day he had, or what ASSHOLE came before you and treated him/him poorly.

but on the other hand, if he is the one fucking up then that is inexcusable. though i have never pulled the "walk-out" move, i have not tipped.

u gotta figure out why your friend bailed. if he has a bullshit reason...then you can be irritated, but until then, you have to assume that there was a good reason.

Monie said...

Ooh, no sir, I would have been talking to somebody's manager that day. Spilling syrup? Sitting down to take the order??? I'm not even mad you walked out.

And as far as you helping your friend move...wack! I would have been TOO mad.

The Flyyest said...

LOL @ #1...

#2....i mean you shoulda figured you were gonna have poor customer service eating at Dennys!!!!!!!!

but the whole spillin syrup on yo dunks and on the phone talkin bout whattup yall...and sittin down!!!!!!....hell no!!!! ME personally, woulda got that man fired!!!!!!

i.can't.complain. said...

shady about your shoes.

the waiter deserved the walk-out.

i prolly woulda left him a penny for a tip

just to further be a jerk


12kyle said...

mannnnn, will you believe that i've never been to denny's??

swag_ambassador said...

@chuck- man I kno, ole boy aint even hit me up at all.. I wasn't even trippin tho. see how quick I jump to help next time.. LOL I'm weak off the negative tip.. ima do that one day...folks I literally strolled out. no speed.

@sass- on the freshest dunk did he spill the syrup.. and I was too pissed to check up wit the manager.. I just found it odd how off homeboy was..

@PB- shoot, I was too flustered to complain, and I was pissed off.. u kno I rarely get angry, so I was hot at everything and everyone..

@GLO- I love dennys too! thas why I was so pissed.. lol. my damn steroid sausages were stale..damn!!

@stew- good point. well I've dined and dashed before but that was at 18 and stuff when it was fun. I usually keep it respectable, but this situation was just all bad.. I felt like he disrespected me by not even being considerate...janky.

@monie- yea.. I had no problem walkin out. and ma folks is selfish.. he don't thnk long term.

@flyy- yea dude was the worst ever.. I wanted to murk him off top, and iont even like fightin lol

@-1- we left him 4 dollas on a 40 dolla bill.. he didn't even deserve that much!.. chump.

@kyle- man go getchu a grand slam!! LOL

Desy said...

lmao@ charles- negative tip....really?...smh... hilarious, just hilariou

preach preacher!!! i cannot stand inconsistency myself... hence the reason i am the way i am... a creature of habit...

messin up the dunks... oh HELL no... we gonna have to address this eee-meee-jiatly

Eb the Celeb said...

you know you my boo right... i just skimmed this post because i couldnt concentrate because that lloyd joint was playing...

he definitely does not get his dude props.. both his albums were bangers.. cant wait for this new one...

but dude was dead wrong for spilling crap on ya shoes.. cuz I know you had some fly joints on... cuz you got a lil flava that you learned from

allienicole said...

LMAO im mad u walked!

i'm never that bold

but i also never eat at dennys

is the service EVER on point? nope.

Melody.Darlene said...

omg i agree! i hate inconsistency and i hate when ppl flake!!

JayBee said...

i hate when people encumber my time. if you didn't need my help let me know so that i can free up myself to do other things. and you can't tell me one time and then expect to call me at some later time trying to do what we were supposed to do earlier. walking out without paying for the meal...uh...not the business. i guess i've never been brave enough to do something like that. i prolly just wouldn't have left a tip, but i would've rendered unto ceasar what is ceasar's.

Opinionated Diva said...

If people don't follow-up with you for their's their loss. Don't even sweat it.

Re: The waiter. I haaaaaaaate to get bad service. It's like these waiters/waitresses think their tip is automatic. They don't even seem to care enough to work for it. I too would have walked out. With service like that, I'm sure your actions were nothing new.


yeah I cant stand inconsistent people either. I am the first one to call and be like quick "Ay dont waste my time and I wont waste yours" I bring it to the table from gate.

Oh the days of walking out of Dennys...loves it