Tuesday, August 26, 2008


“I cant see myself anywhere but here.. the outlook seems so clear”

So this is the final job of the 2008 season for me.. I finally pulled down something that has the convenience of good gas mileage, good pay, benefits up the yin yang, and a comfortable environment with the ability to achieve and accelerate my pay quickly. Its been a tough road to pave this 2008, I look back at the first 8 months and it really has come to pass.. FINALLY. My goodness, I swear I've blogged about each and every job that I have had this year, with the hopes that it would be the one.. But nonetheless, they didn’t pan out. I can say it though, I’m not doing any temp jobs anymore, no jobs with all the right things but then one major wrong, its all come to fruition.. PHEW..I promise!

Well, except for the getting up at 6:20 every morning thing.. But I doubt that will ever come into play when it comes to my money.

I was watching Hilary Clinton’s speech this evening at the Democratic convention, and I caught myself laughing. Not at her, nor the convention ( if anything I was happy that the whole thing was centered around OBAMA), but I was laughing at my parents. And I sat back and thought about how my political views re, and how they are close to or different from my parents. How they yell at the TV when a bad thing is said about O, and I jump in and say it too.. but then it dawned on me how sometimes I say things that make the utmost sense, and they don’t even notice that they are taking a backseat to what I’ve just said and now are in full agreement with me. LOL. The son being the teacher to the parent? Sometimes it happens I guess.

Summers almost over. Its been a hot one. Off top. I mean I haven’t gone swimming once this summer.. NOT ONCE! I can actually say that I am ready for the colder weather to come so I can start rockin a pea coat again! Shoot I haven’t bbq’ed in almost a month. The urges have been lost, and I’ve been cookin in the house instead. WTF?

What you know bout goin to bed before 12? Shit I thought I didn’t know, until that 6 started showin up when my alarm beeps..


Thursday, August 21, 2008



Actor Julius Carry has died. He was 56.
The star passed away on Tuesday, according to MediaTakeOut.com, but details of his death have yet to be released.
Carry was most famous for his role as Sho Nuff in cult 1985 martial arts film The Last Dragon. He enjoyed a long career in the TV industry, starring in shows such as 1989's Doctor, Doctor and making notable appearances in JAG, Diagnosis Murder and Spin City.
DAMN.... he went so hard..

Monday, August 18, 2008

Get me 2 CC's, STAT!

So my new name is Nurse Eric..

Ma dukes had knee replacement surgery on Monday of last week, a hectic process to say the least.. Shes a Strong lady, and I really think this was the right thing to do seeing as shes been havin knee problems for the latter of 20 years. So she finally took care of the process.. Only thing is, this is gonna be a pretty hectic rehab process.

Shes been home since Thursday of last week, and since I'm at home until the J.O.B. starts next week, Ive been playing nurse. Not to my chagrin or anything, I wouldn't have it any other way simply because of the fact that I love my mother to death, and want to make sure shes taken care of. Even if it means less and less sleep, and countless phone calls to ma cell phone LOL.. hell, it doesn't ring much anymore anyways. But it is hectic on her as a woman, and I know it wrenches her to not be able to be as mobile as she was before. In 6 to 8 Weeks though, she will be up and walking, even with the help of a cane, but her spirits should be high.

I wont lie, its a little annoying at times when some folks undermine your ability to take care of business, feeling that you are incapable of handling it all. I'm the baby boy, so lets just call it the baby boy syndrome.. and I ain't talking bout Tyrese AKA Jody either..Maybe I just don't like to feel like people in my family don't have confidence in me to accomplish a task, but damn.. Im 25. I have common sense. And if anybody wants the transition that momma has to go thru to get better smooth, its me. Ive always maintained to be the one out of the 3 children she has to lag back and ensure that everything is sufficient and taken care of while the other 2 go about their business. Your mind almost makes you have a mommas boy mentality in a sense when your the only boy, and the youngest...

So as I sit and sip this Heineken from the bottle, and relax my mind as well as my body, I think that the rest of this week should be a good one, at least I'm hoping. Let me ask, do you ever get the feeling that people, preferably the elders in your family look at you as if you aren't able to accomplish even the smallest task???.. I mean damn, my grandmother called me a baby today LOL.. " that baby don't need to be doin that.." WTF?

Take me away Mr. Mayer....cause I don't wanna let it take me down..

Saturday, August 9, 2008


why is it already august??? jeesh


1. I promised myself im gonna have a better second half to the 2008 season, and so far its going ok.. finally got something stable to hold on to with this job situation.. jeesh, been a long ride

2. havent really wanted to blog, theres really been nothing tearing at my mind as of late..

3. Im happy, I guess.

4. My momma is havin knee replacement surgery on monday, a little nervous about it, but I know that she will pull through fine.. shes a soldier when it comes to surgery.. I dont know how she does it, shoot only thing thats ever happened to me was a broken wrist..

5.. which leads me to ask.. why when you break your wrist or have wrist problems (carpel tunnel) do you have to get a shot in ya booty???????

6. I like money..

7.. which means I need more of it to love it.

8. Will Ferrell is so stupid HAHAHA


9. HARD KNOCKS-DALLAS COWBOYS.. I suggest all you haters of americas team watch it and realize who your next super bowl champions will be.. know it, love it, believe in it..

Headed to a wedding lol. THIS SHOULD BE INTERESTING.