Wednesday, February 4, 2009


A. I wonder if heaven got a ghetto??.. hmmm.. if it did, who would live there? JUST pac?

B. its so hot right now in my office, I think I just saw Lucipher himself in the air vents peekin down at me.. if so, please say a prayer LOL

C. I hear in Mexico that the word burrito doesnt exist?.. I need clarification.

D. Its the 2nd month of 2009. So why do I feel like I just celebrated 2001...?

E. Memba on House Party when Play walked back to the car after gettin lightweight dissed by Shorraine, and he said "Do I have any lipstick on me?".. and Kid gave him a high five.. how many of you notice how long Bilal (Martin) was holding his hand up for a hi five? and didnt get one.. LOL.. classic

F. Speaking of play, thats a cold nickname. You can go so many places with that.. Whats YOUR nickname? or HAS been?

G. Good game on sunday, I wanted the cardinals to win and was cheering for em like I was a true fan.. Gotta love the passion. And Larry Fitzgerald is well.. a BEAST.

H. I swear I should not set my alarm for 20 minutes before I should be getting up. All it does is make me sleep an extra 10. This is the worst way to add and subtract that "just enough winks" time we all need.. I suck in the morning.


J. Imagine what saved by the bell would have been like with "Jermaine..." or "Calvin".. Lisa would have been a whole notha person..

K. Speakin of Lisa Turtle, Lark Voorhies.. where are you?

L. And why does your name sound like a star trek character...

M. Dont you hate those people that sit there and act like they aint listenin in to what your saying, but you can see them stretching their ears. acting like theyre reading a book, tryna make it look like thats the best drink theyve ever had.. get outta my convo!

N. Why do I examine my chicken when Im eating it? I know im not the only one.

O. What celebs real name is ERIC BISHOP?? and would he be as popular with that name?


Q. Whats the point of having tissue that is dusty? doesnt that defeat the purpose of blowing your nose, or even wiping?.. Just to get dust back up in your nose, to make you sneeze again. See, they make you spend money any way possible these days.

R. We have an african american president.. yea, that still comes off the tongue nicely.

S. When we were younger, my sisters and I used to have a national cuss day, where we would say cuss words all day long lol.. We thought we were the business.

T. I feel like watching "Brown Sugar" today.

U. I need a hook

W. Hook- A small glass of liquor, with a preferable mixture of lesser amount, choice 3/5 liquor, 1/5 mixture, and 1/5 random.

X. I sometimes have dreams when im sleep that my teeth are loose, or falling out. I dont know if that means I grind them when im sleep, or I am telling a forseen future.. I hope its neither.

Y. Why? because we like you...

Z. And its STILL not time to go home yet..

Monday, January 26, 2009


Song of the Day- "Music for Love"- Mario- "Girl we in heavy rotation, and Ill be all on yo station.. just let me know..

They didnt play the Willie Hutch.. but please believe, after this past 20th. I beleive the brothas gonna work it out.. Everything was efficient, and when youve felt it for so many days of your life, and you think you cant love to be it anymore, situations like this make you love to be part of your race.. I love you, my people..

We are so crucial in so many ways, truly unexplainable.. This president brings the swagger back to the president. The top man in the game. Well, B, you got it!!.. congrats. Ill do my part to uphold you and us.

..Im still waiting on the word. anxiously waiting. I just cant shake the feeling that failure is never an option in my life. Like EVER. Im not a perfectionist by any means, I ill be the first to say I have many flaws, and am always striving to better myself in my eyes, and those of the people I love dearly.. but alas, Im still not perfect. But on the day when you want to be perfect, and want to be efficient, not a lint stain on you, are you? were you? can you be? what stands in the way but yourself..

.. Never restrict yourself, E..

..just fly away, to heaven brotha..
..make a place, for me..

Ms. Badu is singin thru her telephone to me right now..

* Why is it January 26th.. ALREADY.
* Im growing the Usher "burn" back out.. dont remember? check the video.. lol.
* Teedra Moses, is still, underrated..

Pator Troys album "Troy".. clearly an album to work out to. I got introduced to Troy by a good friend, and I neva stopped likin him. Crucial cat who doesnt get his fair do. Well P.T. Cruisa... I see you.

Released November 7, 2000... was this not THEE album??? If you hate this, you hate yourself... me and PT criticqued this the other day. NO FLAWS..well not in my views.. cept for #6

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just Think...

What if President Elect Barack Obama walks out on the 20th of January, the monumental Tuesday.. and all of a sudden.. this plays..


The crowd goes wild cause for the first time in a while, we have a sense of uplifting, and guess what.. Brothas gonna work it out!!! LOL.. just a thought.

Monday, January 5, 2009

..No Slippin..

I'm not going to allow myself to slip tomorrow.. tomorrow is something Ive been waiting for, and its taken quite some time to achieve it..Tomorrow is something that I strive to make happen, game on lock. I need it, I HAVE to have it. Theres not really an option, theres no chance to slip and fall out of contention for this one. I need all y'all, to say a silent, vocal, efficient prayer tonight for me. Cause I'm goin into the battlefield tomorrow, with armor on lock. I got Matsumoto ("Last Samurai").. William Wallace ("Braveheart")..Radio Rahiem ("do the right thing")..Rod Tidwell ("Jerry Mcquire").. Blade Brown ("class act")..Paul Rusesabagina ("hotel Rwanda") all on my frontline, ready for war.. and we are gon take it to em.. real raw style.. while Bleek Gilliam ("mo betta blues") sounds the trumpet for battle...its time to Ante up!!!! (..M.O.P) an get that doe..aint no half steppin (Big daddy kane)..

Cause for once.. the way I see it, you are everythang, and everythang is you.. (Sisqo).. this is it!!! (Kirk Franklin)...

Ill elaborate later.. once I achieve the goal..Just know, I'm ready!!

G'night world..

Friday, January 2, 2009

Word up..

The word of the year, is MAINTAIN.. this year will
be the year that I manage my maintanence of life,
and introduce myself to a new age of patience,
persistence, and poise. Of course it takes action
more than statement, but that's where I want to
be from this point forward, and I'm content with
working on my ability to maintain.. and keep my
game face on throughout! Never lettin em see me
sweat, and feeding the fire.. Man, this should be fun

..Remember in House Party 2 ( top 10 on my list of
course is the original House Party, mm sydney!!)
where ole boy Miles with the flat top is trying to
coax Kid and actin like he's helping him? Lol, and
he's gotta go to the Dean's office, and before he
goes in Miles is like, "maintain, my brotha..." classic
part!.. but oh so true..

So, for 09, its time to "maintain, my friends.."

*bumpin "Rated R" by Ralph Tresvant... HA!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


"..I find it hard to say..."
-Lauryn Hill

2008 is over.

And in this year I have grown in strides and bounds..
In love and life,
in trust and turmoil,
in release therapy and rebellion,
feelings of self pity and self resolve..
repentance against your own self,
your normal being,
your wake up call coming every morning to know thy self,
and to prove that you, yourself
are the on that can handle it all..
my vision once blurred,
now fine tuned like a blues guitar,
wailing on rifts of evolution that only i can envision..
growth that only i can play the music of life to..

though i find it hard to say
that i one day will be better then today,
its still the intuition inside
that guides me and teaches me
that i still can fly..

I hope i can continue to groom my sight of completion.
along with the beautiful hand guiding me in the right direction,
feeling my feelings of feeling for you..
the thought of success never fails,
only grows,
like a welcoming tumor that cannot be phased,
only fed and urged that one day,
advancement will be the ultimate pay..

I've learned to pay myself,
look further then my heart,
envision a sight of WE,
and not only feel the heartbeat of me..
to lust for more then love,
for that's only the beginning,
and to push harder
work faster,
be stronger,
fight longer..
for in the end, its all up to me,
to keep it going...

here's to 2008,
ina nutshell,
my eyesight remains up towards the heavens...
while stomping and scathing the thoughts of hell..


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!

From my family to yours, all my blog loved ones,
I say unto you happy holidays. Enjoy the time that
you will spend with family, friends, or even just
yourself and understand the reason for the

much, much love...

- E