Wednesday, February 4, 2009


A. I wonder if heaven got a ghetto??.. hmmm.. if it did, who would live there? JUST pac?

B. its so hot right now in my office, I think I just saw Lucipher himself in the air vents peekin down at me.. if so, please say a prayer LOL

C. I hear in Mexico that the word burrito doesnt exist?.. I need clarification.

D. Its the 2nd month of 2009. So why do I feel like I just celebrated 2001...?

E. Memba on House Party when Play walked back to the car after gettin lightweight dissed by Shorraine, and he said "Do I have any lipstick on me?".. and Kid gave him a high five.. how many of you notice how long Bilal (Martin) was holding his hand up for a hi five? and didnt get one.. LOL.. classic

F. Speaking of play, thats a cold nickname. You can go so many places with that.. Whats YOUR nickname? or HAS been?

G. Good game on sunday, I wanted the cardinals to win and was cheering for em like I was a true fan.. Gotta love the passion. And Larry Fitzgerald is well.. a BEAST.

H. I swear I should not set my alarm for 20 minutes before I should be getting up. All it does is make me sleep an extra 10. This is the worst way to add and subtract that "just enough winks" time we all need.. I suck in the morning.


J. Imagine what saved by the bell would have been like with "Jermaine..." or "Calvin".. Lisa would have been a whole notha person..

K. Speakin of Lisa Turtle, Lark Voorhies.. where are you?

L. And why does your name sound like a star trek character...

M. Dont you hate those people that sit there and act like they aint listenin in to what your saying, but you can see them stretching their ears. acting like theyre reading a book, tryna make it look like thats the best drink theyve ever had.. get outta my convo!

N. Why do I examine my chicken when Im eating it? I know im not the only one.

O. What celebs real name is ERIC BISHOP?? and would he be as popular with that name?


Q. Whats the point of having tissue that is dusty? doesnt that defeat the purpose of blowing your nose, or even wiping?.. Just to get dust back up in your nose, to make you sneeze again. See, they make you spend money any way possible these days.

R. We have an african american president.. yea, that still comes off the tongue nicely.

S. When we were younger, my sisters and I used to have a national cuss day, where we would say cuss words all day long lol.. We thought we were the business.

T. I feel like watching "Brown Sugar" today.

U. I need a hook

W. Hook- A small glass of liquor, with a preferable mixture of lesser amount, choice 3/5 liquor, 1/5 mixture, and 1/5 random.

X. I sometimes have dreams when im sleep that my teeth are loose, or falling out. I dont know if that means I grind them when im sleep, or I am telling a forseen future.. I hope its neither.

Y. Why? because we like you...

Z. And its STILL not time to go home yet..


Eb the Celeb said...

G- Touche

Can I come over and cuddle with and watch Brown Sugar too!

Kayta said...

Losing teeth or having your teeth fall out in a dream loosely means that you are insecure about something in your life..

Veronica Wright said...

an old episode of saved by the bell was on last

A.C. Slater was MY man..LOL!

karrie b. said...

i examine my chicken too...

witcho FOINE self.

had to say that cause i havent spoken to you much this year. we still partyin when i come to cali right?


contagiouslyCRANKY said... crackin up at Q..too funny!!

Bombchell said...

lol thought ud say hookup.

everytime I look at the date of a movie & it says 95 or 91 i look at it like its cool, not an oldie until i do the math & freak.

Bombchell said...


Nicole said...
t.that film gets me acting dnt know y!
x.i have that dream time and time and again...when i have it im always thinking, this is a has to be, my teeth cnt fall out like this!

hahaha funny post dude...
p.s u so look the type to examine chicken while eating it!

The Flyyest said...

back up EB!!!!! lmao

ok...i HELLA love the A-Z randomness!!! uummmm i literally laughed out loud about the bilal thing... I REMEMBER THAT!!!! but my cuzzin was like... why is he all like YEEESSSS like he got some or something... hella pumped!!!! LMAO!! and NO Eric Bishop woulda been a bean pie muslim with that name!!! jamie foxx is wwaaayyyy better!!! (i mean we already got an Eric B...wink wink) hahahaha

JayBee said...

didn't know that was jamie's real moniker. definitely raw. no question.

misz talia dunkz said...

h aha..the one a/b the tissue is oh so true && it makes no sense...its soo irritating ..ha ha

Dope Fiend said...

hehe i liked this one.

,My nickname in high school was shiner.

:( A shiner is either a black eye
or a blow job

I hated it! Traumatized my life, and all because my name was Sheena. kmft!
Didnt take me nowhere.

and blog dammit BLOG!

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