Monday, January 26, 2009


Song of the Day- "Music for Love"- Mario- "Girl we in heavy rotation, and Ill be all on yo station.. just let me know..

They didnt play the Willie Hutch.. but please believe, after this past 20th. I beleive the brothas gonna work it out.. Everything was efficient, and when youve felt it for so many days of your life, and you think you cant love to be it anymore, situations like this make you love to be part of your race.. I love you, my people..

We are so crucial in so many ways, truly unexplainable.. This president brings the swagger back to the president. The top man in the game. Well, B, you got it!!.. congrats. Ill do my part to uphold you and us.

..Im still waiting on the word. anxiously waiting. I just cant shake the feeling that failure is never an option in my life. Like EVER. Im not a perfectionist by any means, I ill be the first to say I have many flaws, and am always striving to better myself in my eyes, and those of the people I love dearly.. but alas, Im still not perfect. But on the day when you want to be perfect, and want to be efficient, not a lint stain on you, are you? were you? can you be? what stands in the way but yourself..

.. Never restrict yourself, E..

..just fly away, to heaven brotha..
..make a place, for me..

Ms. Badu is singin thru her telephone to me right now..

* Why is it January 26th.. ALREADY.
* Im growing the Usher "burn" back out.. dont remember? check the video.. lol.
* Teedra Moses, is still, underrated..

Pator Troys album "Troy".. clearly an album to work out to. I got introduced to Troy by a good friend, and I neva stopped likin him. Crucial cat who doesnt get his fair do. Well P.T. Cruisa... I see you.

Released November 7, 2000... was this not THEE album??? If you hate this, you hate yourself... me and PT criticqued this the other day. NO FLAWS..well not in my views.. cept for #6


Bombchell said...

lol um how old is that picture.

omg barack and michelle are so..... in love its crazy, they're like newlyweds. I want that or better lol

Veronica Wright said...

ok wither you're really tall or she's really short...which is it?

yeah that was beautiful to see Barack and Michelle up there dancing and what not...

Loved the dress!! Got to meet them at the white house the next day (yeah I'm bragging a lil

Queen said...

Wow, that picture of u and Teedra brings back memories..::sigh:: U look 10 feet tall LoL

swag_ambassador said...

@bomb- its from last year!! lol.
and yes, b and mich, are it..

@V- LOL, shes like 5'2.. and im like 6'4 so yea. it looks a lil awkward. MAN black love!! cant beat it.

@queenie- I know right.. *sigh*.. great fun

Monie said...

6'4"? Yum!

I agree about Teedra...when is a new album coming out???

Melody.Darlene said...

i just had to say... i read ur blog all the time, i may not always comment, but im reading. and i wanted to let you know that you, mr. gemini, are very inspiring. it might sounds weird, but i always feel i can relate to you in some way. you're very motivated and focused... and i always say that im focused and thats an understatement! you dont settle and from what i can tell from what u write, ur always reaching for that next height... that next level. sooooo with that being sad, keep doin what your doing!!

ps. teedra is theee most underrated artist ever!! complex simplicity is the soundtrack to my life! hahah! just saw her in pasadena in december!

Anonymous said...

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