Friday, January 2, 2009

Word up..

The word of the year, is MAINTAIN.. this year will
be the year that I manage my maintanence of life,
and introduce myself to a new age of patience,
persistence, and poise. Of course it takes action
more than statement, but that's where I want to
be from this point forward, and I'm content with
working on my ability to maintain.. and keep my
game face on throughout! Never lettin em see me
sweat, and feeding the fire.. Man, this should be fun

..Remember in House Party 2 ( top 10 on my list of
course is the original House Party, mm sydney!!)
where ole boy Miles with the flat top is trying to
coax Kid and actin like he's helping him? Lol, and
he's gotta go to the Dean's office, and before he
goes in Miles is like, "maintain, my brotha..." classic
part!.. but oh so true..

So, for 09, its time to "maintain, my friends.."

*bumpin "Rated R" by Ralph Tresvant... HA!


Melody.Darlene said...

Happy New Years!

Pyt08 said...

good thought! and thats my movie too!

Eb the Celeb said...

yeah I did that last year...

Happy New Year!

A.M. said...

Well Happy New You Then :)

Veronica Wright said...

Happy New Year!

Maintain! Persevere!

p.s. check my

swag_ambassador said...

@melody- thank you!! you too! 09!

@pyt08- isnt it though.. man!!!

@eb- always tryna bust someone bubble!!

@a.m.- i preciate it!

@v.w.- i appreciate it.. i plan on it..