Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Saturday night

Live everyday like its saturday night, to live and enjoy the greasiness of life..the drunken luster, the inhibitions released unto the swirl as not a care in the world..ima millionaire on saturday night, not afraid to be alone in my world of continual push..wonderous eyes and wandering minds, I kno that I can learn from saturday eve...the euphoria, mixed with the prohibited and restricted lifestlye I lead..livin everyday like its saturday night..

Crawlin thru the closet of work and forced revenue into the narnia known as saturday night..freedom of self, speech following every vauge feeling of want..lust is allowed on saturday night, love supreme to explode the scene, expose a feeling so serene...play by play of how fine the dine, amongst grown pours of wine...fly the friendly skies, the gonja filled lies, the drunken smiles, and the carefree, cologne filled, breeze/...
Live everyday like its saturday night, sneakin out of the house with that bit of fright, pushin away all the fights..fall in love on saturday night, control the sights on saturday night..she's aight on saturday night.

To live..and breathe, on saturday night..is like a change of the world..upside down feelings, neva knowing how true you can feel, how blue u can feel..like a king, or even green..nothing even matters like miss hill proclaimed, indeed saturday nights the time for games..sincere games of life and strife..stress involved dialouge, along with resolve for anger thru the fog..I love the life I live on saturday night..

Saturday eve, midnight to 5, livin the life, so loud and live..so I live each day like its saturday night..to breathe and realize the tru u...thank u saturday night, u provide the song that plays my life tune.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

valentines and hoes

st. valentines day..

rats off to saint valentine for the creation of this day of "so much love"
valentines day
I think v day is made for 2 types of people.. those in fresh relationships with something to prove, or those in established relationships (I.E. marriage) that want to show the spark of creativity is indeed alive.. outside of that, everyone else needs a freak for the night to accomidate themselves..or to feel like their significant other or interest really feels like they are a million bucks. i would participate in valentines day, dont get me wrong, but it wouldnt be as glorified with me.. ill be ya valentine on septemba 16th, june 8th, u get what im sayin.

an old friend of mine hit me last week, wondering when id ask her to be my valentine. random in my eyes, simply because of the fact that first, noone has ever requested ME to ask them .. second, she has a man. third, i didnt want to be her valentine.. i proceed to educate her on her current status, and she states they broke up.. im laughin on the inside, for one cause im not even thinkin about bein her v day guy, but i wanna hear the reasoning. peep this. she really said this.

"every year around valentines day, i usually break up with my dude, and kinda jus have a friend for the night..."

..lets sit and soak that up for a second.

lets continue.

a pre scheduled, pre planned, no holds barred breakup?? just for valentines day,to feel loved or liked by someone else, to feel more appreciated? i was shocked..more like appauled.. then i thought about it... this helfah is a bonafide HOE. hoes need love too, maybe more on valentines day. i can imagine a pimp slappin his hoe extra soft on that day, jus to show the love he holds for her.." i do it cause i love you bitch, now go get them chips for daddy.. maybe ill get you some chocolate,"chocolate".."

im hella weak at the fact that anyone would plan a breakup each year, and accomidate their urges to be with someone else.. perfect ya craft HOE, be all that you can be, take over the world with your methods and strategy.. ..jus dont do it wit me.. I dont get down like that. *sings neyo*

so heres to valentines day, and heres to the lovers rushing to get the gift thatll make her smile, or him feel good, until friday when you forget that valentines day was just 2 days ago, and now its a regular february day where she aint the love of ya life, or he smells like feet...

heres a thought. i wonder how many people cheat on valentines day.. maybe itll turn into a holiday strictly for infidelity..bottles up! panties down! and to all a good night.


Tuesday, February 6, 2007

..out of sync

She Fed my ego wit the essence that I was king..thru the illuminated views and construed thoughts, I began to feel so, and everything else became serene..sly mans approach to a killa swag, she had that kryptonite to make ma heart sag..not in the aspect of neva feeling again ,but the feel to want to be felt and touched again..by she.
Beauty is her beholder, shines out of her eyes..illuminates the skies, steals the whole scene..almost as simple as a random phone call to say hello, with the same feeling of nervous tension..wondering where she's wandering in her subliminal thoughts, hoping and praying I will ultimately be the brunt of the patterns she creates in her mind..
She fills the skies with potential, turns rainy days into sleepless works of art..pulls each urge to her, each flight of light and feeling of lust for life she holds purpose to..
All I wanna say is hey...a simple hello, and with all the emotion of an adamant subject, help her feel that I feel what she needs..in all possibility, I could be that dream..love dream, life dream, dream as she sees as possibility..as simple as a hello, as complex as a profession of love/lust..
Alone ina room with millions, speaking dialogue without saying a word, subliminal sex scenes in ya brain..mind sex, definitely aint gotta take our clothes off yet..rip thru each layer of ya brain, ur emotional frame, the layers that create she..the she that rarely is seen, but known to be exposed when the right key is placed in the lock..and opens the doors that were closed

All I'm askin is for a minute..a hello, good morning, afternoon, night, lifetime, loving, effortless love scene without cameras..just she and I..

..can I have those thoughts?..

Monday, February 5, 2007

so simple, yet so complex


so much energy exerted ova these last 5 days.. first night was so live, such a way to start off ya trip.. met moguls and fashion famous makers.. lookin inside of maself and seein that this is the kinda life that i was made for.l.. cept for of course the extremity.. i coulld neva live in vegas.. i can always visit, but damn.. the strip is becomin the most horrible thing to look at.. didnt spend any money at the machines, cept for afta thursday night.. threw 2 dollas away at the lil machine right outside of tryst..light, tryst, body english.. the 3 places i hit this weekend.. lovely lil spots wit plenty of energy and plenty of fake titties lol.. i loved it all, it was a beautiful affair..

PIMPS.. well maybe not pimps, but niggas wit perms! where in the hell does it say in the fashion bible that perms are still the shit..i mean i saw the curly prince jheri curl perm from the late 70s (RASBERRY BERET PERM), i saw the bishop don magic juan perm, the classic mullet perm, and the ever drippin soul glo jheri.. on some up to date lookin men too.. even saw a white man wit a perm... his was lightweight bangin tho, he had the gumption to have some sideburns..i saw 80 elvis lookalikes.. i wonda how they feel walkin around all day lookin like someone else.. ima pay someone to be an eric impersonator..

i saw a million and a half interracial couples, not a problem in my eyes, but got damn.. hella black men wit white women.. i could see if maybe they were good lookin, but these women were hefty, toothless..think about PREACH from DONT BE A MENACE... memba that turfed ass ghost he had wit him in the end of the movie.. lol.. yea, jus like them.. i would put a pic up, but thats doin the most... she was pitiful.. and so were they. boooooo black men in vegas.. get u a nubian... or at least one of these betta lookin women.. shame. in that case, booooo black women too. walkin around wit larry king lookalikes

lookin at a lil energetic dog right now runnin around eating one of mah socks.. atari, ur the man.. or the dog.. however you wanna say it.. mah energy level has risen and fallen this past trip, more on the up then tha down.. even tho i had a down evening where i did nothin but chat on weight and lankiness, thanks miss freshtadef..witcha big feet.

whos betta lookin, shalain or sydney from house party???? ive gone back and forth with this for ages.. who ida chose if i was there.. they both had gigs, and "style".. hmm.

i go back to work tommorrow, dont want to.. oh well, fuck it.. maybe ima get up early tommorrow, change it up a lil bit.. its time for anotha extreme change. im in stage one of the change, this year has already started crazy.. january was a month to remember, which is great and feels good..

i need ideas for my party in june for my birthday.. im thinkin nekked part 1.. slow jams and club bangers. everybody get nekked! cept for you ova there in the corna.. keep yo wifebeata on

omarion is on right now, and i swear i jus saw atari start dancin.. 2 steppin dogs, hmm.. what a concept.

i got called tyson beckford las night by some white dude at body english..i wanted to murk dude cause he kept puttin his arm around me (im 6'4 and he was like 5'10) so he was pullin me downward.. tellin me how if i dont pull some bitches, he would kick ma ass.. i woulda turfed money, but i realized my tab was still open at the bar, my id was there, and my ride was halfways across the club..way to go e, but that woulda been a lovely memory. he did pay for my double patron tho..way to go drunk guy who called me tyson.. NO HOMO.

vegas isnt as pretty as people say it is.. women wise that is.. i felt like i was back in sac at some points, but then i felt like i was in candyland in othas.. hella women with plastic things comin from all areas, bleh.. the natural woman out here is not in at all, and neitha is the smellgood person... i walked by a woman las night and almost fainted, she smelt like feet afta a football game.. speakin of football, fuck the colts.. way to go DUNGY.. anyone ever notice that peyton manning always shakes his head when he talks, even if he is confirming somethin.. fuck tony romo till next season.

im done for now, ill elaborate later on my trip.. 5 days worth of interesting endeavors and late night trips to krispy kream, with a long island.LOL