Tuesday, February 6, 2007

..out of sync

She Fed my ego wit the essence that I was king..thru the illuminated views and construed thoughts, I began to feel so, and everything else became serene..sly mans approach to a killa swag, she had that kryptonite to make ma heart sag..not in the aspect of neva feeling again ,but the feel to want to be felt and touched again..by she.
Beauty is her beholder, shines out of her eyes..illuminates the skies, steals the whole scene..almost as simple as a random phone call to say hello, with the same feeling of nervous tension..wondering where she's wandering in her subliminal thoughts, hoping and praying I will ultimately be the brunt of the patterns she creates in her mind..
She fills the skies with potential, turns rainy days into sleepless works of art..pulls each urge to her, each flight of light and feeling of lust for life she holds purpose to..
All I wanna say is hey...a simple hello, and with all the emotion of an adamant subject, help her feel that I feel what she needs..in all possibility, I could be that dream..love dream, life dream, dream as she sees as possibility..as simple as a hello, as complex as a profession of love/lust..
Alone ina room with millions, speaking dialogue without saying a word, subliminal sex scenes in ya brain..mind sex, definitely aint gotta take our clothes off yet..rip thru each layer of ya brain, ur emotional frame, the layers that create she..the she that rarely is seen, but known to be exposed when the right key is placed in the lock..and opens the doors that were closed

All I'm askin is for a minute..a hello, good morning, afternoon, night, lifetime, loving, effortless love scene without cameras..just she and I..

..can I have those thoughts?..

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