Tuesday, February 13, 2007

valentines and hoes

st. valentines day..

rats off to saint valentine for the creation of this day of "so much love"
valentines day
I think v day is made for 2 types of people.. those in fresh relationships with something to prove, or those in established relationships (I.E. marriage) that want to show the spark of creativity is indeed alive.. outside of that, everyone else needs a freak for the night to accomidate themselves..or to feel like their significant other or interest really feels like they are a million bucks. i would participate in valentines day, dont get me wrong, but it wouldnt be as glorified with me.. ill be ya valentine on septemba 16th, june 8th, u get what im sayin.

an old friend of mine hit me last week, wondering when id ask her to be my valentine. random in my eyes, simply because of the fact that first, noone has ever requested ME to ask them .. second, she has a man. third, i didnt want to be her valentine.. i proceed to educate her on her current status, and she states they broke up.. im laughin on the inside, for one cause im not even thinkin about bein her v day guy, but i wanna hear the reasoning. peep this. she really said this.

"every year around valentines day, i usually break up with my dude, and kinda jus have a friend for the night..."

..lets sit and soak that up for a second.

lets continue.

a pre scheduled, pre planned, no holds barred breakup?? just for valentines day,to feel loved or liked by someone else, to feel more appreciated? i was shocked..more like appauled.. then i thought about it... this helfah is a bonafide HOE. hoes need love too, maybe more on valentines day. i can imagine a pimp slappin his hoe extra soft on that day, jus to show the love he holds for her.." i do it cause i love you bitch, now go get them chips for daddy.. maybe ill get you some chocolate,"chocolate".."

im hella weak at the fact that anyone would plan a breakup each year, and accomidate their urges to be with someone else.. perfect ya craft HOE, be all that you can be, take over the world with your methods and strategy.. ..jus dont do it wit me.. I dont get down like that. *sings neyo*

so heres to valentines day, and heres to the lovers rushing to get the gift thatll make her smile, or him feel good, until friday when you forget that valentines day was just 2 days ago, and now its a regular february day where she aint the love of ya life, or he smells like feet...

heres a thought. i wonder how many people cheat on valentines day.. maybe itll turn into a holiday strictly for infidelity..bottles up! panties down! and to all a good night.


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