Monday, March 31, 2008

Movin cool...

HORRIBLE Song of the day- "love in this club" by Usher. I really dont get songs like this, I mean its not really that catchy. Plus, the song talks about somebody "makin love" in the club.. LOL. I mean whens the last time you saw candles lit, background music playing softly, eye contact and real good Teddy P love making.. IN THE CLUB. And Im sure that I am not the only person who feels that Ush will never do any better than "confessions" (also see "miseducation of lauryn hill...)

I was reading Dejanae's blog, and she mentioned blogging on the weekends, something I rarely do. Maybe I should, seeing as most of the blogs i write are spur of the moment thoughts. Just a thought.

So, I recently found out I have to move back home with my mother and father. My sister and I have our own house, nice lil 4 bed 2 bath get up that suits both of us well. Anyways, we have to move out of the house, and back into our parents house. Little situation to help family, which I cant really say I have a problem with at all. Family is family, and love is love. At the end of the day, we all have each others backs unconditionally. I am mad I wont be living in my own home anymore, well for the time being. One thing I am having trouble with is the fact of actually living at my parents house again. I mean the last time I was there was at age 21, so ive been gone almost 4 years, and have gotten thoroughly used to having my own space and privacy. On any given day you can hear a pin drop in my house its so quiet, my sister and I dont bother each other, she has her schedule, I have mine. Friends come thru, we kickit, and then they are gone. I maintain the cleanliness of the house, and everything is everything..
But now I have to go back to the rule of the parental units. Which is not going to be a good transistion. I'm almost 25, sis will be 27 in April. These arent the same 2 kids that used to live in mom n dads house. My mother, oh how I love my mother.. but its a known fact that we but heads at times. My mother lives by the "my way or no way" creed, and me.. well I like to think for myself. They dont bother big sis really, shes got her career setup, and is doin her. She has always run by the beat of her own drum, and since shes the favorite (everyone has a favorite sibling.. ) she pretty much can do her. Me, well im the baby boy. The only son. Pops instills in me to continue the legacy, which I dont have a problem with. And momma, well she still looks at me as the little boy runnin around bumpin his head off the walls. So she hits me with the ridicule ona daily.
Ive gotten used to the nick nack and the nagging.. it happens, and sometimes I get frustrated and lash out only to apologize, and other times I just smile and say, "ok, momma..." So needless to say, this move back in will be an interesting one. Im thinking that I may just invest in getting another place outside of home with Q. We talked about it, and for sanity's sake.. I may have to approach that option full speed ahead. I wont last a month in my parents house without pullin what hair I have on my head out. And thats real LOL.

*Sidenote*.. Am I the only one who's momma will always tell you what to do,even when you already are in route to do it???.. I will tell my momma on Friday, "Im gonna come ova tomorrow round noon.." . She will call me on Saturday at 1135 talkin about " I need you to come ova to the house.. so come ova. And hurry up.. "... WTF?? Didnt I already say I was comin ova? Or Ill be cleaning her kitchen, and she will come to the balcony talkinbout, "make sure you clean that kitchen before you leave!!!!"... Momma and her controls.. *sigh*

Friday, March 28, 2008


So how random is this.. I'm headin home from the
club, yea I'm lightweight tipsy.. no edits on this
post.. why am I in the drive thru at del taco, and of
all people I see my aunts (by marriage) cousin come
up begging for change!!! now I know this nigro. His
name is Larry, and he's been to my parents house
before. He just asked me for change, and didn't
recognixe me at all. LOL am I wrong for not bein
like "Larry, whatup!!".... man f him. HE'S A JUNKIE.
junkie ass dood. ona bike. askin for change. bunk you!
thas it.. tnite was bootleg, and I'm not impressed.
But I did get free drinks all night. Who can obbject

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Song of the day- "Crazy" by Snoop Dogg ft. Nate Dogg- "I really love ma dogs, grew up togetha and all, but he's always up to no good!"

So today I felt like digging into my surroundings and throwing an ode out to my closest folks. The ones who I am usually around who know me the best pretty much: My dudes, my boys, dem cats.. Whatever you wanna call em.

First off, ma best friend Q (Marques).. Ive known my dude since 3rd grade, and we really been best friends since then. Thats 15-16 some odd years of going thru it all with Q.We have a million inside jokes, its unreal. Hes the one that will say the same thing as me at the same time.. From the days in elementary school when I used to have to walk him to the office to call his mom and get some allergy medicine cause his allergies were so bad that he couldn't see, to the random times I would go over his house ( he lived like 3 minutes away from me..) and have to wait for him to finish his pushups before we could go outside. He used to get in trouble with pops, and instead of a whippin, mr. military dad would make Q do pushups.. I used to try and help out by doing some with him so he wouldnt feel bad LOL. To the days of him almost breaking his neck while riding home from summer school cause he was going so hard to Busta Rhymes Break ya neck LOL. He couldnt move his neck for almost a week. Or how about all the times we used to meet at the spot, "jackinthebox" to figure out what we were gonna do, only to just get a chicken sandwich and fries and end up doing absolutely nothing. Maybe the time we almost came to blows in front of the cash register at a function that we threw (an actual club event, over a miscommunication..the people trying to get in were wondering why the promoters were ready to fight). Ive been through it all with Q, the ups, the downs.. the ins and outs.. both of us having our own spot, our own cars, but NEVER having a stable lady friend at the same time. Its never failed, if im dating someone, he aint.. if he is, im single.. LOL. Q is probably the one person I can call my brother in arms, cause I know in an instant he would drop something and come swoop his boy out of a bind. Let him tell it, he swears if I ever have a problem with someone he will handle it like hes a bodyguard or something. LOL. Id take a bullet for Q, with no delay.

Next on the list is my boy JD. Or J to Da, or 6'4 ( since we both are the same height.. he somehow is taller on a given day but whos countin.) Me and JD havent known each other as long as Q and I have, but I still consider JD a great friend. Hes an honest dude who has a strong emotional side to him, as long as you keep it real with him. Let JD tell it, he gave me my style HAHA.. JD is my bbq partner, we both throw down on the Que. We both have older sisters, so we share a knowledge of certain things about women (we both used to grab the curling iron for our mommas when they were doin our sisters hair when we were younger LOL). He also shares the promotions flair with me. So we got a lot in common and that is why we so coo. I can honestly say Ive never had to worry about JD crossing me in a negative sense, or him stepping on my toes. The brotha is genuine and a good friend. We had our one lil misunderstanding, but of course worked that out in no time, like true folks do. SO big ups to J to DA! Pop bottles 6'4!

Next off, Ill include all my boys from this pic. Starting from left to right... Chris rob, DJ Rip 1(Richard) Terell, JD, BJ,, ME, Q, and Otis down there with his head turned away.

  • Chris is the youngest of the group, acts like it .. but is still good natured, just gotta stay on him and make sure he stays the right route...
  • Rip 1! thats ma dj! hes our dj for our weekly spot, can mix his ass off, and is an overall coo cat, level headed to say the least. You can always expect a big "whassup" from rip 1.
  • Terell (or as i call him TEEEEEEEEE) is a classic cat. A mature dude who is a visionary. You can have a goofy convo with terell (pizzard!) or you can have a good man to man convo about serious issues. Rells also my WWE folks!! You can count on T to have the next PPV event at his house. big ups to Rell..
  • BJ is, well. BJ. Hes that dude that just is himself. He has a bit of a temper, is always good to buy you a drink just for the hell of it, and at times has great ideas that you think about and say, "wow... I woulda never thought of that".. And you can always count on this fool to have on a new bright ass shirt. LOL.
  • Odie is quiet at times, can clown you on a whim, and has that Oakland feel to him. LOL, I mean he is from the town so yea. Quick witted, and if you ever lose anything, Odie will find it.. I lost my keys one day at the club, O was like, "they right ova there..." saw them in a big crowd of folks.. LOL.
  • Im missing out on a picture of Tristin and Brandon T....
  • Tris is the point guard of the crew, lil babyfaced cat that all the girls swoon over LOL. Hes an even dude, if that makes any sense.. never really rattled, I can say Ive never seen Tristin extremely angry, he just composes and does him. A good quality to have.
  • Brandon T, AKA Cereus B.T. Kingsley is the folks. Hes a comedian, look out for him by the way he's gonna blow up soon. But B is very down to earth, he provides the joking aspect of life, as his tatoo says, "why stress, Brandon T really doesnt care!".. Yea thats tatted on him. Thats dedication to the hakuna matata way of life on the real. But dont get in twisted, B can also have a great convo on real life situations, our talks on women and theories are always insightful and full of great laughs..

They always say you are who you surround yourself with, and I have had the opportunity to be surrounded with a plethora of interesting souls.. I havent always been the closest with all of em, some of em get on my damn nerves on the regular, some are immature, others are about their business.. but all in all, when it comes down to it, I know that we all can be around each other at some point in time and enjoy laughs. So big ups to the boys.. MAGNUM UP!!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Song of the day- "I'm dreaming" by Christopher Williams.. What ever happened to ole boy? He had wind pipes for days LOL. The new jack era had so many clean songs, yea I was only like 9 or 10, but I still memba giggin so hard to this song. If I'm dreaamiiinnnnnnn

So I had a good little easter weekend. I went to church and a bbq on sunday, like any natural believer in God would do. The pastor spoke on salvation, and much to my agreeance, he connected everything he was trying to say back to the message. Some speakers of the word I have come across dont really connect their message to the actual scripture in an efficient way, and then when its time to wrap it up, Im left wondering "what was the message then?" while preacher screams and shouts, and all of a sudden "the doors to tha church are open..." LOL. I find it difficult to find a church that Im really in tune with, some are blatantly materialistic (ATM machines in the pews...) while others, I just dont really feel are going the right direction for me. Sometimes I find that I can just read the bible myself, talk with God, and come up with my own interpretation of the scripture, instead of going to a place where a man is telling me what I should do or how i should believe. Not saying all pastors do that, but I have come across more then one, and get that cult following feeling. But needless to say, this pastor on Sunday had me walk out of church with an "mmhmmm" feeling. Knowing what he was trying to say and get across. So shoutout to Pastor Buckhlater.

I just realized I missed my first break. DANG!

Sidenote: STILL HAVENT GOTTEN MY PICS FROM THE JAMMY JAM/BBQ WEEKEND. Dang procarastination is a sickness!

Its almost April already. jeesh. Time is flying... Mashing!

Question of the day: Do you go to church on the regular? if not, do you feel bad when you finally do go that you havent? do you watch it on tv?.. read yaself? have trouble "trusting" a church?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

El Aye

Song of the day- "Step it up" by Little Brother from the album "Get Back"-"cause once they get grown/these ladies ain't impressed by Applebees no mo'/Gotta dig a little deeper for that PF change/for PF Chang's/And if you can't afford it/You can still do thangs to show you ain't on no dumb shit/Take her to a gallery, museum or some shit"

So, I'm back from LA/Long Beach. My trip was, to say the least, highly enjoyable. All avenues of the trip were just right and I really needed it. I really don't know where to start with the trip.

Friday_ - Venice Beach, shopped a little bit, ate at Johnny Rockets. Ended up going out to a club that night called "day after". To be honest, I wasn't really impressed with the spot. Maybe its the fact that I had to wait in line for so long, or the fact that once I actually got in the spot, it wasn't really that great. "Bones" from "I love New York 2" was on the mic, and he sounds just like he looks LOL. Ended his rants and raves of "where all my ladies and players at.. " with "VOTE FOR OBAMA 08!" LOL. Willie from "college hill in the bahamas" was there too with his weak afro.. he couldnt even get in HAHAHA.. That made me laugh. I was also weak at the ladies that cut in front of us. It was a group of 5 of em, not great looking and a little sloppy on the clothing tip, not to mention ones heels were scuffed up something tough( tacky broad). Security asked them who they were here with, the whole thing. He says hold, comes back and is like "sorry ladies that party is not here with this event, please step out of line.. PLEASE STEP OUT OF LINE..." Of course the embarrassed looks came up, and the "why nots" happened, as well as the snickers from all 1 million people in line lol. ( memba that Lisa LOL). Ended the night with a drunken hot dog from the Latino vendor on the sidewalk, they go so hard....

Big shoutout to my sister for not meeting up with her brother the whole time I was out there, and not allowing me to stay at ya crib after giving me permission to stay there when you were gonna be outta town. All because ya roommate had family coming in. Whats that have to do with YOUR room?.. but yea, thanks..

Saturday- relaxed in the morning, hung out all during the day. Went and had a good lunch, did a little bit of shopping ( got a tie and some slacks.. cleeaaaaaan), and basically just relaxed all day. Saw the beach and the area where the long beach grand prix is (Ima see if pop wants to go this year)

Sunday- the day.. of all days.. started Sunday out by just relaxing, watching some tube. Got up late and grabbed a bite to eat, some pizza from the hut. The girl who worked there was a sucka though. On some real ish. How you gonna tell someone you put ranch in the bag when I know you didnt!.. I digress.. anyways, back to the day. So, as some may know, I have a huge liking to Teedra Moses. Her music in itself is something special, and I get so tired everytime I mention her and someone says "whos Teedra Moses?".. Its like the most genuine artists just don't get the recognized. Well Teedra was in Pasadena for a concert/party, which actually ended up just turning into a party for her sisters birthday. I thought it was gonna be a concert, but instead it was just a party with Teedra only singing "happy birthday".. still didnt care. I saw her walk in the venue ("the vault"), and I swear I was probably the only one who noticed it was her. Like some lil schoolboy, I got all nervous and shit, pushin my cuzzo talkinbout, "look, look!"..

So I finally built up the gall to go say hi to this woman who's music has soothed ma soul for going on 4 years now, and of course, like I knew she would... she was cordial. And upbeat.

me : Hey Miss Moses, just wanted to tell u I love ya work and everything ya put into, much love to ya ma...

Teedra: thank you baby, I appreciate that sooo much! (hug)..

The night pushed on, and of course, we talked more. I danced wit Teedra, the whole time im dancin im thinkin "im really ova here giggin wit Teedra Moses".. I was starstruck like a mufucka. I aint even gon lie. Ova here dancin with a woman I been crushin on for a while. She introduced me and my cuzzo to her sister, of whose birthday it was, and we were all in convo like we was family.
The night ended with a hug and some contacts exchanged.. Im downplayin this situation on this blog, though on my inside parts, im spinnin and still cant quite comprehend... now all I gotta do is kikit with Badu and Keys.. and I will be set..

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sometimes I dream, that he is me..

Oh how I miss Mike...

And of course, the smooth, buttery, jumper. NO WORDS.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Song of the day- "Previous Cats" by Musiq Soulchild- "Not like I call you Sabrina, Pam or Tanisha, Andrea neitha.. girl we go deeper.. than any otha i had tell me why you ignore...?"

I looked up and realized, dang its Wednesday.. and I haven't written anything in some days.. mainly cause I dont have an update of the weekend yet, and oh what a weekend it was. So instead of updating my weekend, I got a couple things on the mind. pics and such from the weekend will be here, when they get here lol.

..I noticed that I see the same people in traffic everyday, the man that picks his nose (then eats it...), the sista with the website (something about a cabin in lake Tahoe, i might check it out one day) , the road rage dude in the baby blue ford Taurus ( I really think hes just mad cause he drives a bucket, and smoke comes out his muffler).. We are all a lil traffic community, so here's to my traffic home-folk who sit and do the same thing everyday, without even realizing it.

Im supposed to be going to LA this weekend. Teedra Moses will be in LA this weekend. * I need a minute ... * Yea, Teedra.. Go on EB, get jealous. HAR HAR HAR. I will definitely be going to that concert lawd willing.

I really need to stop biting my fingernails.. nothing seems to work.

If you've never had "hot n' spicy cheez-its" before, I suggest you follow suit and go buy a box.. cause jeesh, these bad boys go to work!.. which is where I needa go back to. DAH WELP!

Friday, March 7, 2008

*trumpets blare*

I had to post this, just cause its my favorite scene in the movie. A couple things, first, try walking around like the folks do in this scene on the street and see how people start to bow at ya feet HAHA// second, when I was younger and used to watch this I would be like "whooaaa" cause it was so debonair and sexy, risque.. Quincy Jones composing just set it all off.. MAN!

I, wouldnt be seen.. in green...

BBQ's and Jammies

Song of the day, such a Friday song- "Morris brown" by Outkast- " Im so gone ova you.. and yes its true, baby do what you nose is open so wide, lookin atchu sucha pretty site.." Scar is untapped territory in the music game, only being heard on outkast hits basically. Cant wait for him to come out with an album.

So like I mentioned beforehand in previous posts, the jammy jam is this weekend and its at a big ole mansion house. Its definitley going down and I wish everyone could partake in it with me and my counterparts, the atmosphere is just so much fun and theres never any issues. No dumb folks comin up shootin up the spot, no fights, just everybody with the main goal to have a great time. Drinks are always provided, food if needed, and folks can even stay the night if needed. I mean all the loose ends are tied up! after 3 o clock, the kiddies eitha gotta leave or go to bed cause the adults come out to play. I mean its a 21 and over party anyways (which is easy even though we are throwing it at a house), and we also have security there. I mean what more could you ask for. I found a pic of Me at a jammy jam, I think this was the 5th edition, in 06. Peep the comfortable posture, the dancing and gigging going on around me, my homegirl Aisha in lingerie behind me, the "happy hand" in the right hand of the camera.. beautiful atmosphere. Please believe I will be putting pics up from this one.

This weekend also marks the beginning (weather permitting) of the BBQ season! Im known for having BBQ's at my home, as me and my boy JD are known to throw down on the BBQ pit and having a great little atmosphere. The fam and friends come on thru and we chill, only thing is, like ya see on the pic, I have to BBQ from my porch LOL. Well this year also marks the backyard bbq pleasure, as I finally got some grass in the backyard lol. So there should be much more room for everyone to chill out there, instead of messing up my house!

Folks always eat and run, and leave you with the mess.. Black folks, we good for that. LOL. At any rate, this should be a strong weekend full of family fun and gooooood foood!.. Yall have a blessed, safe, fruitful weekend.

Swagga up

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Boo hoo tee..

Album of the day! "TP2.Com" by who else... R. Kelly! One of Kels' best albums to say the least, the first 5 songs on the album are probably the best first 5 songs ever. I mean dang, we commencing to sexin at the BEGINNING of the album, aint gotta wait until we hit #9 to get in the full groove.. We strippin on #3, we having the best sex ever at #4!!! And we still have a good 13 tracks till I get to feel on that booty one mo gin. The production was gracious, the song placement was strategic and sound (which a lotta artists dont have the capacity to do nowadays, and makes for their album to be like a puzzle piece which is better burning, then putting the songs where you want them: I.E. Bobby Valentino), and overall, Robert Kelly hit you off with that GOOD, GOOD, MO BETTA.

I used to do posts on my old livejournal entries about my favorite records and I would dissect every song into my own interpretations. It usually made me fall in love with the album I wrote about even more since I could feel so much for every song and actually put forth a thought process for each chapter of the record. Im going to dissect the beautiful and talented, highly underrated "Teedra Moses' Complex Simplicity" when I get the chance... I absolutley adore Ms. Moses, havent seen her live since before her first album came out, and still am angry about that. But I'ma catch up to her soon enough. Waiting anxiously for her newest album to drop, I wish her people would get on the job!

So the week slowed down today, probably because tomorrow is payday and the money man just doesnt want that day to come. But he better hurry up cause I gotta go buy some pajama pants for the function.

Question of the day: What makes you, YOU? what seperates you from other people, in your eyes, or in someone elses eyes? dont be too reserved or humble, say what ya feel!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

humps n' a bump

Song of the day- "Aint my type of hype" by Full Force- "your love sooo good!.. aint mah type of hype bayyybeh.." from one of the best movies ever "house party".

So today I broke the cardinal rule of sock style today. I was in a rush to work this morning, as I was running way past late, and I couldnt find any black dress socks in my house at all. My closest friends know that I really dont have a lotta socks in my house, I have no clue why, and sometimes I tend to wear mismatches.. Whatever. But anyways, I was in such a rush that I threw on some white socks LOL. White socks and dress shoes, NOT PIMPIN. Especially some burnt orange gators.. *smh* I think thats the first thing I ever started really focusing on, was that good ole black sock game. But yea, im sittin over here with my feet deep in the desk cause I dont want anyone to see these white socks. AW MAN.

I went to the chinese food spot down the way from the house last night, place called dragon express. Ole boy in there, of whos name I dont know, always hooks it up and their food is outstanding to say the least. For cheap. Like most chinese food places they give you rations for weeks, lol. The only thing that kills me is everytime I go in there he screams at the top of his lungs, "Herro hansum man!!!!!".. I mean im no homophobe, nor do i trip if someone calls me handsome, but ole boy makes it known.. like somethin crucial LOL. It makes me laugh everytime cause I really feel like dude is juiced to see me. So heres to Mr. dragon express for the cordiality of each time I go in there.

This weekend.. marks the 8th coming.. of the official!.. Flo-Real pajama jam!!!! This is like the premiere jammy jam out here, and it always cracks somethin crucial. Think House party 2 to the fullest. Im talkin robes and drawls, boxers and briefs, lingerie, panties whateva.. the full on pajams attire, its whatever. Ive been to each and every one of them, and oh yes, there will be pics and possibly some video. The party really goes from 9pm till the newspaper comes. No, really. I was standin by the door the last time, and yea it was about 6 something in the morning, and a thump hits the door.. we thinkin its maybe someone coming to pick someone up.. naw, it was the newspaper.. now thats partying! LOL. Im anxious for this one, like all of em.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Song of the day- "why you wanna" by T.I.- "Compliment you on your intellect and treat you wit respect, give you sex till you sweat, tongue kissin on ya neck"

One of those songs that just put all swag on high, and make ya feel like the most dapper cat in the room.

Just got out of another boring meeting, nothing really important again LOL. Is it me or is this week already going by fast. I swear yesterdays work day was as fast as Carl Lewis in the 80's , and today's going even faster. I came in at 8 and automatically it was 9am LOL. I will not complain. I cant stand those folks in the meetings that always try and give themselves the pat on the back from every single thing that is brought up. You could say some bull like, "I had a great lunch yesterday".. they would come back like " Definitely, my lunch was cheap and great, i really enjoyed it, it was a great deal, Im more happy then ever with my food..." just to one up you.. Man please!

So I went to the adult skate on Saturday night, and came up with a new skate move! LOL. only problem is I got the biggest blister on ma damn foot from it, tryna look cool on the skating rink floor, tryna skate with the fast skaters and stuff on the outside lane LOL. The adult skate is a breath of fresh air for me, a change of pace from the club atmosphere, and everybody there is on some sober, skating fun tip. You got the old playas out there tryna get their youth back by moving fast as the wind. I know they ice those arthritic knees when they get home, while we out there just tryna be as cool as possible without falling ( I almost fell once, but rolled out of it with style.. *puts my awareness up 2 points on madden 08*). Who woulda ever thought going back to skating ina big circle all night would be so much fun again.

Went and saw "semi-pro" on Sunday, wasnt as funny as I had expected, but it was still a decent flick. I'm more excited at the fact that all the games are beginning to get meaningful on TV nowadays.. NCAA, NBA, everything. Setting up for a strong post-season for both sports. I chose to pick the suns as my postseason team this year since I don't have a favorite team in the NBA. Just as long as the spurs don't win!!! Man. Boring team. *Yawn*...

On a sadder note Thanks, Brett