Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Song of the day- "why you wanna" by T.I.- "Compliment you on your intellect and treat you wit respect, give you sex till you sweat, tongue kissin on ya neck"

One of those songs that just put all swag on high, and make ya feel like the most dapper cat in the room.

Just got out of another boring meeting, nothing really important again LOL. Is it me or is this week already going by fast. I swear yesterdays work day was as fast as Carl Lewis in the 80's , and today's going even faster. I came in at 8 and automatically it was 9am LOL. I will not complain. I cant stand those folks in the meetings that always try and give themselves the pat on the back from every single thing that is brought up. You could say some bull like, "I had a great lunch yesterday".. they would come back like " Definitely, my lunch was cheap and great, i really enjoyed it, it was a great deal, Im more happy then ever with my food..." just to one up you.. Man please!

So I went to the adult skate on Saturday night, and came up with a new skate move! LOL. only problem is I got the biggest blister on ma damn foot from it, tryna look cool on the skating rink floor, tryna skate with the fast skaters and stuff on the outside lane LOL. The adult skate is a breath of fresh air for me, a change of pace from the club atmosphere, and everybody there is on some sober, skating fun tip. You got the old playas out there tryna get their youth back by moving fast as the wind. I know they ice those arthritic knees when they get home, while we out there just tryna be as cool as possible without falling ( I almost fell once, but rolled out of it with style.. *puts my awareness up 2 points on madden 08*). Who woulda ever thought going back to skating ina big circle all night would be so much fun again.

Went and saw "semi-pro" on Sunday, wasnt as funny as I had expected, but it was still a decent flick. I'm more excited at the fact that all the games are beginning to get meaningful on TV nowadays.. NCAA, NBA, everything. Setting up for a strong post-season for both sports. I chose to pick the suns as my postseason team this year since I don't have a favorite team in the NBA. Just as long as the spurs don't win!!! Man. Boring team. *Yawn*...

On a sadder note Thanks, Brett


Eb the Celeb said...

Love your song choice... fits you well mista swag...

yeah and I have been so bored with basketball this year... especially nba... but so glad march madness is almost here...

and now that shaq is on the suns... i digress on them going anywhere...gosh i hate his fat nasty sweaty.. well you know...

and thank god favre retired... i know the next man in line is jumping for joy... he finally gets a damn shot to play before he's too old... i know that has to be the worst sitting behind a guy like that, that just wont leave... brett left on a high note... and that's the way any true champ would want to go out...

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

LOL @ people in meetings trying to one up the next person. Boy can I relate to that!! I'm constantly surrounded by one-uppers!

Nice blog. :-)

Brittany_83 said...

People at your job=brownnosin
I agree the week is going by so fast. Just let me get to Thursday and I'll be straight.

dejanae said...

meh. i never learned to roll bounce
tried ice skating once
damn near gotta concussion by slamming my head against the ice as soon as i stepped on it

u know wat?
everytime i come here and see that razzle dazzle crap, i giggle
why razzle dazzle man?
that aint on no grown and sexy tip
ima leave u alone

swag_ambassador said...

@ eb- march madness should be spicy this year, im juiced.. I actually started cheerin for the suns b4 they traded marion.. dah welp.. and as far as favre, yea aaron rodgers finally gets to show what he can do, betta not bust!

@ mizz gumbo- i cant stand this person at my job. EVERYTHING has to be compared. if i could kick anyone lol..

@brit- one more day! but at least its hump day

@ dejanae- youve neva gone skating not once? boooo.. and razzle dazzle is just that.. razzle dazzle LOL. keep saying it enough and itll stick to ya. watch. and it can be grown and sexy lol "me and miss lady had a lil razzle dazzle last night..".. SEE?!

Trouble said...

ok, so first off, I love that song, and secondly, don't tell me I'm gonna have to bring my skates with me to CA?!

Still_Pocahontaz said...

We used to have adu;t skate nights on Wed. they tore our skate rink down though, to much violence. I like learning new skate tricks...Ima pretty good skater too!