Thursday, March 6, 2008

Boo hoo tee..

Album of the day! "TP2.Com" by who else... R. Kelly! One of Kels' best albums to say the least, the first 5 songs on the album are probably the best first 5 songs ever. I mean dang, we commencing to sexin at the BEGINNING of the album, aint gotta wait until we hit #9 to get in the full groove.. We strippin on #3, we having the best sex ever at #4!!! And we still have a good 13 tracks till I get to feel on that booty one mo gin. The production was gracious, the song placement was strategic and sound (which a lotta artists dont have the capacity to do nowadays, and makes for their album to be like a puzzle piece which is better burning, then putting the songs where you want them: I.E. Bobby Valentino), and overall, Robert Kelly hit you off with that GOOD, GOOD, MO BETTA.

I used to do posts on my old livejournal entries about my favorite records and I would dissect every song into my own interpretations. It usually made me fall in love with the album I wrote about even more since I could feel so much for every song and actually put forth a thought process for each chapter of the record. Im going to dissect the beautiful and talented, highly underrated "Teedra Moses' Complex Simplicity" when I get the chance... I absolutley adore Ms. Moses, havent seen her live since before her first album came out, and still am angry about that. But I'ma catch up to her soon enough. Waiting anxiously for her newest album to drop, I wish her people would get on the job!

So the week slowed down today, probably because tomorrow is payday and the money man just doesnt want that day to come. But he better hurry up cause I gotta go buy some pajama pants for the function.

Question of the day: What makes you, YOU? what seperates you from other people, in your eyes, or in someone elses eyes? dont be too reserved or humble, say what ya feel!


Brittany_83 said...

I love that R Kelly album. My Fav!!! What makes sarcastic ways and my love for deaf/hard of hearing children.

karrie b. said...

believe it or not, i never listened to!!! r.kelly lost it after fiesta anyway...i think i'm gonna give that teedra moses a listen now!

"What makes you, YOU? what seperates you from other people, in your eyes, or in someone elses eyes?"
i think my personality is infectious. ppl meet meet for the 1st time, and think i'm the coolest ever. i say what's on my mind, and i like to have fun.

-karrie b.

Eb the Celeb said...

you know i'm in love right now right... even mentioned kels in today's post... and you know how I feel about teedra... so cant wait for your complex simplicity breakdown

Eb the Celeb said...

Just realized I didnt answer you question of the day... got a little distracted by the cybersex thing...

but what what eb the celeb, eb the celeb, its all about the attitude, the saying whats on my mind whenever without no hesitation, the fact that people hate the fact that they love me so much, I may be a bitch but I'm that bitch that everyone wants to be around, the down ass chick always for anyone that I care about, the low maintenance sexy chick that can follow a football game with the best of them and still drop it like its hot on the dance floor. I am every man's dream I think, if I didnt talk so damn much, but hey... no one's perfect!

dejanae said...

the sarcasm
the humor
the effortless confidence
the shyness
the bluntness
the sensitivity
the lunacy
the fearlessness
the attitude
the witty comebacks
the insecurity
the fact that can't nobody do me betta than me
there'll only ever be one