Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Song of the day- "Previous Cats" by Musiq Soulchild- "Not like I call you Sabrina, Pam or Tanisha, Andrea neitha.. girl we go deeper.. than any otha i had tell me why you ignore...?"

I looked up and realized, dang its Wednesday.. and I haven't written anything in some days.. mainly cause I dont have an update of the weekend yet, and oh what a weekend it was. So instead of updating my weekend, I got a couple things on the mind. pics and such from the weekend will be here, when they get here lol.

..I noticed that I see the same people in traffic everyday, the man that picks his nose (then eats it...), the sista with the website (something about a cabin in lake Tahoe, i might check it out one day) , the road rage dude in the baby blue ford Taurus ( I really think hes just mad cause he drives a bucket, and smoke comes out his muffler).. We are all a lil traffic community, so here's to my traffic home-folk who sit and do the same thing everyday, without even realizing it.

Im supposed to be going to LA this weekend. Teedra Moses will be in LA this weekend. * I need a minute ... * Yea, Teedra.. Go on EB, get jealous. HAR HAR HAR. I will definitely be going to that concert lawd willing.

I really need to stop biting my fingernails.. nothing seems to work.

If you've never had "hot n' spicy cheez-its" before, I suggest you follow suit and go buy a box.. cause jeesh, these bad boys go to work!.. which is where I needa go back to. DAH WELP!


Brittany_83 said...

I've had the hot and spicy. I don't like them too much.
I used to bite my nails too and then one of the things that made me stop was...I started thinking that there was someone, somewhere who was going to look at them and think "what a turn off". lol
That may help you.

Miss Mika said...

Man, I miss the Sactown "traffic". It is nothing like the craziness that exist in L.A. and since I've been here, I have a better appreciation for the highways and byways of northern Cali.

I am not a spicy food person. My mother always asks me if I am really her daughter because she could eat red hot peppers, hot links with a tall glass of the hottest hot sauce known to man, and not flinch. Me... I am begging for water after tasting mild salsa.

I used to bite my nails to the numbs. It is still hard to do now because my nails are so darn flimsy. But I could remember constantly thinking about NOT biting them, and thinking about it as much as I did helped me not bite them.

They would just break off by themselves instead.

Marleaux said...

Uhn Unn, aint nothing like nacho cheez-its and taco cheez-it, they're very rare too. If you see some try them.

Yeah, I find myself on the freeway with the same peps. I'm glad I don't see this one dude anymore, because he tried to get at me a few times. It was just odd. I'm still looking for the dude that hit my car and kept going. But that was coming home, and the traffic folks aren't the same. But I look everyday.

Monie said...

I will fuck up some hot and spicy cheez-its!

Eb the Celeb said...

First... great song of the day... I love Previous cats... gets heavy rotation in my ipod.

And yes I am too jealous. I have seen her in concert twice and it never gets old.

Eb the Celeb said...

Oh and stop biting ya nails boy!

The Flyyest said...

teedra is my girl!!!!!!!!!!!! im jealous....dont nobody come to here....oh wait Kanye is coming....sometime soon...and im there!!!!!

why is that your song of the day.....

hot n spicy cheez are not like the original.......

but cheez-its wit the squirt cheese is the truth!!!!

yeah i bite my nails too...thats why i have to have fake nails!!! but i dont know what to tell you!!! LOL

karrie b. said...

mmmmmmmm...ever tried white cheddar! mouth-gasms and shit.

-karrie b.

allienicole said...

yesss to previouscatz!!!!! yo where do u come from knowin all the good music huh?

i LOVE me some musiq. i met him once, sooo nice, but he was all of 5'5'' :( i'm 5'7'' so that hug was...motherly. but its all good