Monday, March 24, 2008


Song of the day- "I'm dreaming" by Christopher Williams.. What ever happened to ole boy? He had wind pipes for days LOL. The new jack era had so many clean songs, yea I was only like 9 or 10, but I still memba giggin so hard to this song. If I'm dreaamiiinnnnnnn

So I had a good little easter weekend. I went to church and a bbq on sunday, like any natural believer in God would do. The pastor spoke on salvation, and much to my agreeance, he connected everything he was trying to say back to the message. Some speakers of the word I have come across dont really connect their message to the actual scripture in an efficient way, and then when its time to wrap it up, Im left wondering "what was the message then?" while preacher screams and shouts, and all of a sudden "the doors to tha church are open..." LOL. I find it difficult to find a church that Im really in tune with, some are blatantly materialistic (ATM machines in the pews...) while others, I just dont really feel are going the right direction for me. Sometimes I find that I can just read the bible myself, talk with God, and come up with my own interpretation of the scripture, instead of going to a place where a man is telling me what I should do or how i should believe. Not saying all pastors do that, but I have come across more then one, and get that cult following feeling. But needless to say, this pastor on Sunday had me walk out of church with an "mmhmmm" feeling. Knowing what he was trying to say and get across. So shoutout to Pastor Buckhlater.

I just realized I missed my first break. DANG!

Sidenote: STILL HAVENT GOTTEN MY PICS FROM THE JAMMY JAM/BBQ WEEKEND. Dang procarastination is a sickness!

Its almost April already. jeesh. Time is flying... Mashing!

Question of the day: Do you go to church on the regular? if not, do you feel bad when you finally do go that you havent? do you watch it on tv?.. read yaself? have trouble "trusting" a church?


karrie b. said...

ive been trying to find a church home that im comfy in, but to no avail. i'm not even a "christian", but i do believe in God, so i dunno what that makes me.


dejanae said...

i go regularly
i aint up on my bible reading like i should be tho
*hangs head in shame*

Crys.C said...

My grandfather was a pastor so I grew up in church. But ever since I’ve been on my own I haven’t found one that I’m comfortable with. I read a bible verse a day (but that doesn’t make up for what I’m missing).

i.can't.complain. said...


ever since i got done w/college ive yet 2 find a new church home

everytime i think ive found one, the church finds away 2 make me mad.

but, i feel u

sometimes u go and u just aren't touched.

like, the message is good and all

but, it just didn't get u "there"

1st time here. nice blog.


swag_ambassador said...

@ karrieluv- I guess that just makes u a believer.. which aint an issue.

@ dejanae- shoot, neitha am I. iono how many times ive tried to start reading it in depth and not kept up

@ Crys- a bible verse a day.. i needa get back on that myself. btw.. welcome!

@ ms. non complaints- i feel you completely.. sometimes im really not all there, and i feel like some folks fabricate their emotions to be "that church lady/man".. and welcome!

Miss Mika said...

Every since I've moved from Sacramento, I have yet to find a "church home" here in LA. I used to go to a church all the way in Auburn when I lived out there. Small church, but the pastor was awesome and the message wasn't 'stick as much in the collection plate as you can, then give a little more'.

As many churches are there are, it is hard finding one you are comfortable in.

Brittany_83 said...

I don't go on a regular or watch it on tv. I know I need to start though. I just don't like going by myself.

Anonymous said...

I don't go to church reguarly because like many others have stated, I'm looking for the right fellowship. I don't want to feel pressured or like I'm in a cult when I go to church, and unfourtunely I have yet to find a church that doesn't make me feel that way. My search continues however. I do read on my own, and go directly to the man upstairs for some insight. I pray on a daily too. ♥

The Flyyest said...

well im glad you went to church yesterday...

as for your question.....

man, i used t go to church faithfully until i got this damn job now i work on sundays...i couldnt even go to easter sunday....there have been a couple of sunday callins at work so i can go to church....

i looovvvvvve my church...its a bible church and non denomination..but dont get it twisted they be gettin it crackin up in there....the choir is on point the pastor is the shit and we kicks it. i been there pretty much before i was preg, my daughter is 3 thats her home!!

and one thing i can pastor had guap before he started preachin so it aint about the money with him.....

bldg fund is really for the bldg...LOL

Trouble said...

one of my aunts was very good friends with the pastor of a pretty big AME church here in Brooklyn, so I spent alot of time there. I think that has alot to do with why I'm not really into organized religion. Saw alot of not so christian things there alot of it being done by the people who were supposed to be moral leaders. My grandmother was a black Jew and I've got a Muslim name so I've learned alot from a number of religions. I do go to church but not that often, but I never feel uncomfortable when I do go. Its the people that go every week and still act like heathens that should be ashamed of themselves.

Eb the Celeb said...

Never watch church on TV... I cant feel the spirit flowing threw a TV screen... since december I have only missed like 5 sunday... 3 of which were because I was out of town... the other two I partied to hard the night before so I couldnt get up... but before december I hadnt been since the last time I was home... it took me a long time to find a church in NY that i liked enough to go that often.. and I like this one

Pretty.Hip said...

I don't go to church on the regular, and I always feel guilty about it. Not because I was raised in church or anything, but because I feel like I always make time for everything else. Every 2 months or so, I really get into church, but it never lasts. I'm gonna start again though

swag_ambassador said...

@ mika- dang all the way in auburn tho? I mean if the word moves you it doesnt matter the distance, i respect it

@ brit- ive been to church by myself, and the church folk really tried to rally up and get me to join.. felt pressured and stuff, it felt wierd, so i feel u

@letitout!- i dig it, its funny cause i used to always say ma prayers as a kid, then got older and stopped in spurts.. im glad im back to it now tho

@flyy- well im glad it aint materialistic. always good to know the message is comin out genuine.

@ troub- thats some complexity for that ass right there. lol

@eb- i see you stayin in the church home, thats highly respectable!

@hip- im the same way.. like i can get up early to watch the cowboys play, but not early to go to church? lol

SimplyComplex said...

I have been trying to find a church here in ATL that I feel comfortable in. I have a hard time trusting churches and have found many of them to be materialistic. I also feel that I'm a very intuitive person, and often just get bad vibes from some of the pastors that I've met.

I do watch on television sometimes, and I usually pop in a gospel cd a few times a week for that much need encouragement and lifting of my spirits.

allienicole said...

never attended church as a kid...never ever want to... don't believe in organized religion...i am very spiritual tho...found god and my own beliefs on my own...fortunate enough to have dynamic fam and friends to discuss my beliefs spirituality with

i just luhhhh everybody (as much as i hate them) :D