Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Song of the day- "Crazy" by Snoop Dogg ft. Nate Dogg- "I really love ma dogs, grew up togetha and all, but he's always up to no good!"

So today I felt like digging into my surroundings and throwing an ode out to my closest folks. The ones who I am usually around who know me the best pretty much: My dudes, my boys, dem cats.. Whatever you wanna call em.

First off, ma best friend Q (Marques).. Ive known my dude since 3rd grade, and we really been best friends since then. Thats 15-16 some odd years of going thru it all with Q.We have a million inside jokes, its unreal. Hes the one that will say the same thing as me at the same time.. From the days in elementary school when I used to have to walk him to the office to call his mom and get some allergy medicine cause his allergies were so bad that he couldn't see, to the random times I would go over his house ( he lived like 3 minutes away from me..) and have to wait for him to finish his pushups before we could go outside. He used to get in trouble with pops, and instead of a whippin, mr. military dad would make Q do pushups.. I used to try and help out by doing some with him so he wouldnt feel bad LOL. To the days of him almost breaking his neck while riding home from summer school cause he was going so hard to Busta Rhymes Break ya neck LOL. He couldnt move his neck for almost a week. Or how about all the times we used to meet at the spot, "jackinthebox" to figure out what we were gonna do, only to just get a chicken sandwich and fries and end up doing absolutely nothing. Maybe the time we almost came to blows in front of the cash register at a function that we threw (an actual club event, over a miscommunication..the people trying to get in were wondering why the promoters were ready to fight). Ive been through it all with Q, the ups, the downs.. the ins and outs.. both of us having our own spot, our own cars, but NEVER having a stable lady friend at the same time. Its never failed, if im dating someone, he aint.. if he is, im single.. LOL. Q is probably the one person I can call my brother in arms, cause I know in an instant he would drop something and come swoop his boy out of a bind. Let him tell it, he swears if I ever have a problem with someone he will handle it like hes a bodyguard or something. LOL. Id take a bullet for Q, with no delay.

Next on the list is my boy JD. Or J to Da, or 6'4 ( since we both are the same height.. he somehow is taller on a given day but whos countin.) Me and JD havent known each other as long as Q and I have, but I still consider JD a great friend. Hes an honest dude who has a strong emotional side to him, as long as you keep it real with him. Let JD tell it, he gave me my style HAHA.. JD is my bbq partner, we both throw down on the Que. We both have older sisters, so we share a knowledge of certain things about women (we both used to grab the curling iron for our mommas when they were doin our sisters hair when we were younger LOL). He also shares the promotions flair with me. So we got a lot in common and that is why we so coo. I can honestly say Ive never had to worry about JD crossing me in a negative sense, or him stepping on my toes. The brotha is genuine and a good friend. We had our one lil misunderstanding, but of course worked that out in no time, like true folks do. SO big ups to J to DA! Pop bottles 6'4!

Next off, Ill include all my boys from this pic. Starting from left to right... Chris rob, DJ Rip 1(Richard) Terell, JD, BJ,, ME, Q, and Otis down there with his head turned away.

  • Chris is the youngest of the group, acts like it .. but is still good natured, just gotta stay on him and make sure he stays the right route...
  • Rip 1! thats ma dj! hes our dj for our weekly spot, can mix his ass off, and is an overall coo cat, level headed to say the least. You can always expect a big "whassup" from rip 1.
  • Terell (or as i call him TEEEEEEEEE) is a classic cat. A mature dude who is a visionary. You can have a goofy convo with terell (pizzard!) or you can have a good man to man convo about serious issues. Rells also my WWE folks!! You can count on T to have the next PPV event at his house. big ups to Rell..
  • BJ is, well. BJ. Hes that dude that just is himself. He has a bit of a temper, is always good to buy you a drink just for the hell of it, and at times has great ideas that you think about and say, "wow... I woulda never thought of that".. And you can always count on this fool to have on a new bright ass shirt. LOL.
  • Odie is quiet at times, can clown you on a whim, and has that Oakland feel to him. LOL, I mean he is from the town so yea. Quick witted, and if you ever lose anything, Odie will find it.. I lost my keys one day at the club, O was like, "they right ova there..." saw them in a big crowd of folks.. LOL.
  • Im missing out on a picture of Tristin and Brandon T....
  • Tris is the point guard of the crew, lil babyfaced cat that all the girls swoon over LOL. Hes an even dude, if that makes any sense.. never really rattled, I can say Ive never seen Tristin extremely angry, he just composes and does him. A good quality to have.
  • Brandon T, AKA Cereus B.T. Kingsley is the folks. Hes a comedian, look out for him by the way he's gonna blow up soon. But B is very down to earth, he provides the joking aspect of life, as his tatoo says, "why stress, Brandon T really doesnt care!".. Yea thats tatted on him. Thats dedication to the hakuna matata way of life on the real. But dont get in twisted, B can also have a great convo on real life situations, our talks on women and theories are always insightful and full of great laughs..

They always say you are who you surround yourself with, and I have had the opportunity to be surrounded with a plethora of interesting souls.. I havent always been the closest with all of em, some of em get on my damn nerves on the regular, some are immature, others are about their business.. but all in all, when it comes down to it, I know that we all can be around each other at some point in time and enjoy laughs. So big ups to the boys.. MAGNUM UP!!


Eb the Celeb said...

aaahh... brotherly love... so sweet... you have a couple cuties in the crew... you definitely are the cutest

and that last dude... straight retarded for that tattoo... and tell him I said it!

♥ Eb

Paula D. said...

I am laughing at the 'Magnum up'.......Keep it real!

Cool post though!

Lady Cameleon said...

Damn it.............Eb beat me to what i was gone say about you been the cutiest and blah blah blah...........I gotta step my blog comment game up fa sure.... Anywho its luvly to hear brothas about "getting along" and not tha ones tryna kill for thrill............But for real we gone have to get together and "throw a party" or something ;)

PrettyBlack said...

That's alright that your friendships are tight like that. I don't expect you to be around anything less than what's good though.

Now can the blog buddies get their props? haha!

LadyShay said...

Aww, I like this post. Nice to see your crew.

Anonymous said...

Though its been said, I'll say it too... you're surely the cutest out of the crew, something about your lips and eyes that just melts this girl ♥

karrie b. said...

i love this post!!

i feel similar abt my homegirls...


12kyle said...

coming thru for the 1st time. I like this blog. I'll be back. I've seen you in some other "hoods" and I wanted to say whussup.

Great post

What is better than ya crew? As i read the post I thought of my crew. We grew up together and we're still close to this day despite being spread out all across the country

And I have a homie who has "HATE ME NOW" tattoed on his arm. So, when I read that I thought about my boy Dee.

Miss Mika said...

Your boy Q reminds me of Leonard Roberts from 'Love Jones'.

It is great to see upstanding black men in such a strong brotherhood. It seems like such rarity nowadays with folks letting foolishness break up deep-rooted friendships.

swag_ambassador said...

@ eb- well thank ya thank ya.. i appreciate that. and B is a classic cat fasho.. he has a big ole tat that says mr manifest destiny on his back LOL

@paula- LOL quit hatin! jk

@cameleon- step it up! LOL. and why ya blog all of a sudden private? lets throw a party!

@pretty black- thats comin up next!

@shay- yea I hada show my boys some love. Since they know me betta than anyone

@ ms let it out- well im flattered @ tha thought. :)

@karrieluv- i see you and ya girls in ya pics, good lil group it looks like. I can dig it.

@kyle- yea man me and ma boys got a good bond, those who know me best. especially my best friend. hate me now huh, thats clean! welcome to the blog mayne

@mika- LOL its funny you say that cause Q is that rennaisance brotha to a tee.

The Flyyest said...

hahaha....yeah you ARE the cutest in your click but thats coo cuz you all probably got something to add to ya click that makes it equally complete...
thats how me and my homegirls are...
i might have to bite this one...uummm nah i got a blog on myspace to all them hoes so im straight lol!!!!
touching blog tho...i know it came from the heart..

Wanna go to the strip club??? hahahahahahah

Still_Pocahontaz said...

COOOL..the boyz...loves it!
I concur with Eb though, you are the cutest one out the bunch!!!

dejanae said...

i might have to jack this blog idea man
good friends are a true blessing

Monie said...

I'm late but this post was nice. So you're uh...6'4 huh? NICE! LOL!

And did I see the word Magnum somewhere in this post...?