Monday, March 31, 2008

Movin cool...

HORRIBLE Song of the day- "love in this club" by Usher. I really dont get songs like this, I mean its not really that catchy. Plus, the song talks about somebody "makin love" in the club.. LOL. I mean whens the last time you saw candles lit, background music playing softly, eye contact and real good Teddy P love making.. IN THE CLUB. And Im sure that I am not the only person who feels that Ush will never do any better than "confessions" (also see "miseducation of lauryn hill...)

I was reading Dejanae's blog, and she mentioned blogging on the weekends, something I rarely do. Maybe I should, seeing as most of the blogs i write are spur of the moment thoughts. Just a thought.

So, I recently found out I have to move back home with my mother and father. My sister and I have our own house, nice lil 4 bed 2 bath get up that suits both of us well. Anyways, we have to move out of the house, and back into our parents house. Little situation to help family, which I cant really say I have a problem with at all. Family is family, and love is love. At the end of the day, we all have each others backs unconditionally. I am mad I wont be living in my own home anymore, well for the time being. One thing I am having trouble with is the fact of actually living at my parents house again. I mean the last time I was there was at age 21, so ive been gone almost 4 years, and have gotten thoroughly used to having my own space and privacy. On any given day you can hear a pin drop in my house its so quiet, my sister and I dont bother each other, she has her schedule, I have mine. Friends come thru, we kickit, and then they are gone. I maintain the cleanliness of the house, and everything is everything..
But now I have to go back to the rule of the parental units. Which is not going to be a good transistion. I'm almost 25, sis will be 27 in April. These arent the same 2 kids that used to live in mom n dads house. My mother, oh how I love my mother.. but its a known fact that we but heads at times. My mother lives by the "my way or no way" creed, and me.. well I like to think for myself. They dont bother big sis really, shes got her career setup, and is doin her. She has always run by the beat of her own drum, and since shes the favorite (everyone has a favorite sibling.. ) she pretty much can do her. Me, well im the baby boy. The only son. Pops instills in me to continue the legacy, which I dont have a problem with. And momma, well she still looks at me as the little boy runnin around bumpin his head off the walls. So she hits me with the ridicule ona daily.
Ive gotten used to the nick nack and the nagging.. it happens, and sometimes I get frustrated and lash out only to apologize, and other times I just smile and say, "ok, momma..." So needless to say, this move back in will be an interesting one. Im thinking that I may just invest in getting another place outside of home with Q. We talked about it, and for sanity's sake.. I may have to approach that option full speed ahead. I wont last a month in my parents house without pullin what hair I have on my head out. And thats real LOL.

*Sidenote*.. Am I the only one who's momma will always tell you what to do,even when you already are in route to do it???.. I will tell my momma on Friday, "Im gonna come ova tomorrow round noon.." . She will call me on Saturday at 1135 talkin about " I need you to come ova to the house.. so come ova. And hurry up.. "... WTF?? Didnt I already say I was comin ova? Or Ill be cleaning her kitchen, and she will come to the balcony talkinbout, "make sure you clean that kitchen before you leave!!!!"... Momma and her controls.. *sigh*


allienicole said...

LOL well this will be an interesting experience!

my mother is QUEEN of nagging. she just needs something to nag about like she needs air lol. once i went away to college my younger brother suffered the brunt of it. now that he's gone away to school my DAD suffers the brunt of it LOL. we're all callin each other tryna keep the peace hahah. but we love her so. shes one of my best friends...the kind you don't tell the juicy details of your life to...but she just KNOWS...yeah that kind. ok rambling

new erotica post!! check it outtt

One Man’s Opinion said...

I feel for you brother and think it is great that you put family first. I have recently been thinking about moving back in with my mom and I am well past my twenties. She is handicaped and my little brother and sister, both 29, are not doing the best of job taking.....wait a minute, I think I will post about this issue instead. Thank you, sir. You have just gave me a great idea for my next post.
Parting words... Work it out, bro.

Miss Mika said...

I have to agree with you on the Uursher (that is how my mom pronounces his name) comment. The song is WHACK and he will never have the success that he had with Confessions. His ghetto fabulous old lady (literally) Im sure won't help either.

That is very commendable that you are doing what you have to do for your family. Very selfless of you.

I have one of those types of mothers who won't ask you to do something, she will tell you to do it, even now that I am almost 27. She has very similar characteristics to your mother... but on top of that, my mother is nosy and talks a lot. NOSY + BIG MOUTH = BAD COMBINATION. There are things that I will never tell her because I know how she is. I pray that I don't end up like that with my son.

Anonymous said...

You're defintely a commendable dude... we need more like you. My mom is so much like your Mom I could have written this blog myself. I can't stand to be nagged. Ask me once, and trust that its getting done. Oh and key word in that was "ask." I bet they don't even know the defintition of that...LOL

dejanae said...

Am I the only one who's momma will always tell you what to do,even when you already are in route to do it???..
u aint the only one bruh

have fun :p

but for real tho
good look on helping out the fam

The Flyyest said...

well its nice to go help out at home but i know you gonna miss your freedom...LOL

you get 2 cool points for that tho cuz most people who bump heads with their parents will NEVER move back.... i know the taurus in me will never allow me and my dad to stay together..... my mom on the other hand..shes like my older bff.


The Flyyest said...

yeah and that USHER song is hella annoying.....but when your loaded and thats the last song of the night...its a banga!!!!! LMAO

Bre_83 said...

A mom is going to always be a mom. I did a blog about this.

Melody.Darlene said...

a) usher's new song is just another attempt at a radio hit... shit is whack!

b) good luck on moving back in with the fam! i finished college in june 2007 and moved back in september... not the business. i mean essentially i can do what i want, but it's nothing like having ur own spot!

c) ur :sidenote: is exactly why i need to move back out! parents just look for a reason to call u out, even when it's not necessary! lol!

Eb the Celeb said...

Ya sidenote is hilarious... yeah you will always and forever be the baby boy and she dont want to let go of that... awe...

but I feel you on having to move back... there is no way in hell I would or could ever move back in with my mama... I bearly want to stay there when I am home for the holidays. I split the time between there and my grandma's... Always asking me why I have to go out every night, and what time am I getting in and what club am I going to and make appoint to let me know if someone got shot in there recently. Ugh... but anyway... I feel you!

Pretty.Hip said...

I hate that Usher song! The chorus is annoying & just the thought of making love in a nasty, smoked-filled club grosses me out!

I hope everyhting works out with the living situation. My mother is my best friend, but I'm not sure if I could live with her again. Now that I have an apartment, I can't imagine going back!

LOL @ the sidenote! I wanna pull my hair out when my mother does that! I thought she was the only one!

12kyle said...

I feel you about your moms. My moms does that to me and i'm 35! LOL!! She lives 4 hrs away but she does the same thing. I love her, tho.

Good luck on the move, bruh. It'll be temporary for you. If you've been on your own for this long, you'll go back to it as soon as possible.

btw...i dont like that song either.

Lady Cameleon said...

So whens tha "Outro Party"????lol

swag_ambassador said...

@allie- i feel your pain.. my momma doesnt wanna know my juicy details tho, i dont think she could handle it..

@one man- preciate it.. i guess we just pre determined to have bossy parents

@mika- ouch. bad combo.. bossy and talkative LOL. my momma gossips, but she dont listen to my rants anyways, so theres no point in tellin em

@gotta- i appreciate it! :)

@dejanae- pray fa ya boy lol

@ flyy- you already know i got my getaway spots! couldnt survive witout em!

@bre- i read it, my sentiments exactly

@melody- exactly! bunk usher, and bunk livin at home..

@eb- yea.. im that baby boy, and momma got baby boy syndrome tough..

@kyle- dang man, i guess ima keep gettin it! no lettin up!

@cameleon- im actually planin on havin one.. you comin? LOL