Tuesday, April 1, 2008

FOO!..... he in the house.

Song of the day-"shopaversary" by Trey Songz- "no baby I aint forget/you like that ice/ so you can keep it on/ while we do it..."

So I got a prank pulled on me today. Im doin ma usual lunch time activity (sleepin in my truck, I have an hour lunch and that hour nap sometimes feels like eternity). I take a nap everyday for 2 reasons. One, cause I'm still not a morning person, probably never will be. So I'm really mum until about 10, but fade out of energy by 12. So I have to recharge the batteries. And 2, cause I work with nothing but women, who gossip all day, about Coach purses and how they cheat on their boyfriends of many many years (let-it-out, dont be that woman! LOL). I pretty much dont have much to say to them when it all comes down to it so I aint about to sit at lunch and look down their throats.. Anyways, Im comin down from the nap euphoria, in that stage where your eyes are still closed but you really awake, when i hear a knock on my window. I turn around, and a white lady is motioning to me.. "You cant sleep in your vehicles on lunch sir".. My building is connected with the sherrifs dept. so shes like "Ima supervisor at the sherrifs dept and its against the rules to sleep in the parking lot on lunch. You can sleep in the break room though.." im still groggy so im like "gurgle, mumble, blah, huh?." Then she busts out laughing LOL. Turns out she used to work here and wanted to meet me.. dang. I got caught. Ah well.

I pulled a prank last year where I had my email admin take me off of the distro list for the day, I told some of my folks I had gotten fired for spitting in the big bosses face, made it sound all convincing, got real mad and mushfaced about it.. screamin and such talkin bout, "Man efff them suckas! He gon get in ma face and ish, I told him to get out ma face, and since he didnt I spit on his dumb ass!".. So I told em to email me since they thought I was lyin, and since my name was no longer on the distro, it looked like I had been removed from the system LOL..good prank to say the least.

I found a cd last night of Alicia Keys "you dont know my name" burned 15 times on it.. LOL. Obviously I love that song. It got me thinkin on some things, and how that song hit me, then the video came along and solidified my "love" for her. Then I read EB's blog about wondering what her future hubby was doing at that exact moment. Its an interesting concept to think about that, cause ultimately theres someone there for each one of us and is building themself up to be with you whether either of you know it or not. The ultimate plan. I think on that sometimes like all the things im doing, or have been scripted by GOD to do, all lead up to the ultimate plan he has for me. I cant even really think of the fact of being married, having my own child and doing the family man face as of right now. Not saying I dont want it, but my life leading up to now has never been about that, and I dont intend for it to be for a while of course. Yet im almost 25, so time pushes faster and faster. Maybe ill get into that later, but I think its an interesting thought to think about what your soulmate/lover/"ONE" is doing at this exact moment. And if they may be thinkin the same about you, without knowing its you.. that sleepless in seattle type junk. (sets that subject on the backburner for future reference)


Anonymous said...

Love is on everybody's mind right about now. I really enjoyed Eb's post also. And I am not gonna be that woman. I have too much pride in what I've built with him to do that. But... the thought did cross my mind. LOL. You're such a hopeless romantic...LOL

Queen of My Castle said...

Awwwww, that last paragraph was too cute. Originally I came here to check out your swagger since there was a big fuss about you at Poca's spot on the Janet post, then I got distracted by the half faced pic on your page. LOL

I believe in soul mates. It's kinda amusing to sit and ponder about how the things in your life will parallel to those of your mate.

Working with a bunch of women is not fun at all. LOL

swag_ambassador said...

@gotta- me hopeless? LOL.. iono. maybe.. ;)

@queen- ye ai just peeped that and was lightweight cheezin lol. and its very amusing to think of it cause you never know who its gonna be, then it might be the biggest surprise to you.. or the biggest letdown lol.. and these women up here talk ALL DAY LONG. I didnt kno you could have a 3 hr convo bout purses till this monin...

btw, im peepin the blog!

The Flyyest said...

Yeah pranks are not my Fortey(however you spell it) so not funny!!!!!!

AAAWWWWW....@ the last paragraph... that wouldnt be fair if we all knew who are soulmate was b4 they come into our lives...
im lovin the whole...SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE....you know im your soulmate...dont trip, we will be together one day!!!!!! hehe

Bre said...

I'm with you on that one..the kids and marriage thing. I often wonder about who I will end up with. Do I already know him, is it someone in my past? Who knows. But yeah I am almost 25 and I won't be getting married or having any kids ANY TIME SOON! No sir.

Thic Flair said...

Thanks for stoppin by the blog fam, I dig yours as well. Imma keep upwitcha.

dejanae said...

April fool's pranks
not my thing

ur still young
u got time for the kids and wifey deal

i sure be thinking bout my bootleg future husband too
be like
"Where u at homie?"

Opinionated Diva said...

Like Queen I came over here for a peak after the interesting convo in Nae's comment box! LOL!

I have to say...I do NOT envy you working with a bunch of women! It's gotta suck! I work with a bunch of men (in technology) and I hate to say it...but I don't miss the sisterhood at work at all!

LOL @ you taking a nap every day! And in your car, just to avoid them!

Eb the Celeb said...

My swaggy-pookie...

look at you getting all sentimensical and all that (yeah that's my word for sensitive and sentimental...dont jack it either)

Glad my post got ya to thinking.

12kyle said...

Man, I take a nap in the truck all the time at lunch. Not b/c I don't like the office gossip...I don't like the office. LMAO!!!

Good post

karrie b. said...

i'm kinda trippin off ur blog description.

i keeps it fresh.


Anonymous said...

First time visitor (thx for having me, lol) interesting posts. I've read the last 3 or so. Will comment more but gotta get back to the books, finals in 2 weeks.

Will return to read more.

Melody.Darlene said...

we have a "quiet room" at my work that was made for naps! hahaha!

i love april fools day! lmao!

i.can't.complain. said...

i feel the same way when the men at my job talk about the college basketball finals or any other sport.

i just get real quiet and surf the net on my sidekick

lol @ u homeless-ing it up sleeping in the truck

she got u good.

"and it feel like ooooooh.... but, u don't know my name."

i love that song


Monie said...

LOL That's cute that you take a nap everyday. If I did that, I'd be sleep til 5pm.

Demon Hunter said...

I've seen you on some blogs I frequent and wanted to come check out your blog. Cool post.

Don't read about too many men who want to strive for romance---it's a beautiful thang! ;*)

Desy said...

*late arrival, a little out of breath, looks around*

am i too late?...oh well

i don't think that anyone ever really gets to a place where they are 'ready' for marriage kids and all that unless they are 30+ club (and even some of them aren't mentally there)... but if you are -30 and in that situation, that's usually cause you believe you've already found the one...

Muze said...

that's funny.

you don't know my name? that is my JAM.

i know what my future hubby is doing though. sitting right here getting on my nerves. LOL.

Muze said...

and awwwww.... you're all romantical and such. LOL.

MsPuddin said...

Damn lol she should have held out a little longer and had you all nervous…

allienicole said...

hold up lemme get this straight...

u like SHOPaversary

but not love in this club???

somethin ain't right!!

(i think ur a closet usher hater)


swag_ambassador said...

@flyy- you my soulmate? yee! lol

@bre- i feel you 100 on that one

@thic- whatup! wooooooo!

@dejanae- lol @ "where you at homie?"

@miss diva- welcome, lol. and I love takin naps at work, makes me feel like i actually left lol

@eb- thank you fa the post to get the brain workin!

@kyle- i feel you man.. same here

@karrie- im hopin you listened to the song by now

@ieisha- welcome! i preciate ya stoppin thru

@melody- at ma old job they had a quiet room. i wish they had one here

@ -1-: isnt that the greatest song.. man. lol @ homeless-n

@monie- it takes everything in my strength not to stay asleep

@demon- well thank you. i appreciate it, ya welcome anytime

@desy- i feel you on what ya saying, it makes sense.. and naw you right on time!

@muze- hope hubby aint still gettin on ya nerves lol

@puddin- yea i kno, i picked up kinda quick tho so she couldnt keep doin it

@ allie- shopaversary aint got nothin to do wit makin love in the club LOL.. that song just sucks.