Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Miss FreshTaDef...

A zone restricted to those,
that only take it in stride
Learning to glide with the flow
not only go..
it takes many a man
to understand
why the world does not turn the otha way..
but I deal with what I deal with
and ultimately my faith na'er stray...
Living and walking
wit an urge to succeed
not even the downfalls
of my elder men reiterated
stop ma strive to need..

Need lust for life,
lust for her,
lust to live,
lust for birth..
I take it all in
with a breath and a smirk,
and realize maturity is the ultimate work..

Whether Miss Freshtadef cut open the wound
that allowed the skies to fly
remains to be seen
to my naked eye.

Though an individual
can influence the world
somehow it seems
that in my eyes
possibly I've been influenced
by this girl..
Her indefinite happiness
shadowed with the trials that life brings
the sturdiness of the backbone
the sexiness she perceives..
taking full advantage of what's thrown in direction
ensuing the utmost attention
amongst hidden protection..
tho 5 minutes not enough to know
and realize ones full potential,
like a lottery team with its first pick
investment controls any aspects
taken by my mental..

freshness stings the air
with so much perception
the namesake so fitting
when she looks in my direction..
So hence tha name
Miss Freshtadef..
without knowing outcome
of jumping from that incredulous cliff
I still proceed
to take the first step..

She is...

*written and copyrighted by MistaSwag, any use of this will result in my snipers shooting u down.. *


Desy said...

*lookin back at the post and whisperin to swag*...ummmm, was this about me?...lol

lovin it!... this was so smooth, and i'm very curious to know where the inspiration comes from... *wonderin if it's even about a woman*... sometimes poetry like that have nothin to do with women at all... by all means~ 'break this shit down for me' (a quote i stole...lol)

Eb the Celeb said...

I told you not to show the world the poem you wrote about me. Ms. Freshtadef was was suppose to be your undercover nickname for me.

Well I guess now I can just publicly give you your ***2 Snaps***

dejanae said...

snipers huh?
i aint scurred

i like when folk come wit the poetry

allienicole said...

snap snap snippity snap!!!

ugh i've had writers block FOREVER - i'm a spoken word artist/powt and i literally have not gotten anything out in months. its like, the worst constipation ever. lol. but you know what i mean.

also - are you a black man? and did you say... "na'er"??? LETS BANG. now.

allienicole said...

i told u (in the of mice and men post) i lust for black guys who use lang like that...latest one called me groovy and he almost got hopped on...LOL..anyways.bye.

Melody.Darlene said...


dizzayum i LOOOVED this!! yessirrr yesssirrr! on me... this was fresh like a crisp new pair of true religions!

Get it get it!


Anonymous said...

Love this. And- me and your snipers will go head up. real talk.

12kyle said...

good one bruh!!!

The Flyyest said...

aawww....thank you ...your so sweet!!! LOL

Diva said...

Something about your blogger id (mistaswag) made this a must read. I will be checking out your blog more often



Monie said...

Hot shit. You have talent, Swag...

Queen of My Castle said...

Wow babes...I'm impressed. I always envy people that have mad skills when it comes to poetry. I can't write poems to save my life. LOL

Your pic on the side had my attention for more time than I care to admit to. Such a cute smile. LOL

Muze said...

very very nice.

muy impressive.

i'll be back.

1/3 of what I used to be said...

I really like this poem:-)

This makes me want to actually put time and effort in my writing.

Great Post!

swag_ambassador said...

@desy- i appreciate the shout.. and its just my mind workin its mysteries..

@eb- I mean u be tellin folks about our endeavors LOL.. late night listenin to suffocate.. memba that??! LOL

@dejanae- be afraid.. they everywhere

@Aliie- Well, i do what i can :)

@melody- i preciate it gurl

@gotta- girl u dont wanna see me LOL

@kyle- preciate it bruh!

@flyy- shutup girl lol

@diva- welcome, enjoy ya stay..anything ya need, the waiters are ready :)

@monie- why thank ya :)

@queen- i appreciate it, and im flattered.. i mean, iont care bout the stare ;)

@muze- i preciate that.. and come on back!!!

@1/3- youd be surprised how quick it comes sometimes, but i respect anybody who writes what they feel