Tuesday, April 29, 2008

100 posts strong.

Song of the day- "Been a long time" by New Birth...

So. This is officially my 100th post! Id like to thank the lord, my parents, the people, the readers, and my brain... OFF TOP. LOL.

This is something that I do to release those millions of thoughts going on in my head at any time.. I let yall into my life outside of my life, the life that many dont see, hear about or experience.. and for all the insights and laughs yall give me, I appreciate you..

So. This past weekend was one that was enjoyable to say the least. Had a great time meeting new people, and spending just great growing time.. I went to a wedding, and to say the least, it was an interesting wedding... T's cousin was getting married, and his wife to be is of filipino/indian descent.. Well, T's cousin is of course black, so its an interracial thing. We got there around the time the bride and groom kissed, I wasnt really trippin, it was windy outside and it was in the grass. The bar was providing free drinks for the first hour, so you know I was happy LOL.

As everybody comes on in and everything is commencing, Im meeting more family members and such.. a nice little atmosphere. Well it comes time for the wedding party to speak, and then the parents.. well, the brides father, the indian part of her, was up next..

It went something like this.. LOL.

Father: "Id like to thank everyone for coming, Im happy my daughter looks beautiful on her happy day. I cannot say that I am the most happy father right now, nor can I say I really have approved of the marriage, seeing as we had someone planned for my daughter already. But she looks beautiful nonetheless.."
*sidenote* A brotha at our table was cosigning so tough while pops was talkin.. "I respect him at least he keeps it real, bla bla bla.." We were all lookin at this brotha like "shutup!!!!"

We, sitting on the side of the black family, were all open-mouthed.. LOL. the stern approach he put into the statement was what struck me the most, I mean he held not a punch and let the whole congregation know he was not all for the marriage.. I understand the indian culture to a certain extent and know that whole arranged marriage situation, as well as those families disowning their children should they marry outside of their race/culture.. Serious stuff..he also mentioned his daughter was the last descendant of an indian prince.. I got weak when Q said " well I guess that means that lineage is killed.. no more aladdin!".. sorry. LOL

So, next, the mom (whos filipino) gets up.. We all shakin our heads like how can this get worse, the tension on the black side is boiling at this point. So here comes filipino mom..

*sidenote 2*.. a filipino woman married to an indian man.. yet he has reservations about his daughter with a black man... *scratching my head*

Mom: "Im so happy to have D in our family, we expect great things and are happy to have him, this just makes it that much better and we have more COLOREDS in our family..*smile*"


Awww man.. aww man.. lol. I respect my people for their patience cause noone set it off in that mutha, thank goodness.. needless to say, the reception was a hit in my book.. There was a waiter that had on an extra medium shirt when he shouldnt have, looked like he had a b cup at least.. then there was a brotha that had a jheri curl with maximum hangtime like Darryl from "Coming to America".. I was gettin weak offa him drippin juice into peoples champagne all day HA.

All in all, the weekend was full of relaxation, good food.. (red lobster, a japanese hibachi place called ooka, so many otha spots.. ) and just overall great time spent. I needed it too, especially cause Im back on the grind and pushing hard to get a new gig.

Questions: How do you feel about interracial dating? how would you feel if your child brought home someone of another race? How were you raised to believe on interracial dating?


JayBee said...

i don't care one way or the other. do you. date whoever you wanna. i would have been rolling at that reception. first the daddy getting up talking bout how she pretty when that is not the sum total of what this day is about. it's kinda like when somebody has un nonattractive baby in the stroller that you're seeing for the first time and you comment on the clothes or their hair rather than say the child is cute. then mama wanna get up talking bout colored. where the hell have these people been for the last forty years. they know better. there's not that much of a cultural divide that she didn't know how that would be perceived as inappropriate. she can read, can't she? congrats on the milestone.

allienicole said...

LOL @ the parents comments! i DARE my father to say somethin like that at my wedding should he dissaprove! If you disapprove, stay ya ass home!


this is actually inspiring a post. but i think love is love. black love is beautiful but i'll be damned if im an old lonely maid cuz i wasn't open minded! i would love to see the number of black woman-white man relationships on the rise actually. i looooove black men, period. but i think interracial relationships as a whole would be so much greater if it was sort of a free for all.



The Flyyest said...

Congrats on the 100 posts sweetie!!!!!!

glad you had fun in LA and once again you had me at my desk rollin at this story!!!!!

that wedding was kinda crazy..... Indian, Philipino and they mad that they MIXED daughter is marrying a black man...WHOA!!!!!

i cant believe mom and dad even said what they said!!!

Did any of the grooms people speak???? i wanna hear that!!!


how would you feel if your child brought home someone of another race? AS LONG AS THEY ARE HAPPY.....IM STRAIGHT WITH THERI DECISIONS.....


what do you think about it?????

Desy said...

my dad couldn't care less about interracial dating. his big thing is make sure everyone's family is ok with the union... and that's how i kinda feel about it...

but if i see ONE more brotha pushin up on a white girl as i stand alone cause supposedly there are no nice black girls around.... i'm gonna do nothing...lol

*shrugs* oh well

karrie b. said...

happy 100th!!!

ive dated outside my race too many times to count. last one was a russian :)

my fam don't care about that ish tho. i'm part italian.


12kyle said...

Good post, bruh

Personally, it doesn't matter to me. I couldn't do it b/c I've always been into sistas. But I don't knock anybody who does.

Funny story...just last month I attended an interracial wedding. It was for my best friend. She married a white dude. She's like my lil sista...you know...the one that you never touched but the one you wouldn't let get touched by anybody in your crew. LOL. Beautiful. A doctor with a degree from Duke. Not only has she been the closest female to me but she has become very close with Mrs12. She married a doctor. They are happy so I'm happy. At one point in time, I would have preferred that she marry a brutha but it really doesn't matter to me. I just want to see her happy.

Katherine said...

Well, my fam has no room to talk where interracial dating is concerned- my pops dad is haitian and irish, his moms is jamaican ; my moms, pop is sicilian, blackfoot, and black and my grams is black and french/creole. But, yet I have been told that if I bring home any man who is not 100% black I will be disowned BUT WAIT, HE CANNOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BE FROM AFRICA (I was told this by my parents with a straight face)-which puts me up a creek because I'm an equal opportunity dater.
As for my future children- I don't care as long as they're happy.

i.can't.complain. said...

im kinda upset she said colored...

considering indian people are blacker than most black folks


i don't have a problem w/inter-racial dating.

i used to

cant say i'd marry a white guy

but one could certainly buy me dinner and a movie

happy 100th, swag



PrettyBlack said...

As long as both sides treat the other with respect...But you know about all that right Swag? I believe I schooled you a little on that shit in your young dumb and full of come years...

allienicole said...

oooo really pretty black????

tell it like it isssss

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO @ the guy sporting the curl. Was he serious?! Too funny.

OMG! There's this Japanese Hibachi lounge/restaurant here in Houston that is off the chain. If you are ever in The H, let me know.

As per the whole interracial thing...I honestly don't know. I guess I wouldn't care as long as I knew the women truly married my sons for love and not for some dumb arse reason. I admit that it would prolly take me a minute to adjust if one of them ever brought home a White girl, though. But as for me...I can and will only do Black men. You guys are la creme de la creme for me. *Sigh*

Miss Mika said...

Welcome back Mista Swag! And congrats on the big 1 0 0!

How much of a hypocrite is dad if he is Indian and he married a Filipino woman?? Umm... yeah... okay.

Call me biased, but my focus isn't so much on a person's color but who they are as a person. My biological father married a white woman and I love her to death. I've dated a white guy before and thought nothing of it, we just shared a lot in common.

It is sad that people can be so caught up on color. There are so many other things people should be focused on like their personality, their goals in life and how they coincide with yours, their character. Color just seems like an excuse to limit your options.

Just my opinion.

James Tubman said...

my mother would be outraged if brought becky sue through the door lol

my father would give me a pat on the back and probably say

"damn, you really are trying to get back at the white man now aren't you" lol

loved the marcus garvey quote

i gotta steal that and put that on my wall

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 100th... here's to 100 more.

I've never dated outside my race... I really don't see the appeal personally. I would perfer for my future kids to bring someone home who is the likeness of their mother and father but if they didn't as long as it was a cool person, I would be straight.

But me personally, chocolate is my flavor. And you Swag?

swag_ambassador said...

@jaybee- i dig that man.. and yea i was really lookin around like i cant believe that just came outta her mouth.. so backwards.

@allie- i see where your comin from, but i cant say i really care to see white dudes just runnin around with black women lol..

@flyy- i feel you girl.. me personally, ive dated outside of mine when i was in high school and right out of it.. but as i hit 20, i realized it wasnt for me.. and i love my black women.

@dsy- i mean what is there to do? LOL.. u kno, theres a lot of that in cali.. brothas wit white girls.. iont care really.. cause i dont like em\

@kb- i find that easy to believe since you have that attitude that everyone loves.. so i could see how everyone could want you LOL

@kyle- i feel you on that bruh cause my oldest sis dates white dudes, i just met her new one the otha day.. and im usually kinda blah towards em lol

@katherine- jeesh, what kinda regulation is that?

@-1- yea she went there.. everyone was shocked, the bride put her face in her hands lol

@prettyblack- o lawd.. lets not go back to dumb eric LOL

@queen- yea the resturant was so official.. ill def do that, seeing as i have fam in texas!.. oh, and we love you back!

@mika- thank you lady.. and i feel you on that. i was taught not to see color in people, but character, and even though i stick specifically to black women, i dont knock other women.. they just arent for me.

@james- yea man i feel you on that, my momma would have tht reserved tension lol

LadyShay said...

Congrats on the milestone!!

I am completely mixed up racially, so anyone I date is going to be outside of my race.

The color of the skin doesn't matter, it's who the person is and how they treat me or my child [in that case].

But let that mufucka be ugly and we might have a problem:) hehehe....

Trouble said...

Congrats on your 100th Swag!!
my sister is married to an interracial man (he's italian and trinidadian and boy do I love it when either side of his family cooks!) and my best friend since the 7th grade is a blue eyed sandy haired white dude. people used to give us shit when they saw us out together because they assumed we were a couple. so in general I don't have a problem with mixed couples. but I agree with The Flyyest - it really irks me to see someone trying to be something that they aren't and I CANNOT stand to see little mixed girls with their hair looking 25 kinds of crazy cause their mothers can't figure out what to do!

dejanae said...

congrats on the hunnid

pops kept it gangsta
moms was a damn fool for the 'colored' comment

wish i had been there
ida had some shit to say

love is love is love
my dad sure dont care
aint ya heard?
race is a social construct anyway
Culture is a much more important factor
If our folks can get along, we straight

Monie said...

LMFAO @ the antics at the wedding.
I can see now that NO ONE has taught her better than to say "colored". Which is a little weird seeing as how I'm sure he met her parents before the marriage...was this never discussed?

At any rate, I am ok with interracial dating. The way I see it, we are ALL interracial anyway. Show me a 100% pure anything and I'll show you...well...you get what I'm saying. Everybody is all mixed up. You love who you love. Who really gives a crap as long as you are taking care of business and being good to the person you're with.

swag_ambassador said...

@GLO- I dont have reservations towards it, I just know that I will teach my kids to love all, but most of all love his black women.. he will see his momma and know that much

@ladyshay- LOL u stupid.. but i feel you on the whole mixture of it all..

@deja- exactly.. i dig it. and that seems to be the problem that will happen in that family..culture

swag_ambassador said...

@trouble- yea we have a lotta the perps out this way.. I get weak when I see a white girl wit a group of black women and shes changed up her whole persona just to look like them.. I dont have a problem with a white girl hanging with black women, but maintain ya indentity! dont go out screamin "nigga..."

@monie- yea it as wild. and i feel you on that.. noone is 100% anything

Poca said...

Yeah I pretty much agree with the majority in that the father was a jerk and the mother just didn't kno no better

If my children brought home folks of a different race I would not mind as long as they were treated with respect and properly.

I have never dated outside of my race and It will never be a time that will, cant do it, I like chocolate meat!

Crys.C said...

I have no prob w/ interracial dating. It never bothered me at all, I guess because I'm a product of interracial marriages.
My mother's mom is indian and father is black, and my father's mom is black and father is white (yet everyone is Jamaican).
But I only date black guys.

Eb the Celeb said...

Congrats on the 100th post... dont know how you got 100 posts when you barely blog... but whatever... especially since I am still waiting on the sex post... and the jammy jam post... but anyway... i digress..

my family is all mixed up so I want a black man. I am kinda the only hope for my immediate family for staying black... my sister next to me who is all black married a whiteman and all the rest of my brothers and sisters are mixed since my mom gave up on the brothers...

If I had kids I would prefer that they dated black as well, but I wouldnt be at all mad if they didnt.

Stew said...

way to hit 100 strong. congrats. so many people hitting 100 when i'm just starting (think i'm on 7). gives me something to shoot for.

interracial dating really ain't nothing big for me. i do not mind dating someone outside of your race. as long as you feel like you can vibe with that other person on ALL levels, then go for it.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Howdy Brother Man!

How do you feel about interracial dating? It doesn't bother me, I believe in human beings more so than the color of our skins....I say if you are happy then enjoy who you're with regardless of their race.

The F$%K it List said...

I wasn't raised to see race (my family is as mixed as can be). However I live in an Indian neighborhood and all I hear is "you know how they are" "Black people don't want anything out of life". I have gotten into so many arguments with the indians around here because they stay getting out of pocket.

I told my friend one day, I am confused because all their boys are walking around here looking like Hip Hop Hindus, cussing and using the N word but they don't say a thing about that. UGH so annoying.

Mizrepresent said...

Wow! I don't know where to start...the Indian thing...well i know my nephew had girlfriend, even asked her to marry him, and she accepted but her family was so against it they said they would disown her, and she broke it off with him. He was so heartbroken. I really don't care too much about who my children marry, would love them to be black, but if not, just someone who loves and respects them and their family.

btw - Congrats on your 10oth post, and loving the New Birth song, "Been such a long time" was the jam! and still is.

Mr. Jones said...

Congrats on #100, man.

Lisa said...

You were in L.A. and didnt tell me?? hmph!