Friday, April 18, 2008

Ask me...

SOOOOOO..Im following suit today LOL


heres ya chance . Ill answer.


Eb the Celeb said...

OMG... am I first... did I beat the groupies...LOL

1. Will you marry me?

2. Have you ever been sprung?

3. if you could be on any reality tv show what would it be and why?

4. When you coming to NYC mane?

5. Why the heck you still aint posted the jammy jam pics?

Ok.. that is all!

The Flyyest said...
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The Flyyest said...

Hey you cant marry EB cuz that was gonna be my question.....

i fights for what i want...LOL


WHEN are you gonna come to Seattle?????????????????

Are you a square????

Are you scared of love thats why u aint put your all in it???

whats your favorite position???

Sexxy Luv said...

-What is your "type" of woman?...

-Are you single?

-When you divorce Eb and keisha will you marry me?

Who do you have a blog crush on?

-Who would you like to meet in person from blogland?

-What is your favorite colonge?

I think that is all for now! :)

Desy said...

now i could have sworn we addressed this kind of

i think i'm good... my brain hasn't formulated a question at this point *wink*

Eb the Celeb said...

Well let's get it poppin then Flyyest!

Aint no thang but a chicken wing! LOL!

The Flyyest said...

ooooh...wait til i get to NYC its on!!!!! LOL

i know i aint gotta pull out the shank like i did wit MsBehaving, ya better ask her...LMAO

12kyle said...


1. What are cd(s)you bumpin in your whip or your crib?

2. Who's the NEXT to blow in the music scene from your hometown?

3. Who's gonna meet in the NBA Finals?

swag_ambassador said...

1. sure why not.. be ma nina moseley!!

2. me sprung? nah, Ive never allowed that to happen, too much pride LOL

3. umm i used to wanna be on the real world hella bad. I still kinda do. I woulda been like teck, in and out, not part of any arguments and chillin

4. when i get the first chance, im to NY. I gotta go.

5. Ima post those pics b4 the end of the weekend!

@ Flyy-

1. Seattle? what the hells in seattle? LOL

2. Nah i aint a square, im reserved.. and Ima natural gentleman, but if it goes down, and I have to knuckle up, I will.. but I like to live drama free

3. Im not scared of love, but with the issues of monogamy in todays society, its hard for me to allow myself to get in too deep. But im not scared

3. I love hittin it from the back.. but visually, I love her on top. As long as she gets hers im happy.

@sexxy luv-

1. I love a woman who is even. Has many layers and aspects to her that all evolve into one strong minded but lady-like woman.. someone who knows life, and knows themselves..with style and flair.. think clair huxtable.

2. I am, but I do date.

3. that can be arranged LOL

4.To be honest, everyone has their own appeal to me.. eb's realness, karrieb's nonchalant and live it up approach to life, -1-'s simple complexity, letitouts honesty, dejanaes sly ass,desy's secret innocence, queens grownwoman-ness lol etc etc.. so no one inparticular person..

5. to be honest, everyone..we all needa meet up in the middle of the u.s. LOL. nawlins or something..

6. I love curve, and jean paul gaultier.


1. I keep john coltrane's giant steps, teedra moses' complex simplicity, jay-z's black album, a personal mix, and darien brockingtons somebody to love in rotation currently

2. theres not many good artists out here to be honest. i wish goapele would bust better than she has ot here in northern cali tho

3. ill give it to the pistons vs. the lakers.. Im not a laker fan perse' but they are meshing well right now

Anonymous said...

I love the questions posts... but I never have any questions. Somehow, I've muster up some for you...

What's your ultimate, dream career?

How do you intend on getting to said dream career?

What's an alternative to that dream career? LOL

Do you want kids? If so how many?

How old were you when you lost your virginity?

Where do you meet the women that you date?

When and have you ever been in love? If so... details!!

Love this game! Always so informative...

Still_Pocahontaz said...

Have you ever had your heart broken?

What kind of cologne do you wear?

What is your favorite brand of clothing?

What is your shoe size?

allienicole said...

1.what is your secret talent/skill in life?
2. what is your secret talent/skill in the bedroom?
3. what is the meanest thing you've ever said to a girl? BE HONEST!
4. who is a celebrity that you find attractive...that would shock a few people? long do you think you'll continue blogging?
6. when was a time when you felt like a coward?
7. whats the smooovest line/shit you've ever pulled on a girl?
8.your first impressions of meee!!? lol

i love this game!

Eb the Celeb said...

U aint said nothing Flyyest... I been cut b4... definitely aint scared of the knife so you better come better than

@Sexxy Luv - Swag has agreed to propose next year and we are getting married June 5, 2010... so you will be waiting a while before he's available for you to marry... if you really want to wait that long.

For now he's my Darius

karrie b. said...

these comments are a mess.

the flyyest @ eb the celeb should be ashamed of themselves!

fav band?

fav bloggers?

are u a morning person?

u drink coffee?

want kids?


i.can't.complain. said...

dang, swag... u got the ladies fighing over u, hunh.

1. while driving, air conditioning or letting the windows down?

2. have u ever sexed someone that u wouldnt(or didn't) kiss

3. since ure already married off, can i be your mistress?

4. whole or 2% milk?

5. craziest place uve ever had sex

6. what do u use to keep your lips moisturized?

7. what was the last dream u had about? day dreams don't count.


swag_ambassador said...


well I'm glad you could think of some ?'s for me!!

1. my dream career would be doin something tough with mentorship. I love working with younger folks and molding minds.. or at least setting a better example.

2. I've worked in places before as a mentor, ultimately I will probably do it as a secondary thing opposed to my steady job

3. most everyone in my fam has a good paying state job. secure, not hard work, good money, upward mobility. So that would be 1.

4. 3 kids will do.

5. I started late, I was like 18 and some months

6. usually thru friends of friends. not really the "hook-up" but more of the, oh nice to meet you.. and possibly converse later..I don't really holla at women that much.. most of the time it'll just happen from a random convo.. but never a "lemme holla atchu booboo"..

7. I've never experienced love in its purest form. I was once ina situational love thing, where I was in love with the situation I was in cause it was convenient fa me.. but thas as close as I've gotten..


1. never been heartbroken, but I won't forget something the first girl I talked to told me. she mentioned she couldn't trust herself if we were togetha cause she was goin to school outta town and basically guaranteed she would cheat..rubbed me the wrong way, even though we were only early on..and I was 19.

2. curve and jean paul gaultier

3. for jeans I love artful dodgers, roca wear..shirts, it ranges. I love sean john button ups and ties, and lrg.the hundreds, and a couple otha brands.. I only really rock nike dunks for basics, and square toes every otha occasion... suits..

4. 12

LadyShay said...

Damn that JPG is my love potion #9. DO NOT COME NEAR ME if you are wearing it. You'll be a POW.

My Q's:
What do you wear to bed?
Where would your dream vacation be?

swag_ambassador said...


1. my secret talent?..skill?.. umm. prolly my ability to speak to anyone... eitha that or my massage techniques.

2. hmm.. I zone out at times.. and it produces some strong output.

3. I'm not usually rude to women, I did get pretty buck wit this duo of ladies one night tho.. a lightlightlight girl and her white friend.. light brite was bumpin gums talkn about I was tryna get at her, and her white friend was cosigning and kept sayin "that nigga was tryna pop..womp" I proceeded to roast. told her to take her pissy trouthmouth whore ass on and take her white skanky trick wit her(there was more said...).. didn't help we were n tha middle of dennys... and I was tipsy.. but shoot, don't make me out to look like a dude wit no taste and low qualities. ah well..

4. I have always thought madonna had sex appeal.. don't know why.. maybe cause she was so exuberant with it. not beautiful, but sexy..

5. ill probably blog till I don't have anything left to say I guess...

6. coward..hmmm.. anytime I had to call into work.. I always don't wanna do it, thinkin ill get fired for it lol..

7. I can't really answer I don't know. probably "rarely have I been blinded by the scent of satisfaction.. but you give me that vibe..."

8. your open, a free spirit,..and u have a few layers you've exposed.. overall you seem coo.


1. hmm. I've always been a big led zeppelin fan. crazy. but when I started to expand my listening horizons, I tried em out.. so many musical influences... I've been known to bump the strokes also...

2. hmm. fav bloggers.. KB, Letitout, -1-, prettyblack, eb, lupefiasco, flyyest

3. I'm definitely not a morning person. I'm on zombie mode until about 10am.. I hate mornings.. and tuesdays.. like garfield hated mondays.

4. I don't really like coffee. my best friend got me on white chocolate mochas though.. but I won't really drink it that often at all.. I'm the dude who goes to starbucks and gets a hot choc lol..

5. yea I want 3 kids.. gotta have a son.

swag_ambassador said...

@ -1-

I guess so.. lol

1. I usually let the windows down. iont have hir that blows LOL.. plus ac uses gas...

2. I have, we didnt kiss. it was a friend of mine, and we kinda knew we werent gonna take it all the way there.. it was strictly f.w.b.. but no kissing.

3. I mean sure.. lol. my wife in law HAHA

4. always whole milk. D!

5. craziest place ive ever had sex? hmm.. id say on vacation with my family in the next room.. not really crazy, but the circumstances were quite exciting.

6. I mostly lick my lips, but if not, i use that good ole carmex

7. I had a dream about the kanye west concert the other night.. it was like a review dream LOL


1. I just wear bball shorts.. iont like to sleep ina lot. I get hot at night.

2.Dream vacation? the african serengheti (sp?) go ona safari and experience all the african animals and landscape.. OOOH NA NA WEH

Eb the Celeb said...

Am I gon have to put the smack down on -1- too... lol

i.can't.complain. said...

lol. nah eb we're good.

im just the wife-in-law.

u know the mistress gets no love.

he's all yours.


Miss Mika said...

*clap* @ i.can't.complain.'s questions. I like the way you think lady!

What is your favorite movie?

Football or basketball?

What is your favorite thing about Sac town?

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

Do you talk on your phone more than you text, or text more than you talk?

Have you ever been turned out?

How is the job hunting going?

Playstation 3 or Xbox 360?

swag_ambassador said...

@ Eb- your killin me lol

@ -1- yall get love to haha.

swag_ambassador said...

@ Mika-

1. love jones and house party. I can watch those 2 movies on any given day and time. I know both word for word.

2. I love football more then basketball.. college and nfl. my florida gators for college, and my COWBOYS for the nfl

3. sacramento is a great place to raise your family. and there's always a state job somewhere lol.

4. my parents have always been the biggest influence, both a lot.. my father probably a little more because he has always instilled manhood qualities in me and set a GREAT example.

5. working at a call center made me hate talking on the phone after talking all day. So I choose to text more, unless u can hold a convo on the phone with me. Then we can talk and text equally.

6. Been turned out? ..nah not in my eyes. experienced someone that taught me things..definitley.

7. I haven't gotten anything yet, but I'm still praying on it and trying to maintain.. I should have something by next week or the week after though. Keep me n ya prayers!

8. I would say ps3

Eb the Celeb said...

You lied Swag... the weekend is over and no jammy jam pics!

Lady Cameleon said...

Damn im to late............*walking out slowly*.............. (with head down) lol...

The F$%K it List said...

Since you are in the mood to share I thought I would tag you and now you can share with the masses.. Go to my blog and cut and paste.

The Flyyest said...

Tag....your it....check me out, and you have to play

Mizrepresent said...

You say you enjoy mentoring...what's the best advice you can give to a young boy, trying to be a man, faced with gang stuff, violence, drugs and would you turn him away?

What's the oldest woman you ever dealt with?

swag_ambassador said...

@mzrep- thats a good question. Ive never had to deal deeply with it, but in all honesty I have found workin with folks like that, they have a mindset already. And all they need is convincing in a certain way that appeals to them. Maybe not one speficic thing to say "dont do those bad things" but more of examples of things to do. I extended myself out to one kid once and took him around me on occasion, just to understand what it was like to not always be doing the norm. So many folks think they are doing somethin positive then at the end of the day the kid goes right back to the usual. I try to maintain consistent contact. takes focus, but it can be done

The oldest woman I talked to was 31 when I was 21. We still converse to this day. She taught me some things lol. Especially how a WOMAN invests time and doesnt waste any time on petty things.

Monie said...

I missed all the good posts. Damn!

Loved all the questions and answers, though...

Muze said...

wow. i'm late.

but this was pretty interesting.

i don't normally come to this side of blogland...

might have to start.

seems the ladies love swag!

geesh. lol.

Sexxy Luv said...

You MIA can you give us something to RAZZLE & DAZZLE about?