Monday, April 7, 2008


Song of the day- "Sunshine" by Lupe Fiasco- "outta the trillions of numbas thas in tha world/ just leave me a few/ that lead to you/ wont be longin/ Ill see you in the monin, coo?

Random: remember JS? The duo that came out with "ice cream" and "love angel"..? Kels thought he was gonna make it big with those ladies (he and mr. biggs), but somehow they flopped.. hmm. I listened to the cd this morning, and it really was not that bad of a cd. Exhibit A

I was sick as a dog last week, hence no posts since tuesday.. I rarely get sick, but when I do, and Im actually not stubborn enough to admit im sick, its pretty bad. Everyone in my office has caught the sickness and here I was walkin round head held high with vitamin c in hand proudly displaying my mucus free nose.. UNTIL wednesday night when I couldnt sleep and it felt like my back was trying to come thru my stomach, and my nose was full of molasses. Not a good look to say the least. When Im sick and cant sleep, or when my back is killing me, I tend to just sit up in a random area of the house and stare into nothingness, trying to find a reason or cure for the sickness. Medicine never works immediately so its suffering for about 30 mins. Well I found myself sitting on the arm of the couch for a good 45 mins (245-330AM) looking nowhere.. and in pain. Next day went to Dr. Momma and got some stuff.. I swear i was poppin pills like an ecstacy addict all day. I work with a sense of urgency when Im sick.. But nonetheless, I Mike Tyson'd that ish.. and by saturday I was cool. But man, those 4 days were hell... I hate gettin sick.

*sidenote* my ears are still popping, and have been since Wednesday.. damn.

I used to have a crop of hair...I jus noticed.


Melody.Darlene said...

hahah! im saying! i NEVER get sick and when i do it's ALL downhill! lol!

and that baby picture... u already know!!

Eb the Celeb said...

Look at the lil snooka... you were too cute as a lil' man... glad to hear you are feeling better mistaswag... I am still waiting on the jammy jam pics... I want to see how much that lil' man has

Desy said...

it seems like every in the blog world is gettin sick... *making sure to sanitize*

i really hate the feelings (especially because of my ears...)

awww, lookin so gq in da baby pic

Miss Mika said...

Awww, him was so cute!! Ever think about trying the afro again?

Being sick SUCKS!! Especially with the cold of a flu. Unfortunately, I have a weak immune system so I stay sick for long periods of time. Luckily for you, it only lasted 4 days.

Glad to hear you are feeling better :)

12kyle said...

It's never good to be sick but being sick at this time of the year REALLY sucks. Glad to see that you're back on ya feet!

i.can't.complain. said...

big ole man-germ



ive been sick twice this year already so i do feel your pain

glad dr. mama hooked u up.

i do remember js.

wonder what they're doing now?

i smell a sex-tape scandal to re-vamp their careers.


Still_Pocahontaz said...

LOL at the random picture and crop of hair..

Im glad to hear that you feel better...take it easy!!!

Monie said...

Ok, have a gorgeous smile! Dammit! = )

Secondly, I'm sick too. The fuck is going on? This shit is weak as hell. *cough*

swag_ambassador said...

@ melody- yea i feel you lady, rarely, but when it does it comes down tough

@eb- well thank ya boo..and theyre coming i swear.

@desy- *sanitizes witchu* lol.. i aint gettin sick again.

@mika- never growing out a fro.. ever.. lol. i tend to look betta with less hair LOL

@kyle-preciate it bruh!

@ -1- momma always seems to have the remedy.. cant go wrong there.. and i bet they prolly will have somethin to uproot themselves

@poca- im tryin!

@monie- well thank ya :) and yea, this allergy season aint no joke

Sexxy Luv said...

Look at the little baby! You were and still are hansom!

I stay sick so I'm jealous that you are just now getting sick and it's April!

IDK, maybe it's the Cali vs. Minnesota weather.......

Marleaux said...

One of those girls from JS married Ronald Isley. Man was old enough to be her granddad. Wonder if he’s still in jail…

I hate being sick too. But I start taking the meds immediately, then continue to take them for a few days afterwards, ya know, just in case…

Aww, look at lil Swag.