Monday, July 28, 2008

Following suit

I'm following suit wit this one LOL

10 random things bout me!

1. I hate wearing watches.. just annoys my wrist
2. I wear sean john "unforgivable"
3. Im infatuated with Nike Dunks
4. I listen to music regardless of what I am doing.. REGARDLESS..
5. I do most of the maintenance on my vehicles
6. I do them cause my father taught me all about basic vehicle maintanence
7. I have long ass eyelashes
8. I hate people who repeat themselves a lot
9. I bite my nails a lot, especially when playin the Playstation
10. I drive a bovarian motor works vehicle.. LOL

9 things to win my heart..

1. keep it real
2. Maintain confidence in me
4. be spontaneous
5. be family oriented
6. Have goals
7. maintain yourself
8. rub my head lol
9. love yourself

8 things I wanna do before I die...

1. Go to Africa
2. Have children
3. Get married
4. Skydive
5. Drive a race car
6. Coordinate my own family reuinion
7. Start my own non-profit organzation
8. take MY FAMILY to church

7 ways to annoy me..

1. Double text me
2. repeat yourself to me too many times in a short period of time
3. have bad hygiene
4. Keep ma waiting
5. doubt me
6. micro-manage me
7. excessive critcism

6 Things I believe in..

1. GOD
3. my family
4. my confidence
5. equality
6. never saying "cant"

5 things im afraid of..

1. failure
2. stagnance
3. failure
4. throat cuts
5. failure

4 of my favorite things

1. my PT
2. quality time
4. freedom

3 things I do everyday

1. QT with PT
2. wash my ass
3. work

2 Things I want to do right now

1. Jump in the SPA
2. EAT!

1 Person I want to see.

1. My uncle kerry who passed in 2005

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Everything I touch.. turns to gold

I hate when motorcycle drivers try and slither
their way in between people when your sitting in
traffic. One of these days I'm gonna open ma door
and watch mr. motorcycle man go flying. I mean
there's no reason why I should have to veer to the
right a little just cause you wanna slither thru..

You ever feel like your achieving greatness at a
craft that u have repeated for an amount of time
to the point where you don't even feel like you
have to prepare for the next time you do it? To
be honest, I'm like that with interviews.. I have had
2 too many this last year, and it seems that I have
just becomed accustomed to being mr. professional
when I sit down in front of mr. john doe and the
panel of tight asses looking for their next money-
making workhorse.. I flash the pearlies, shake the
hand with authority, and with the ring of the bell
I'm goin for blood. Answerin questions with the
utmost efficiency, making all the eye contact in
the world (not too long for the males).. Using the
old school Bill Clinton hand motions to explain a
"good point"...its all become the norm.. and I leave
the site thinking, "another one bites the dust..."

..until I don't get the job.. LOL. But that hasn't
happened yet this year, so hopefully when that big
bad state gig comes knocking at my door, Ill be
able to put on that same hat.. and SWAG the hell
out them tight asses...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Previous Cats

Song of the day: "Previous cats" by Musiq- "I'm not
steven/anthony even/leroy or ivan/damn girl I've
been/ right there for you/since day one/ so where is
all this comin from...?

I was led in the direction of an interesting question
today about sex and abundance of partners. It was
interesting because of course people always wanna
know how many people someone has slept with.
Say being in a relationship with someone, and the
issue of how many comes up. Its interesting to me
to hear peoples insights because you have 2
extremes to the answer. I've known couples who
have broken up over the number of people the other
has frequented in their life, simply because he/she
was dissapointed in the number, and thus felt
"betrayed" by their spouse. Then you have the
other side that maintains that yes, while it may be
more than you wanted to know or thought of, you
understand that life is life, and there's no reason to
dwell on previous happenings. Noone can go back
and change what they have done and whom with.

I always wonder why someones spouse would get
angered by the previous happenings of ones prior
loves, interests, lusts, etc.. If indeed there is a
form of honesty in a relationship, and it is kept
as "real" as possible for the sake of growth in the
relationship, why if someone is being on the up and
up with someone deemed as bad if what is revealed
is hurtful?

Ill be the first to say, yes when I was younger, I
would have a small issue, or feeling in the pit of my
stomach when I found out something I didn't know
about my spouse from her previous, not fully in
understanding of why.. But as I get older, I say
I don't care. Noone you come across nowadays will
ever have the angelic story of, oh I've never blah
blah blah...(maybe except desy.. ;)) but its very
hard to find that. Instead, finding someone with
a feeling of self acceptance is clearly removing the
vice of insecurity, in my eyes.

my question... What constitues "whorish" activity
on both males and females to you? and have you
ever been in or know someone in a situation who
lost a loved one because something was revealed
to their disliking?

Monday, July 14, 2008


So I was talkin to -1- the other day, and I was told
that the little caesars pizzas out in Michigan are
only 5.00... Ours out here are 5.99, with tax, that
comes out to 6 something.. I feel like I'm getting
jipped out of a dollar. Call the alderman! JK.
I think one of the things that makes you feel like
people aren't really down for you is if you throw a
party, and out of all the people that you invite,
only 2 show up.. I mean inviting a good group of 20,
and only a couple 2 come to show support. It kinda
makes you feel like you have unreliable friends,
or maybe that small ounce of doubt in ya head says
"maybe I'm not that popular".. lol. Don't lie, I'm
sure its happened to you before. Shoot it happened
to me on my 16th birthday.

We had a party and everything, but because
someone else was having a party and there was
liquor there, that trumped my party smooth out lol
. But looking back at it, I remember telling myself
I wasn't gonna F wit the folks who didn't come to
my function again. I don't think I did either. And of
course the folks who didn't come hit you the next
few days later on some "see what had happened
was" type stuff, but by that time your minds set
and you don't care to hear it. Its funny how people
do other people who are there so called friends.
Loyalty is a dish that is served much less
frequently these days..

Ever happened to you?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

See me at 3

See the door to the left? Yea. Thats mine. I have a door to the office that I currently live in. When you get an upgrade like that, you gotta flaunt it. SO I am. Though Im still afraid to close the door, LOL. Seeing as I just started this new gig a week ago. But, nonetheless, I still have a door. And that means I have a door to close when I want privacy.. HA!

Annoying moment of the month of June goes to: inconsistency and tardiness.. along with a dash of what the feezey?

I BBQ'ed again. This time for Q and T's bday. It came out well, of course it did. Ima grillmaster. But this was a highly unorganized bbq to say the least. I mean I wasnt the head of direction, I had the grill to do the Que and that is what I was responsible for. Everything else was up to the others. Dont be tardy to ya own bbq though brotha! LOL.. Folks started showing up and we had no food ready cause we had no lighter yet,plus we hadnt gotten all we needed. But all in all it turned out fine in the end. Your welcome yall for your good eats.. and my smoke inhalation.

Im sure every family has a favorite child.. well im not it. thats all I really have to say about that. BLAH.

Are you the favorite child?