Monday, July 14, 2008


So I was talkin to -1- the other day, and I was told
that the little caesars pizzas out in Michigan are
only 5.00... Ours out here are 5.99, with tax, that
comes out to 6 something.. I feel like I'm getting
jipped out of a dollar. Call the alderman! JK.
I think one of the things that makes you feel like
people aren't really down for you is if you throw a
party, and out of all the people that you invite,
only 2 show up.. I mean inviting a good group of 20,
and only a couple 2 come to show support. It kinda
makes you feel like you have unreliable friends,
or maybe that small ounce of doubt in ya head says
"maybe I'm not that popular".. lol. Don't lie, I'm
sure its happened to you before. Shoot it happened
to me on my 16th birthday.

We had a party and everything, but because
someone else was having a party and there was
liquor there, that trumped my party smooth out lol
. But looking back at it, I remember telling myself
I wasn't gonna F wit the folks who didn't come to
my function again. I don't think I did either. And of
course the folks who didn't come hit you the next
few days later on some "see what had happened
was" type stuff, but by that time your minds set
and you don't care to hear it. Its funny how people
do other people who are there so called friends.
Loyalty is a dish that is served much less
frequently these days..

Ever happened to you?


Big O said...

I always have the party with the

Little Caesars "Hot and Ready's" are a quick fix here in Michigan ( the D to be exact). I just hate that the "hot and readys " arent always hot and ready..sometimes takin fa ever, lol.

A.M. said...

*1st time blogger*
Yea it has. I have this one friend, she was always all up under me when she didn't have a man and now that she does, I never see this chick anymore. I invite her out all the time, and she never shows. So now when I do see her like today, things are strained because I just don't feel like dealing with her.

U are not alone in the Loyaless club :/

PrettyBlack said...

Yeah a.m. I know about that type a chick I think there is one in every sista's life. As for you swag I put that pic up with you and PrettyGirl about 3 posts ago and you still have yet to bring your "loyal" ass over to see it...BOO!

Oh and I remember that shit...Didn't the sissy's try to make it better?

Desy said...

naw- the few events i held actually had too many people at it...

however, it happened to a friend of mine. i planned it for her (a surprise party) and invited over 25 people... 2 (including me) were there... but it reflected her friendship with people...

12kyle said...

@ Swag
Has it happened to me???


Two years ago, me and my crew tried to throw a Christmas party in our hometown in South Carolina. We marketed it and promoted it like crazy. We sent emails. We handed out fliers. We even paid for a radio spot. We had tons of food (free) and liquor. We talked to people and everybody was like "yeah...we'll be at your party." I mean, it wasn't like there was anything else going on that night. We expected a crowd of at least 200 people

We had 43 folks show up. And I'm still kinda pissed at those country-no good time havin'-stupid mofoz!!!! LMAO!!!

If i sound bitter...I am. LOL!!!

*sigh...thanks for lettin me vent about that shit*


Stew said...

that has never happened to me on that level. me and my boys hosted plenty parties, and while some where more packed than others, we always had a good turn out.

but maybe that was because everyone knew they were drinking free all night.

swag_ambassador said...

@ 0- yea bruh, me too lol.. and to be honest that happened to me today.. I wanted a hot and ready, and they didnt even have any!

@ A.M.- Welcome welcome!!! take the tour! lol.. I feel you on that, it happens like that sometimes. My best friend and I dont see each other as much, but it aint strained though

@Pretty- Yea it was that bullshit party LOL.. 5 total people, 3 of em my sisters friends HAHA.. long time ago indeed.. and damn! Well as you see I aint been bloggin lately.. Ima peep it tho.

@Desy- well arent you just the popular one LOL

@Kyle- HAHAHAHA man I cant count how many promotions I have thrown in my 7 years as a promoter that flopped.. crazy.. I feel you on that bruh! GOT DAMN! I MEAN FREE FOOD! that should get negroes out!

@Stew- free anything usually brings out everyone, and they momma.. lol.

12kyle said...

@ Swag
Free food and cheap liquor. You can't beat that. We had chips, fried chicken, and we even had cake! You know black folk love cake! Lmao

Darius T. Williams said...

Um yea - it's happened to all of us at one point or another. It's a form of dissapointment. You know, one of those essential elements to life. How great would you be if you were NEVER dissapointed in life?

Eb the Celeb said...

you cant fault the peeps for going to a party that had liquor... I may have had to ditch ya joint too... but you know you still my boy

and why and the heck is you and -1- talking about pizza... and little caesars at that... gross....

papa johns baby!... lol

Monie said...

The only major party that I have ever thrown was my 25th bday party. Thankfully, all my close friends showed up but some people I invited from work didn't. It was cool, though. I can't remember half the night anyway so I didn't care that much. LOL

The Flyyest said...

your an asshole!!!!!


and you wanna rub it all in my face by blogging!!!!


im still a lottle irritated at folks....that will be tha last time i throw a "jus cuz" bbq for ANYONE!!!!!!

Charece said...

That's never happened to me and that's probably because I'm the party goer and not the party thrower. But if I ever did throw a party those itches better bring their asses.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Flyyest! Why didn't you hit me up girl? I would have even contributed! LOL

Melody.Darlene said...

lil caesars is $5 dollars out here in LA too, all day everyday!! it was the same price when i lived in northern cali too!

and about the bday thing! ugggggh im planning my 23rd bday right now and im gonna go to vegas. everybody was like "ooh u better count me in. imma be there! save me room in ur car blah blah BLAH!"

so i had like 15 ppl wanting to go so i put a two bedroom suite ($2000) on my card... and so far like 6 ppl have paid me!! money changes everything!! booooooooo!

karrie b. said...

thats fugged up son. swag, i miss talking to you online. i cant wait to pay that bill.


The Flyyest said...

@ GLO!!!!
because i knew you wasnt gonna come....miss anonymous!!!!!!!!!

oh yeah u in the same damn state!!!!! and u still dont hit me on the AIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The F$%K it List said...

Yeah its happened to me just this past January. And guess what she was dismissed! It was the umptenth time she had done it, and I had issued a warning. I sat her down told her in 2008 I was not having it.

She thought I was playing, didnt show to my bday party and didnt call for three days. So here you go EXIT LEFT

Anonymous said...

Flyyest, I can't remember my AOL for the life of me! I be on yahoo allllll dayyyy at work though! Swag and I catch each on there all the time! JOIN US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!