Monday, July 28, 2008

Following suit

I'm following suit wit this one LOL

10 random things bout me!

1. I hate wearing watches.. just annoys my wrist
2. I wear sean john "unforgivable"
3. Im infatuated with Nike Dunks
4. I listen to music regardless of what I am doing.. REGARDLESS..
5. I do most of the maintenance on my vehicles
6. I do them cause my father taught me all about basic vehicle maintanence
7. I have long ass eyelashes
8. I hate people who repeat themselves a lot
9. I bite my nails a lot, especially when playin the Playstation
10. I drive a bovarian motor works vehicle.. LOL

9 things to win my heart..

1. keep it real
2. Maintain confidence in me
4. be spontaneous
5. be family oriented
6. Have goals
7. maintain yourself
8. rub my head lol
9. love yourself

8 things I wanna do before I die...

1. Go to Africa
2. Have children
3. Get married
4. Skydive
5. Drive a race car
6. Coordinate my own family reuinion
7. Start my own non-profit organzation
8. take MY FAMILY to church

7 ways to annoy me..

1. Double text me
2. repeat yourself to me too many times in a short period of time
3. have bad hygiene
4. Keep ma waiting
5. doubt me
6. micro-manage me
7. excessive critcism

6 Things I believe in..

1. GOD
3. my family
4. my confidence
5. equality
6. never saying "cant"

5 things im afraid of..

1. failure
2. stagnance
3. failure
4. throat cuts
5. failure

4 of my favorite things

1. my PT
2. quality time
4. freedom

3 things I do everyday

1. QT with PT
2. wash my ass
3. work

2 Things I want to do right now

1. Jump in the SPA
2. EAT!

1 Person I want to see.

1. My uncle kerry who passed in 2005


Charles said...

I see you stuntin' in your BMW...

The Flyyest said...

QT with PT :(

im jealous!!!!! lol

Stew said...

damn. seeing everyone do this makes me wanna do it too.

Eb the Celeb said...

throat cuts... whoa... who ever thinks that will happen in order to be afraid of it...

anywho... cowboys all day baby!

Lets Go!!!

Darius T. Williams said...

Unforgivable...isn't that the shit? I love that fragrance!

12kyle said...

@ Swag
Mannnn, this is a good one. I'm gonna have to do this post one day.

Cowboys?? We'll see. LOL

Melody.Darlene said...

i feel u on that failure tip! failure is not an option for me, thats why it's one of my bigges fears too!

karrie b. said...

i'm good @ rubbing heads...

no pun intended...


JayBee said...

like beamers myself. hey, i mentioned in a post about going sky diving...i think ieisha or somebody said they'd try it as well.

LadyShay said...

double texting. tell me how this dude sent me a text, 5 times!! all it said was "yo!". I was highly aggravated.

Silverish said...

Aren't these fun to do! Lets people know a little more about you. Ah yes, communication is most important. And I do everything to music also! Its hard not to. I guess I'd have to know you to know what all those acronyms stand for. QT is quality time I guess or quiz time. and PT is political talk? okay I'm lost. Could be someones name. I just wonder if its a woman or man's. Acronyms is a bit metrosexualish. Undercover brothas use these tactics when on the downlow. No really they do. My first time on your blog so I'll just keep reading, maybe its explained or implied elsewhere. Carry on.

Queen of My Castle said...

Awwww, this post was too cute. I love men with long lashes. I dunno why, they remind me of little boys. Tres cute.

dejanae said...

another one?
lol@rub ur head
yo with u
lets divy up this nonprofit gig thing.

Bombchell said...

1)lol watches bug me, but once i start wearing it, i feel bare without it.

6) I just learnt how to change my windshield liquid (i remember most of it).

7) hate u!! i have short full lashes. they look like eyeliner lol

8) I repeat!! I repeat!!

D4) agreed, I have little patience

nice blog