Saturday, August 9, 2008


why is it already august??? jeesh


1. I promised myself im gonna have a better second half to the 2008 season, and so far its going ok.. finally got something stable to hold on to with this job situation.. jeesh, been a long ride

2. havent really wanted to blog, theres really been nothing tearing at my mind as of late..

3. Im happy, I guess.

4. My momma is havin knee replacement surgery on monday, a little nervous about it, but I know that she will pull through fine.. shes a soldier when it comes to surgery.. I dont know how she does it, shoot only thing thats ever happened to me was a broken wrist..

5.. which leads me to ask.. why when you break your wrist or have wrist problems (carpel tunnel) do you have to get a shot in ya booty???????

6. I like money..

7.. which means I need more of it to love it.

8. Will Ferrell is so stupid HAHAHA


9. HARD KNOCKS-DALLAS COWBOYS.. I suggest all you haters of americas team watch it and realize who your next super bowl champions will be.. know it, love it, believe in it..

Headed to a wedding lol. THIS SHOULD BE INTERESTING.


12kyle said...

@ Swag
You know you're my boy! And you know I'm the #1 hater of America's Team. LOL. Here's my .03

#1.I love that show! It reminds me soooo much of my football days in college.

#2. I hate the Cowboys. That said...I think they will make it to the Super Bowl.

#3. Romo has to step up when the playoffs roll around

#4. The Cowboys haven't won a playoff game since '96.

So, I won't say that i'll be rooting for em but I do have a dollar riding on em.

*duckin the darts from you, eb, and prettyblack*

Silverish said...

Gettin ready for the 'blue jeans' ball I presume?
Booty shots! Yikes! Thats just inhumane!
Weddings are boring. And pointless for people like me who do not plan on getting married, ever!! Commitment and loyalty just ain't what it used to be.

The Flyyest said...



i know my football but i dont care for it!!! so i dont have a fav team!!!! im jus being a hater cuz i wanna be....hahahahahahahah

luv ya!!!!

Darius T. Williams said...

How was the wedding? And yea, the fact that this is August ALREADY I'm like dayum, I soooo remember yesterday being January.

Eb the Celeb said...

my grandma went threw a knee replacement a couple years ago... she is going to need a lot of help in recovering... so make sure your there...

and yeah... hard knocks rocks... kyle is the utimate hater... but we are going all the way this year baby... its inevitable

Anonymous said...

1. Glad things are looking up... just what is the new gig? I forget...LOL

2. No worries... you're always worth the wait

3. me too!

4. Awwww... give Momma Swag my best. All of our best, actually.

5. LOL... I don't know... I've never broken anything

6. Me too!

7. Me too!!! I want a part time job to go along with my full time job. Is that greedy? LOL

8. yea he is...

9. The cowboys are aight... I don't know if they are going to the super bowl though! LOL

Stew said...

i think the shot in the ass is a antibiotic. i had to get two when i got my tonsils out, and they said it is goes in the booty because it is really concentrated and that is where the most meat is.

i wonder if white folks got shots in the booty too then....

A.M. said...

1. happy to see you're making goals for yaself
2.yea i know...that just happens sometimes.
3. WOOP WOOP!!! meeeee toooooo lol
4. I'm sure your mommy will be just fine. I'll even say a little prayer for her:)
5. Wouldn't know, i've never hurt n e thing.
6. dude mmmmmmmmmmeeee toooo
7.feel you on that one.
8. yea, he is. I loved him in Step Brothers :)
9. ummmm...YEA RIGHT LOL

Desy said...

i want those 30secs

dejanae said...

i like money too
post the wedding pics