Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Saturday night

Live everyday like its saturday night, to live and enjoy the greasiness of life..the drunken luster, the inhibitions released unto the swirl as not a care in the world..ima millionaire on saturday night, not afraid to be alone in my world of continual push..wonderous eyes and wandering minds, I kno that I can learn from saturday eve...the euphoria, mixed with the prohibited and restricted lifestlye I lead..livin everyday like its saturday night..

Crawlin thru the closet of work and forced revenue into the narnia known as saturday night..freedom of self, speech following every vauge feeling of want..lust is allowed on saturday night, love supreme to explode the scene, expose a feeling so serene...play by play of how fine the dine, amongst grown pours of wine...fly the friendly skies, the gonja filled lies, the drunken smiles, and the carefree, cologne filled, breeze/...
Live everyday like its saturday night, sneakin out of the house with that bit of fright, pushin away all the fights..fall in love on saturday night, control the sights on saturday night..she's aight on saturday night.

To live..and breathe, on saturday night..is like a change of the world..upside down feelings, neva knowing how true you can feel, how blue u can feel..like a king, or even green..nothing even matters like miss hill proclaimed, indeed saturday nights the time for games..sincere games of life and strife..stress involved dialouge, along with resolve for anger thru the fog..I love the life I live on saturday night..

Saturday eve, midnight to 5, livin the life, so loud and live..so I live each day like its saturday night..to breathe and realize the tru u...thank u saturday night, u provide the song that plays my life tune.

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