Thursday, May 8, 2008

Take off your cool

Unleash it
let it out..
the layer which negatively
pulls at your doubt
doubt that this indeed
will never proceed,
that we as one,
will never achieve

take off your cool,
let your warmth be exposed..
as i examine your hearts beat,
which you have composed..

Just allow me to search,
through layer number two
the layer which never
allows you to do
never lets your eyes wander,
further than the heart will allow
but let me explore it,
to crumble the walls down

take off your cool,
let your brain be exposed
as I examine your mind game
which you have composed

If possible please
I'd like to see
the potential that lies
in layer number three
the layer of strength
and everlasting pride
now let me approach
push doubt and blindness aside
for this layer now
is stubborn and sweet
at the same time complex
and somewhat unique

So take off your cool,
let your strength be exposed
as I examine your power,
that which you have composed

May I please have a tour
of layer number four
the section of you
with the sexy allure
the body,
the sway,
the forever foreplay,
the deep eye contact
the fierce approach
the "Im A lady...and I know it"
and damn sure not a hoe..

Take off your cool,
let your swagger approach
as I examine your complexity
which you have exposed..

And finally,
let me feel your sincerity
layer 5's emotional pull
that exposes dexterity
gives me hope for the future
gives me smiles of the past
makes me want to succeed
down loves unknown path...
tugs at my brain patterns
forces me to indulge
in a scene so serene..
and a life full of love..

So take off your cool,
let sincerity approach
as I examine your tenderness
which you have composed...

..Take off, your cool..

Copyright, Mistaswag2008


Lina said...

First off, thats my favorite song off his album, our fellow gemini, Mr. Andre Benjamin. Second, that was cool, very cool. Felt like undressing a person with words, but also deeper than that.

Desy said...

damn... is that all u want me to take off?

that was so smooth swag...very well written


Nothin but the cool in me

The Flyyest said...

i cant take it off cool like dat!!!!

but if you want me to...ill take it all off!!! ;) LOL

Shaka said...

This was a very smooth sensual poem....very easy. I digs.

DiamondsR4eva said...

I'm digging your poetry, usually I'm not really into it but your words are very passionate

Mizrepresent said...

very nice!

Monie said...

Well, shit.

Just adding another layer of sexy.

Loves it.

12kyle said...

good one bruh! I liked it!

The Pew View said...

Tell that young lady to put on a robe if it's too cool in the house. Yall mights wanna keep a throw on the back of your couch too. She might need some vitamins. I tends to be cool alot when I don't take my vitamins for a few days. Anyhow, you take care now.

Ruthie Ann

LadyShay said...

my cool just dropped to the floor;)

Eb the Celeb said...

I dont appreciate you sharing the stuff you write for me with the blog

Yasmeen Christian said...

Totally naked and very cool.

MsPuddin said...

nice ;p

dejanae said...

good stuff
wit ur jack of all trades ass
keep it coming

Pretty.Hip said...

That was nice!

swag_ambassador said...

@ lina- yea thats a great song.. the album is just a classic one.

@desy- LOL, well hey.. it says what it says LOL.. but thank you lady

@poca- indeed!

@flyy- let it hang!

@shaka- i appreciate it

@diamonds- well im glad i could share something to your liking. thanks fa comin thru

@miz- thank ya thank ya

@monie- :) thank you

@kyle- preciate it bruh!

@pewview- lol. thank you, i think... lol

@ladyshay-ha! let it out!

@eb- shutuuuuup lol

@yaz- thank you thank you

@puddin- i try i try

@dejanae- ha.. jack of all trades.. i dig it.

@hip- i appreciate it!

karrie b. said...

love love love that song...
and love love love ur spin on it...


Queen of My Castle said...

Very nice, very sensual, very soft yet say I liked it would be an understatement.

See you have all these women here undressing for you. LOL. Too cute.