Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Family Reunion pt. 1

As I approached my weekend full of my extended family on my fathers
side, I told myself that I would be going into a weekend full of
exciting and new things..this being the first family reunion that has
been had on his side for quite some time..and it being the first time
the family has reaquainted since the death of my grandmother..it was a
truly enjoyable time, full of smiles and brow wipes..tha heat in texas
isn't what u really ned to deal with, its the humidity..its just like
cali, but jus add a blanket of wetness, wit no rain..I didn't really
have a problem adapting to it, since I don't mind heat anyways...

friday- we came in early friday morning, got to our hotel, slept and
slept some more..we woke up and went to visit my granfathers
house..paw-paw is how everybody pronounced his name, so I joined the
crowd lol..we basically didn't really do much at his comfy lil house
offa s. fifth st but relax and talk..his laugh is on that reflects
innocence and happiness, though his eyes tell a different story..he's
been thru a lot since he lost his wife..we went to the gathering to get
re-aquainted wit all the fam bam, we came in lookin oh so cali lol,
stunnas and desinger jeans..stuck out like a sore thumb, but shit, ima
cali boy bred and fed..I kno no otha..it was overall fun, got to see all
the fam..me,pop,A.B. and cocheese snuck in a lil gin so we were lit offa
that..I drank so much this weekend, along wit eatin, iont kno what to
do. lol..we went to this club called "the ticket" wit ma aunt jada and
her husband cliff..it was a swing club, kinda small, but still had a coo
look to it..since I kno how to swing I wasn't trippin, but u kno we had
to let em kno how we two step on da west..so that was enjoyable..lol,
the bartenders there are some stingy asses tho..I was up at the bar,
flashin a hunid, and the heffa aint even act like she saw me..till clif
came ova and told me how u gotta do in texas "aye big booty!..cmon ova
hea baby guhl, I need ma drank now!"...hahaha..I sho did get a strong as
double jack and coke tho..we went back to the hotel afta that, it was a
good night, I met some new folks, and got to party wit ma family..had
some friend rice and passed the f out.


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