Thursday, August 9, 2007

Family reunion pt. 2

saturday- I walked outside at like 10am and it was already 100
outside..the heat smacks you in the face, then u get wet all ova
lol...crazy. this was the main day for the reunion, all the festivities
took place..the bbq, the activities, etc. I went to the mall first wit
ma cousin sterling, its pretty much like arden mall..nothin major to
talk about there...texas has its own form of bops, own form of scrapers
(slabs)..the bops look pretty much like the ones in northern cali, and
act the same too..made me laugh lookin @ anyways, we hit up the
park, in a city called Cheek! haha..cheek, texas..thas hard
lol..everybody had the different color shirts but all the same family
reunion shirt, that way to distinct our families..I snuck up in
cocheese's motor home (the shit was bonkers, big as ma house
almost)...and had a hook wit pop..more drinkin, more food..and the damn
heat made for a good ole combo..we went in the main hall where the
fashion show started, me and ma sis were in, they loved us..then
came the food and the presentation for the heads of the family, all of
the children of the founders of the cousin chakoula (or
chaka, his real names charles) gave the disertation..he's prolly one of
the most intelligent men you will ever meet, he looks like cornell west,
but grabs ya attention wheneva he speaks cause he commands respect and
attention..I wouldn't ever mind bein ina class wit him as ma professor
cause he's extremely that was an emotional yet
satisfying part of it cause everyone was introduced, talked about,
including my I was happy we were there for that, coming from
the farthest away..the night ended of wit everybody doin the cupid
shuffle and me and the dudes gettin mo tipsy...and anotha plate of
food..the best fod eva I swear...zummo sausages are the shit!!..if u
aint had one..dammit u aint livin...we went back to the hotel and slept
afta a long day out..I had a lotta fun tho..and it was mentally
satisfying..I think for all of us..afta that..all mayhem, lets jus say,
houston, t.i., young dro, etc..too much to type..thas for anotha blog.

sunday- by sunday momma was ready to go home, I was ready to keep
traveling, and it was comin to a close..we pretty much did nothin on
sunday but got to paw-paws house and mess, watch the races,
and laugh..had more beer, more liquor, and more food..everybody went to
the boat to go gambling but I stayed behind and caught up wit some
friends I had out there that I had ran into at the club on friday..went
to a place called tokyo, a sushi place like benihanas where they cook
all ya stuff in front of ya, then we jus talked..afta everybody got back
from the boat, we all met up and went back to the hotel and relaxed..the
weekend was comin to a close but it ws overall great...I felt like I
gained hella weight..looked in the mirror and still noticed, I'm lean
lol..I love ma metabolism, cause I prolly ate 7 times on friday, 8 on
saturday and 5 on was my girl this weekend


PrettyBlack said...

man! You got me missin' home for real. Glad you had a good time...

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