Thursday, August 16, 2007


so I went to the floetry concert last night at was a comfy atmosphere, all the old playuhs came out, the Grown grown women came out, and the eccentric black folks attended as was a nice lil evening, my cousin ceaser was performing in the band for the opening act, he came thru for his cuzzo by gettin me in..spragga benz was in the building!! SHOTTAS!...BUH BUH!.. it was a nice set that they did, only one half of floetry was actually in attendance, marsha..and a new girl, amanda diva, floecists stand in I guess..on the floetry remix tour..they did some new tracks where diva was the main focus, as well as all the floetry classics that jus put me in that oooh oooh oooh mood..marsha could sing the abc's to me and I'd still be in love..I got to thnkn that maybe floetry is breakin up..who knows..but ikno that what I needed I got, her voice (marsha) is so damn angellic, it puts you ina trance, as I was...unable to really speak, only motion my mouth to the same words she spoke, all the while not bein able to take my eyes off of her performance..I didn't really pay attention to the otha girl, which by the way dana, looks NOTHING like alicia keys...iono wut u saw lol..but marsha fed me tha business..somethn tough..

so thanks fa las night marsha ambrosious, cause I slept like a newborn
afta u massaged ma soul for an hr..*faints*


PrettyBlack said...

There aren't too many men who can be moved sexually by wordplay.
When that happens that means the brother is deeper than average, and he's in tune to "everything" not just the physical. That's deep. Say that shit swagmaster!

Trouble said...

I was kinda upset to hear they had parted ways, but its good to know that you still enjoyed their show. I heard somewhere that Amanda Diva was not gettin a whole lotta love on this tour, mainly cause promoters in a couple of venues didn't let folks know there was a lineup change...