Wednesday, August 22, 2007

. Just a thought

Am I the only one who lately has an issue with the lack of inspiration and drive that we as young men are having?.. scratch that.. we as young people, the ladies aint exempt from this.. now I aint sayin everyone, cause I know a lotta folks that are grinding and getting theirs, but I look around and notice a lotta bullshitting goin on, and less vision.. now I know we are young, I know we have fun to have, and long endless nights of crazy and non thinking nonsense, but i still feel as if the main goal should still be to stay focused.. we losin pace real fast. losin respect of elders and those high up who see us as lackluster and un-useable..

I was raised by two parents, and my parents have always been the focal point of my life, and have shown me the right way to succeed. whether or not I have taken that route at every chance given attests to my lack of focus at times, or my desire to be young at heart and just live a little.. but Ive never lost the attributes that were instilled to me by them, knowing that me as a young black male has to work harder and stay on my toes at all times in order to succeed.. my dads a perfect example. hes grinded and torn his way to comfortable living.. been thru turmoil with bases closing, to changing occupations and finding a median in his work and family life. successful.

I wake up and think of how my life will be within the next 5 or 6 years, to which ill be at 30. but I wonder if and how often those surrounding me do.. or those in my initial circle of life, people I come across on a daily basis, see here and there. the majority of the people being the same age as I, so we all do the same things.. but sometimes I feel as if Im one of the only ones that keeps hold of the vision. I want to succeed, I pretty much have to in my eyes. Ive been dealt with a sidekick and best friend since I was 8 that holds the same visions as I, reflective of his parents and his maturity as a man now.. that helps me keep mine.. Ive always been the type of person to try and inspire all around me to be on the same tip, and at times I feel as if maybe I shouldnt. you can only speak to a deaf dog long enough before you realize it wont work.. at the same rate, my outlook is if im eating, everyone round me should be as well... thats love. unconditional. but at the same rate, after diggin offa my plate long enough, that should spark something in the soul to be about it yaself.

Overall, I just have a hard time with the fact that as we get into our older adolescence, as ill call it, maturity and focus should be instilled in your everyday life.. I couldnt function knowing i dont have a job to do everyday.. getting up and enchancing yourself that much more each day, learning something you may not have known th day before, thats enough to have a positive outlook on your future.. I live for now, but I also live for life. life is definitley what you make it, and from the way I see it, as a young man growing into a GROWN MAN, in every context possible (not jus lil waynes song.. not just the way everyone says, the way a young girl will say cause she bought a pair of heels, or a dude will say cause his rims are bigger than 20 inches), I feel as if the desire has got to grow and be a neccesity. not just for me, but for all people my age.

We arent gettin any younger, and the worlds movin faster and faster, I dont wanna be left behind wishin I woulda got an earlier start. None of us should.


PrettyBlack said...

Preach brotha...believe me I know, you don't want to turn around at 30 wishing you could go back to twenty and "start all over again."
Do it now, even if you mess up you can say you didn't let the opportunity pass you by.

Trouble said...

It's funny that you should come across one of my writings that reflected some of your feeling and then I come to your blog and find something that touches me in the same way, thanks for that. I will be 30 in 3 months have been doing a lot of self reflection lately, part of why I wrote that post yesterday. I'm happy with everything I have and deeply grateful, but I just can't let it rest with that...