Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What a weekend...

Song of the day: "happy home"- 2pac.."promise that I commit to ya soon, tounge kiss me everytime you see me step inside the room"

So this was quite the weekend to reflect on. Busy from beginning to end. Not to mention it was a 3 day weekend as well:

Friday: Got off work and jogged to the truck LOL. Like fareal, jogged. That old,"I feel great to be offa work for the next 3 days" jog. Went home, took a nap. woke up and got prepped to go to the katt williams show! Hit up P.F. Changs first, snatched up a good ole bar seat and had a good meal. By the time we got finished with the meal, the line outside was already down J st. I knew it would happen but at this point I wasnt really trippin, I was just preparing to enjoy my night with no issues and good laughs. Ima first start off by saying that I didnt expect Katt to really do the same routine like usual, I hoped he would change it up a little, and he did. He definitley has 2 comics that were funny as all hell though who did their job getting the crowd hyped (simply cookie and leslie). They were both equally funny, especially Leslie (www.justleslie.com, google: leslie jones) when she came out talkin about females lol. I always knew she was funny, but seeing her live was even better.
Katt came out to a stronnnnnng ovation and much love from the people. Most of the stuff he spoke on related pretty much to havin good people around you. But I did notice when he spit on politics, some folks laughed but didnt really know why they were laughin lol. Went right over their heads, but what can you expect. Not everyone will know their politics. I think he was testing out new material also, as he seemed to stretch some of his jokes longer than he shouldve. But I wasnt mad at all, and the whole night went well. T was uncomfy though HAHAH.

Saturday - pops birthday! Q and I went to the mall and I snatched up a button up/tie combo for the old man, headed to the house and had a basic day with dad. Watched a lil pre daytona 500 hooplah, had a drink or 2, then watched the dunk contest and Dwight Howard's non dunk LOL. I dig the hops, but not the NON-dunk. After watchin the contests, we threw a couple mignons on the grill and commenced to grubbin on some good eats. By the time we finished it was time to go on and get ready for the evening. I headed home and got ready, then fell asleep on the couch.. LOL. the original plan was to only sleep for 30 mins, but by the time I awoke it was alrady 1030. So I smashed to the club event. As I stepped foot in the venue, I had already began to feel a bad vibe about the night, which ultimatley turned into me just being sour about the evening, especially when our venue was shut down cause the resturant didnt have an entertainment permit?!?!? I mean isnt that supposed to be takin care of beforehand? All in all, after that happened I was pretty much through with the night, even after we were able to move the spot to a venue across the street. Thanks Ron. But needless to say, the night ended on a sour note for me, and for the first time in a while, my annoyed state of mind was fully funcitonal..

Sunday- Woke up, and made some breakfast. Little bit of hash browns, biscuits, eggs, adn sausage.. Yes, your boy can throw down in the kitchen. Hey EB, dont think I havent forgotten about our steak bet!!! After that, the Daytona 500 came on, and yea i watch nascar. Its motorsports, and thats always something my pop and I have watched. I made it to my parents house with 10 laps to go so pop and I could watch the ending. After we were dissapointed to see who won, the boys started showing up for the next half of the day. We agreed to watch the all-star game, as well as the WWE PPV that was coming on. Yea I still watch wrestling, shout out to Terrel.. It brings me back to my younger days and makes me feel like a kid still, so I still watch it :). We had nachos and watched both events, and ended the night on a good note. A nice sunday to say the least.

Monday- Woke up early and headed out to San Francisco for the day. All in all it was a very relaxing day, and it was great to get out of the city. I did a lil shoppin, bought a few things, and got disgusted by the bumlife.. Hey T, memba old boy wit the hot dog legs!? LOL, I was weak.. The highlight of the day, besides the actual time spent was ole girl in panda express asking if she could have my fortune cookie..She was a bum of course, and came in looking for the hookup from someone, anyone. Saw me getting down on some orange chicken, and sits right next to me and says "can you help me buy some food!!!"... Now, I dont really care for bums, I may give a dollar here or there, but when you all in my face asking for my food or for the hookup, interrupting my quality time, NAW, I aint havin it. So I gave her the "if you dont get outta ma face" look, and she keeps it pushin. Security ends up coming in and escprting her(him?) out.. and as he/she walks out they scream "aye blood dont touch me, I'll lay you out!!!" LOL. gangbangin bums on the next maury. Still, the day was great.
So the day wound down and we headed back home, I was tired but had a whole buncha clothes to hang up and organize. I thought I would get a good rest for the night, until the phone calls came thru lol. So q, rell, unique and kelz came thru. I was sleepy still, but it was coo. Watched raw, and everybody shook.. then I passed out. What a weekend to say the least, I dont PLAN on doing shit this weekend. But we all know how that works..


Eb the Celeb said...

Love your song of the day... and the line you quoted... CLASSIC!

And hells no I havent forgotten about our steak bet...

and didnt I tell you NOT to comment on my blog... the vultures are on the way... you want me to be jealous dont you...LOL!

Still_Pocahontaz said...

Not everyone will know their politics.

::raising my hand::...Im ashamed to say thats me.. I get it, but I don't get it.

Anyways, sounds like you had a fufilling weekend.

PrettyBlack said...

NOT gangbanging bums? DEAD! Sounds great I called Uncle delight (haha) and asked how the old man was, he was chillin' I'ma drop his little sumthin' sumthin' off later in the week.

Sounds like you kicked it...

dejanae said...

he/she gangbangin bums?
aint come across onea them yet

while u cookin, can u send a bk chick a lil something?

aint caught wrestling since the dawn of Bret the hitman Heart and Hulk Hogan
those were the days