Monday, February 4, 2008

.. mondays

Song of the day: Bobby Valentino, "gimme a chance
"... "don't procrastinate/ girl don't make me wait/
cause this eye to eye thing aint enough/ I need you over here..."

I'm in a good mood today, even though the giants
won the super bowl. It still really hasn't sunk in
yet, but I still feel like they took my cowboys
spot in the game.. grrrr. After a weekend of rain,
the sun has come back out here in northern cali,
still cold as ice but at the same time feels good.
Who came up with the term "cold as hell" .. That
makes no sense whatsoever.. Last I checked hell
is sposed to be..well.. Hellacious.. just a thought lol

I realized as I woke up this morning at 6:45, yes,
SIX FORTY FIVE (those who know me personally
know this is a monumental thing for me) that I
have a newfound ambition and get up about myself.
I woke up smiling today, I usually wake up and
grumble with some expletives lol. But yea, I have
some inspiration now that I didn't have most all of
2007, and it feels good to identify with it.

welp, back to training.. I caught myself doing the
head doze this morning in training, I nodded off
hella tough. haha. noone noticed though!

swagga up!

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Trouble said...

dont be mad my Giants won. you gotta admit that was a helluva catch by Tyree