Thursday, February 7, 2008

incomplete and fraudulent

song of the day... "fatty girl" Ludacris, LL cool J,
Keith Murray- "cats cringe and point like (PHEW!)
mmm! you could see that thing from the front!"

Remember that song? the song went to work, the
video went to work, and then when everybody
bought the Fubu album thinking it was gon be just
as great, we were all highly dissapointed lol. Why
do people make such dumb albums? your albums
gotta be complete from front to back. Which is a
reason Usher will never make anything better than
"confessions", L Boogie won't surpass
"the miseducation of lauryn hill", and Hollister
flopped and fumbled after "Chicago 85".. well his
was also horrible production and change of label.

But you get my point.

Where's the complete album gone? I'm so tired of
skippin track 5 thru 12 cause they all are about a
whole bunch of nothing, and all sound the same. If
you listen to a jahiem album, one reason he's never
gotten the big big success he may deserve at the
time is cause all his songs are about the same thing.
Shoot, maybe even the same woman! LOL . Change
pace jah-jah.. sing about somethn else besides the
"shorty that I saw sittin offa hunid fifty fifth st.
lookin so petite, I had to speak...."
Where's the intensity involved in makins the album?
where's the story behind the album?... why can't I
get an album like 'illmatic" again?.. I could write on
this for hours, but my fingers aint strong enough
today, and my lunch is only an hour..

My question to you.. What are some complete and
memorable albums to you?

Razzle dazzle.


Trouble said...

damn, you know you're right. its been a good minute since I've bought an album and I liked the whole damn thing. I know its not everyones style but Amy Winehouse - Back to Black was pretty good all the way around. I had hopes for J.Holiday, but he got a lil repetitious. The last hip hop album that I liked the whole thing (just about) was The Blue Carpet Treatment - except for that football song.

And no Swag, I haven't hit CA yet. Soon come...

PrettyBlack said...

That's why they stopped selling CD singles...'member those huh? Shit you only had to pay 3 and some coin for your favorite song...And artists are trying to boycott downloads...mad cause they can't fuck us for royalties...shit I'm a more complete Ho than that, so give me a complete cd bitches!