Monday, February 25, 2008

Case of the Mondays

CD of the day- "Somebody to love" by Darien Brockington. Key songs: "I miss you", "come on over" "don't say goodbye"... I would advise any who don't have this cd to go cop it. D.Brock is one of those artists who (maybe not all coasts but I know for a fact on the west coast) doesn't get much love. Enhance ya music knowledge!

Ah, monday.. How I hate you. Theres nothing worse then to know that as soon as 6:00pm on Sunday hits, you wanna try and make time go by as slow as possible dreading the monday that's coming. And it almost never works. The hours go by all quick, and next thing you know, the alarms goin off at 6:45 and now starts the work week. I looked in the mirror on my headboard this morning as I woke up, rubbed ma eyes, and said.. *insert mumble jumble deep voice expletives..*.. funny, I sometimes sound like luciphers lil brother when I wake up. Its like my voice has to wake up to, and until it does, me, Barry White, and James Earl Jones have a lot in common.

My weekend was halfway non eventful,with all the sleeping in I did, but the things I did do had relevance. I went to the "bodies revealed" thing on Saturday. It was an interesting experience, as we actually read each and every portion of the showing. Some people just looked at the specimens and kept it pushing, but we found it interesting to actually KNOW what ya body got going on. The whole exhibit basically shows how the human muscles work, the flow of blood, the artery trail, etc. etc. etc. But its a really eye opening experience. There was even a little portion of the exhibit where it showed the evolution of a fetus.. I enjoyed it, and its one of those things where you can look back and think, "I'm glad I went". I talked to my boy Terell about it, lol, and he thought the same thing I did.. its funny to see the testes without a sac LOL. Cause without one, they are hella far apart and nowhere close to your penis LOL. How important the sac is..ladies be happy theres a sac down there.. Well, dudes too. Cause shoot, none of us would get any lovin with the specimens I saw on saturday exposed.

Sunday I went out to the black history month celebration some of my extended family was a part of, as well as showing support for my best friend trying to sell some of his paintings. As much time as Q spends in the back room at my house painting, that brothas gonna start selling these paintings left and right before too long. I see your vision mayne! I enjoyed the whole show though, the JODAMA dancers went to work (didn't know Omi had stick like that!), and the informational on slavery, jook joints, and gospel were well put together. The food was great, the atmosphere was cool, and I had a good little time.

The suns finally out again, which is setting up for a good week hopefully. Got the black and white party on Thursday, which should be a hit. Im swamped with work today, again, and now I'm on a new assignment. You ever have those days where when your supe comes up to you and basically "ask-tells" you to do something, you just wanna say "naw actually, I dont wanna do it.." The thought came to me this morning, but instead, I just let out a James Earl Jones "yea, sure".. and kept it pushin.

Damn monday.


Eb the Celeb said...

Ok... what are you doign in that new marcus garvey pic...

Looks like you were in the bathroom at church taking pics of ya'self... I hope not... you were suppose to be getting the word...LOL!

Eb the Celeb said...

Oh... and I think you might be the only dude I know that loves to take pictures just as much as I do... I digs it... you get a couple more cool points added to the bucket!

Still_Pocahontaz said...

I always have one of those days with my supe but what are you gonna do right?

We wanna see pics from the black and white party so make sure to flick it up

Also, that was way TMI in regards to the whole sac situation..LOL

Still_Pocahontaz said...

And oh yeah...dont let me find out D Brock is the shyt. The last time someone inspired me to buy an album it was Chrisette Michele and I am so hooked on I will be checking him out!

swag_ambassador said...

@ eb- girl u know damn well i wouldnt be takin pics at church LOL. and havin a sidekick always provides appropriate times to take pics when ya feel on point!

@ poca- ill be sure to throw some pics up, I rarely do but I should start. Its gonna be a strong party i know that much.. as far as D. Brock, prepare to be amazed.

dejanae said...

im smh @ ur testes comment
sounds like a cool exhibit
i know there was a something similar showing in the city (manhattan)

Brittany_83 said...

Your right..Monday's suck.

LadyShay said...

I've been feelin D Brock since I got him on the Testify Remix [Common]. And Monday's are my Saturdays, so when 3:30pm hits on Sunday I'm partyin!