Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy birthday pop!

So the show was a success in my eyes last night. I
laughed a good amount and had anenjoyable time
overall. the comedians before katt (simple cookie,
leslie, d militant) were just as funny as katt!
Leslie was havin me weak as SWV's knees when she
jumped in the crowd askin women if they gave head
or not LOL. Actin like they don't.. psh. she musta
hit this cat in the audience with the toughest
"bitch" I've ever heard LOL.. "SIT THE FUCK
fell outta ma seat...

So out comes katt. To a strong ovation and lots of
Sacramento love. If I had to judge his whole
performance, I would give him a B+. He had a
complete set, but sometimes stretched out his
jokes which led me to believe that he was tryin out
new material. I did notice though how many people
didn't understand some of the things he said, it just
flew right over their heads: When he spoke on
politics.. folks would laugh of course cause of his
delivery but I got the impulse that when he
mentioned Huckabee(presidential candidate) or John McCain, people were
like "who?".. I expect it from
a whole group of folks, some people won't know,
but it was surprising that Katt went that route. I
still enjoyed it. That brotha rolls around on the
ground more than anyone I know, wit his lil ass.
Some dude started boo'in towards the end cause
Katt was tellin a story on how mad he was when
he had to call flava flav a "cooney coon coon" @
Flav's roast. People kill me when they expect a
comic to only tell jokes and not get intimate with
the crowd, like the person can't show their
appreciation for the people coming out. The heckler
was met with an abrupt "shut the fuck up!!!" from
bout 5 people in the crowd LOL.

Its a lovely day outside today by the way.. jeesh.

I Wanna take this time out to wish my father, a very happy 52nd
birthday. I respect you to the
utmost, strive to be everything you are and more.
I can only hope that my successes equal those of
yours, and gain the respect of my family, peers,
and community. You are basically THEE role model.
father to 3, husband to a beautiful soul, uncle, bro,
etc etc to all.. and u are appreciated. Thanks pop!


Desy said...

it's wonderful to see a man who appreciates his father- happy belated to'im from a fellow aquarian

I love me some Katt, but he does lack the ability to tell a story straight without antics and make it sheer entertainment.... only some comedians have that... but i enjoy him for the most part...

Marleaux said...

I think I'm the last person, well Black person that hasn't seen Kat in person. All my friends and such has. Hopefully he'll be coming my way soon, until then, I'll stick to my youtube clips.