Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Dream Suite

So I was given a quick topic to write on as quick as possible by a friend. The words were "dream suite".. And well, this is what came out of it..

The dream suite..

the 4 walls where all your sequential efforts are put into one,
as u and I push the limits
and strive to become
we involve so much emotion,
so much intrigue,
the passion and illusion bottled up and retrieved.
Come inside where your hopes and wishes swell..
upon many entrants can apply,
but only the sincere can dwell..

The dream suite...

Intently grasping at the thought patterns
to create a euphoric world
where only your counterpart matters..
It’s simple, yet complex..
studious and perplexed..
close your eyes and fly the friendly skies..

In the dream suite...

Run emotions bath water,
lie on sheets of ecstasy,
grip and pull at natures climax,
take a slumber next to me..
for anything’s possible in..

The dream suite

*shrugs*.. I have these days where things just flow well.


Eb the Celeb said...

you write too... like 4real i am in love... when we gon watch love jones together?

Lady Cameleon said...

Nice to meet another writer.....

Still_Pocahontaz said...

your good...really good...

Lisa said...

thas and your friend should collab a lil more often...

MsPuddin said...

I like it, didnt know YOU had it in ya lol

nice rhymes...