Wednesday, September 3, 2008

..You'll neva have to beg, me to come to bed..

..."ill walk you there, each night.."

I like Jazmine Sullivans song. Matter of fact I like
all of her material I have heard thus far. She gives
me a Lauryn Hillish feel when I hear her. And I kno
that her song is a hit, cause even my boys sing it.
That's how ya know when a song is a hit, when the
men start singing a ladies song.. "bad as the air I
breaaaathe"... LOL

So its hot still, I can't keep coming outside from
work and training and almost passin out from heat
intake.. lawd.. my trucks windshield is cracked, its
one of those cracks that happened 3 days after I
picked up a new one, which pissed me off.
Am I the only one who can imagine the windshield
bursting while I'm drivin on the freeway one day?
that would be huck..

Radio stations are stupid. So our local radio station
is having a contest to see who the biggest MILF
is in my city..HOW DUMB IS THIS. So ya got all
these women calling in tryna pump themselves up,
shoutin out their myspace links to check em out,
at their milfish best.. see this is why I don't listen
to the radio.. "TURN YO RADIO DOWN, TURN YO
RADIO DOWWWN!" Plus our station doesn't play
anything but the current top 40, who's the say
that when I'm drivin to work in the morning I don't
wanna hear some Raphael Saadiq? NOT the same
ole Lil Wayne.. but I digress..

At least payday is tomorrow..drinks on me!


Big O said...

im feeling Jazmine...and that Lauryn feel....yup, lol .

I dont even listen to the radio..partly, cuz my antenna in my car is connected to the radio, but thats not the point!! gotta lover the mp3 player input for the ride!

Miss Mika said...

I am almost scared to know the answer to this question... but which horrid radio station is hosting that nonsense?

I haven't listened to the radio for an extended period of time (BY CHOICE) in years. I will continue to hear about great music by word of mouth from people with a good ear for it, and not this 80s Casio keyboard created crap that is being produced and sold.

Gigi said...

Don't play. I could use a drink.

Eb the Celeb said...

jazmine sullivan is definitely the bizness... but I dont see Lauryn at all when I hear her... everyone keeps saying that but I dont get the comparison... we just want lauryn back and I guess she is the closest we are ever going to get so people are leaching but that is too much pressure for one person... let jaz be jaz

and yeah... you lose cool points for even still listening to commercial radio anymore to know about the milf contest... who does that

ipod or satellite all day baby!

Love ya swag!

Stew said...

never heard of jasmine sullivan, but i dont listen to r&b anyway.

i hate the radio. only time i ever listen to it is when i am driving my parents car, or in someone's car that has all r&b music

Darius T. Williams said...

huck? Hilarious.

And yea - Jazmine is the ish!

Desy said...

you can get your windshield fix without your insurance going up because of the fact that your imagination could come true... trust me... i had to get it repaired 3 times (in the past) and my insurance paid without consequence....

drinks on you? oh really... where on you should i start drinking?

The Flyyest said...

yes......that song goes hard!!!!!

and when guys sing it!!! WHOA!! LMAO

drinks on you huh....too bad i left sac yesterday!!!!! lol

and i hate the radio too...but why is my friend that lives in sac running in that MILF nonsense...HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHH!!!!

Sexxy Luv said...

I love Jazmine and her music she is the business i have to agree!

drinks on you huh?...since i don't drink can i pick out something else like some chicken wings?

Silverish said...

Radio is trash. I only heard one song from Jasmine, and I like it. Too bad they are playing it out though. I think I'm ready for her second single.

Bombchell said...

ok google imaged jazmine: clueless!! so im gonna check out her stuff. esp cause i used to luv......... me some Lauryn, sad she's not really on top.

lol i tolerate my radio. but then again, an ipod will save u, problem is, if u get too used to it, u'll be stuck in a time capsule.

ps, i might if my shield breaks, i was so clueless on how to change my windshield fluid.

Bombchell said...

insert cry

i.can't.complain. said...

what's that u said about drinks on u...

be glad u don't live in metro-detroit

home of the radio "baby daddy of the week" contest

*hangs head*


dejanae said...

lol@ ur boys singing it
i like her
that milf shit?

Charece said...

Jazmine is hotta and a Philly Native... When I first heard her song u couldn't tell me that wasn't Lauryn LOL... Yeah the Radio does suck...Maybe I don't get out much, but what is MILF?

Anonymous said...

Drinks on you? When? Where?

P.S... you've been tagged with the Honest Weblog award, come to my blog to see what its about!!

Sheletha said...

hi...nice blog.

Veronica Wright said...

Yeah Jazmine Sullivan is pretty good. I like her voice. It's very rich but hard hitting at the same time.

Marleaux said...

I haven't listened to the radio in years. Got over 1,500 songs on the iPhone, so I keep it on shuffle.

Love me some Jasmin; can't wait til her album is released. Along w/Keri Hilson. I'm checking for both...

Dope Fiend said...

first of all..
"ya got all
these women calling in tryna pump themselves up,
shoutin out their myspace links to check em out,
at their milfish best"

Nastynastynasty! lol

secondly...wot the radio dude know bout my man Raphael!?

And Jazmine! She's a STAR! Ilove her!

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