Wednesday, December 10, 2008


.. am I the only person who gets really greedy
round christmas time? I see everything I desire and
put it all in a subliminal mind list that I have for
myself. I've had the urge to throw every single
piece of my wardrobe out and start from scratch,
at least my winter wardrobe that is.. I see all
these fresh argyles, slacks, scarves, button downs
and I get to imagining, throwin on the square toe
game and stylin... and lookin fly.. ha. u got to
co-or-di-nate craiiiig!
speakin of craig... "bye felicia.."
I bet if you say that around any group of us, one
out the group will automatically say.."but craig!?"
Back to the wardrobe..I hate that when you want
something, and don't have the capacity to get it
just yet, every store, every online seller, every
anything has the exact color you want, in your
size, perfect fitting and everything.. so today is
the day that you wanna have the 17 1/2 36-37
length.. the day I can't buy it.. and every other day,
when I'm able, they wanna have the shirts only a
5 foot 8 man can wear.. man when the cards are
stacked against you..even ya fashion sense suffers.
its hard finding an identity to your fashion at times
without either 1. killing your wallet 2. looking too
much like someone else 3. killing your wallet..maybe
well, no maybe.. I know I'm picky when it comes to
what I rock, simply because its hard to find things
that I like that fir right on me..

I need a fashion analyst..


Charles said...

I sooo feel you on this man. When you don't have the means or funds, stores are stocked in the shit you want, but soon as you get the money, nobody got anything you want at all, and if they do, they're not in your size.

"I know you don't get high, I know this...but Imma get you high today..."

dejanae said...

man it always seems they got the good shit when i aint got no damn funds

Veronica Wright said...

That is SOOOOO True! (about having the money but then cant find your size) then when you don't have the money you find EVERYTHING you like in your size...that's why when I dont have the cash I don't go and I shop online and add to a wishlist THEN....ONLY THEN do I get what I want when I actually have the money...LOL

Veronica Wright said...

insta-thought: and they always have THE BOMB sales when you dont really have the cash to

Shaka said...

Oh I know how you feel about finding things that fit you right! Pants never long enough, never enough room for the hips, too big on the waist...etc. Makes me want to give up and wear capris :(


It's a gift and a curse ;)

Queen said...

Greedy eh?
L.A. got all sizes all day! Reason #24..

swag_ambassador said...

@ chuck.. yea man, but i did come up on some fresh square toes this weekend, they still smell like the cow that they killed to make em haha.. leather!

@deja.. dont they tho.. i mean, we need a loan or somethin

@veronica..i havent tried online shopping, im feeling like i should tho

@shock.. basically, i mean it happens.. but u good!

@queen.. yes, greedy. LOL

Darius T. Williams said...

Hmph - apparently I need a fashion analyst too. I'm gonna see what I can do about this.

Nicole said...

hahaha yeh i get greedy everything i c that i like is mine!
and killing your wallet??? my DIED begining of Dec....

having my own lil credit crunch of my own.

keep blogging

Bombchell said...

hmm i havent even tempted myself, I hsvent been to the mall in months. I dont have the strength.

yeah i didnt even do Black Friday. Went to circuit city today though, but they were out of ipods.

Pyt08 said...

oh boy do i feel you...and just when i have money to spare...they dont have my friggin size...